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Santa is a...


Santa is a...

Everybody knows Santa’s sledge is pulled by reindeer, lives somewhere cold and even the Finns say he lives in Lapland.

In other words, Santa is a Sami. Just look at this and deal with it.

The Sami people are the “Indians” of the North and they belong in the same group as Native Americans and Aboriginals. They live in Lapland, an area that stretches from north Norway over Sweden and Finland to Russia.

I would have liked there to be more characters in the comic, but I don’t have a lot of time to draw today, so this will have to do.

24th December 2010


21 M
3 days ago #9132998      

@Bookworm13 yeah maybe it would be easier, on the other hand they're both Lapland from the beginning so...

And we doesn't have an administrative region called lapland like you have, our Lapplands landskap is just traditional it's divided between the Væsterbotten and Norrbotten regions. (län)

3 days ago #9132637      

@Hyddan93 Okay. Thanks for explaining. :) The areas should have different names... That would be a lot easier.


22 M
4 days ago #9132269      

when they said they're from the same group as native americans, did they mean they're actually related? or simply that the lapplanders are native to that area?


21 M
5 days ago #9131075      

@Bookworm13 A bit unclear of me, I meant that when we say "Lappland" we only referr to our part of it. in 99 % of the cases anyway. If someone ever speak oy your lapland we say "Finska Lappland" Finnish Lapland.

5 days ago #9130987      

@Hyddan93 As in you only refer to the area in Sweden or in Finland?


21 M
10 days ago #9127959      

Santa may not be a saami but now it's abvious, the samis are his servants.

@Bookworm13 We do the same in Sweden. :P

17 days ago #9123591      

Usually in Finland when we refer to Lappland it's only the area in Finland...


26 O
22 days ago #9119899      

@Farade: Not as close as Karelians or even Estonians, but related yes (linguistically, obviously we're all related genetically too, we're living in the same area and all).

It goes approximately like this: Finnish is closest to Karelian (and Meänkieli and Kven if you count them), second closest to other Finnic languages (like Estonian) and third closest to Mordvin and Sámi languages (there are several Mordvin languages and several Sámi languages that form their own "families").

So for Finnish, Karelian would be like a sister language, Estonian like a cousin and Sámi like a second cousin ("pikkuserkku"). x) Or something like that. Still a lot closer than, for example, Hungarian, which would be like... idk, third cousin at best.

1 month ago #9104551      

I'm sorry but the true Santa stay in Italy from 1000 years!


24 M
2 months ago #9092373      

b-but... Santa Claus was from Turkey...(?)
aka St. Nicholas/Nicolas/Nikolaj/Nikolaus/Klaus = Claus...?

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