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Sauna Time

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Sauna Time

Well, Finland is a mute! He couldn’t tell them what they were supposed to do, so he had to show them!

I just knew people were wondering what Finland’s hair looks like, and seeing as I never intended it to be a mystery, here it is.

And don’t worry. I won’t stop drawing these comics for a loooooong time. You just won’t get a new one every single day. :)

21st September 2009


29 M
11 days ago #9287777        

That's only way.


48 M
24 days ago #9279268        

Well, that IS how you're supposed to do it... :D

7 months ago #9162313        

I love how Finland remains totally stoic the entire time

7 months ago #9155825        

That makes sense... guess I must've assumed the comic was suggesting it was distinctly Finnish, but nowhere does it actually say that.

8 months ago #9143254        

And that's exactly what it is.

9 months ago #9127198        

Good old Russian bathtime!!!!! I must find snow somewhere immediately!

9 months ago #9125166        

Sort of reminds me of a Russian Bathhouse

9 months ago #9122164        

My granparents have a freaser that is for Vihtas. They storage them in there for winter.

9 months ago #9113735        

Finland's got a boss throw
Plus perkle means devil in finnish

9 months ago #9113666        

Finland Perkele!

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