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Santa is a...

Santa is a...

Everybody knows Santa’s sledge is pulled by reindeer, lives somewhere cold and even the Finns say he lives in Lapland.

In other words, Santa is a Sami. Just look at this and deal with it.

The Sami people are the “Indians” of the North and they belong in the same group as Native Americans and Aboriginals. They live in Lapland, an area that stretches from north Norway over Sweden and Finland to Russia.

I would have liked there to be more characters in the comic, but I don’t have a lot of time to draw today, so this will have to do.

24th December 2010

Tagged in Finland Denmark Sami

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25 days ago #9366196        

Fun fact: The place in Norway there lives most sami people is Oslo

1 month ago #9361765        

@Torklamor the thing is you see white skin and it instincitively feels like it would be grouped separate from the Native Americans or Aborignals, but nope! Ah, racial connotations. They never get old...

1 month ago #9360930        

The "Indians" of the North? Hmm… I don't know if I would call it that but yeah xD


18 M
4 months ago #9327440        

@Kylis155 Both Finns and Sami are Finno-Ugric people, you are related, distantly, but related.



16 F
5 months ago #9322058        

Santa is finnish, DEAL WITH IT B)


16 M
5 months ago #9312156        

Anyone noticed how Sami (or Saame, like we say it) is really close to Suomi? (Soumi=Finland in finnish)

6 months ago #9295972        

so this proves finlands point


22 F
6 months ago #9293046        

I live in Lapland and Santa is my neighbor.. really! It takes 10 minutes to drive to Santa's place.

7 months ago #9279133        

omg its the Sami <3


246 F
8 months ago #9269256        

As a Canadian, I was told Santa lives in the North Pole, but I love this idea of Santa living in Lapland!

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