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Sauna Time

Sauna Time

Well, Finland is a mute! He couldn’t tell them what they were supposed to do, so he had to show them!

I just knew people were wondering what Finland’s hair looks like, and seeing as I never intended it to be a mystery, here it is.

And don’t worry. I won’t stop drawing these comics for a loooooong time. You just won’t get a new one every single day. :)

22nd September 2009

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26 days ago #9378010        

I just realized something between this one and last one: The Scandinavian countries' hair are bleached just like America's is.

Which raises the question: Why isn't Finland's hair bleached? Was viking culture only limited to Scandinavia?

29 days ago #9376470        

@Knifethrower Sauna or church, it's beatings and snow. Also brooding and depression. :)

3 months ago #9359128        

Jokaisen on kayttaydyttava saunaaa samalla tavalla kuin kirkossa, Finland! Have you learned nothing?!

3 months ago #9356738        

@everyone that is because they are cousins


3 months ago #9356436        

Finland in 3rd panel, "behold my Power!"

4 months ago #9343451        

Because of latent sexual tensions between the two.
Also Finland is hella hot without his hat

4 months ago #9342937        

why is it all ways Sweden who is getting attacked?


34 M
5 months ago #9331990        

I think its time to get my dad to start clearing up the sauna again at his place...... miss going in there

5 months ago #9329548        

This is the first comic I have ever saw!


23 M
6 months ago #9324448        

This is how sauna works for real man. It is also good to jump in to river after sauna (in winter I mean)

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