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Sour and Sweet


Sour and Sweet

Pretty much how the Vikings behaved in England. For many years it was highly popular for Vikings to go to England and steal everything that wasn't nailed to the floor, but then they started realizing that England wasn't a bad place to live in, so they settled down and made friends with the locals they had previously beaten to a pulp.

10th December 2013

12 days ago #9309430        

"they would steal everything that wasn't nailed to the floor, and if it was they would steal the nails as well"
- Terry Pratchett [the wee free men]


15 F
22 days ago #9302741        

We won't steal more if that helps. No, that doesn't help.


48 M
25 days ago #9300724        

I actually had this happen to me about 25 years ago. Dude outside a bar (pub, whatever) suddenly pushes me into a wall, *punch* *kick*, *kickback* *punchback*, *smackwapwopcrunch*... Then he grabs my arm, drags me into the bar, sets me on a barstool and sits down next to me. Says to the bartender, "Two draft (brand) beer, please, for me and my friend". Then he turns to me and says, "Hey. I'm Greg, what's your name?"

Turned out to be a pretty decent guy, if just a _little_ off his rocker. I think he was a college kid at the nearby University. We were there for about 4 hours. Played some pool (billiards). He bought the beer. Weird night, that was... :P


15 M
1 month ago #9294158        

Uhm sorry England...


52 M
6 months ago #9204339        

And the Saxons started to fight back effectively - witness Alfred the Great.


23 M
7 months ago #9200163        

@Keichwoud amen

7 months ago #9197506        

England needs to know his place!


31 M
7 months ago #9186725        

Kinda looks like my last performance review at work...

9 months ago #9153124        

@Madeau - Great minds think alike! Love Horrible Histories!! "Literally" is epic!


22 M
9 months ago #9152823        

this is so fucken scary xD

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