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Sauna Time


Sauna Time

Well, Finland is a mute! He couldn’t tell them what they were supposed to do, so he had to show them!

I just knew people were wondering what Finland’s hair looks like, and seeing as I never intended it to be a mystery, here it is.

And don’t worry. I won’t stop drawing these comics for a loooooong time. You just won’t get a new one every single day. :)

21st September 2009

6 months ago #9162313        

I love how Finland remains totally stoic the entire time

6 months ago #9155825        

That makes sense... guess I must've assumed the comic was suggesting it was distinctly Finnish, but nowhere does it actually say that.

7 months ago #9143254        

And that's exactly what it is.

8 months ago #9127198        

Good old Russian bathtime!!!!! I must find snow somewhere immediately!

8 months ago #9125166        

Sort of reminds me of a Russian Bathhouse

8 months ago #9122164        

My granparents have a freaser that is for Vihtas. They storage them in there for winter.

8 months ago #9113735        

Finland's got a boss throw
Plus perkle means devil in finnish

8 months ago #9113666        

Finland Perkele!


13 F
8 months ago #9110062        

I tried it once. but being a Canadian I guess it could have been worse.

9 months ago #9106425        

It's funny how sauna is sauna in almost every language except Swedish. Don't know about the other Scandic languages. And you forgot ice swimming. :)

...How come is Finland the only one with chest hair?

And vihtas are awesome. But no one does them in the winter, because the lack of leaves in birch trees is rather problematic.

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