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Still a long way


Still a long way

Not a month goes by without someone confusing Sweden/Switzerland or Denmark/Netherlands. With Sweden/Switzerland it's because of the names of the countries, but with Denmark/Netherlands it's because people from Denmark are called Danish and people from Netherlands are called Dutch.

It's usually Americans who make those mistakes, but the first time I encountered it in real life was actually in England when I got in the wrong line to get into the country. I was supposed to stand in the Europe line but ended up in the Rest of The World line, and one of the women there could apparently tell something was wrong and asked me, "Are you Dutch?" I said no and handed her my passport which said Denmark and she responded with, "That's what I said: Dutch. Why are you lying about where you're from?" :XD:

3rd February 2012

3 days ago #9275106        

someone once thought I was German... and then started to speak german to me... that was awkward, because I almost couldn't understand it :XD: and I didn't want to be rude.. but my friend told that person that she could better speak English to us, because we didn't speak German :XD:


22 F
4 days ago #9275017        

Four times have I gotten this answer when I say I'm from Norway "Oh, the capital in Sweden" .... Why

27 days ago #9265813        

@Puttekock oh yes, we do....

29 days ago #9264657        

I bet Austrians and the Australians have the same issue at hand.

2 months ago #9246675        

I was disappointed in the last panel

2 months ago #9245966        

I mistook an Australian for a New Zealander once, which he thought was funny. But don't mistake a New Zealander for an Australian. They don't care much for that.

5 months ago #9169992        

Close enough e.e

6 months ago #9158235        

Atleast he knew Norway was Norway!

7 months ago #9147046        

In size and population, certenly. But the difference in culture and history reach a much deeper level here, due to the age of our countrys.

7 months ago #9143439        

ok, so i did mistaken a dane for a german once (he wasnt very happy). but again, stop talking to stupid americans. i feel you need a second america. i hate being grouped with those ppl

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