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Sauna Time


Sauna Time

Well, Finland is a mute! He couldn’t tell them what they were supposed to do, so he had to show them!

I just knew people were wondering what Finland’s hair looks like, and seeing as I never intended it to be a mystery, here it is.

And don’t worry. I won’t stop drawing these comics for a loooooong time. You just won’t get a new one every single day. :)

21st September 2009

9 days ago #9312385        

please @valdurs kids could be watching this....
just kidding

29 days ago #9300476        

@tuutikki Thanks for clearing that up :)

1 month ago #9299867        

It's cute how they sort of hide behind Norway and he positions himself to protect them.


20 M
1 month ago #9299729        

What sort of madman has a towel on in the sauna?

1 month ago #9298064        

I think it's supposed to have a cleaning effect and to better the circulation in the skin.

1 month ago #9298047        

I get the snow part, but why do you smack each other?

1 month ago #9297316        

Sauna traditions in Finland. We smack each other with a bunch of birch branches (called vihta or vasta depending on which side of the country you're from) and roll in the snow (or go ice swimming) to cool down. It's completely reasonable practice and not at all weird...

1 month ago #9297128        

Can someone please explain this?

1 month ago #9295879        

it´s pretty good to note that they aren´t in finland
because in finland you go to sauna nakedit is true.
also they go to sauna when its bitter warm
and exit to the freezing cold outdoors.

1 month ago #9295434        

Just noticed that I IRL look a lot like Finland with his hat off

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