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Still a long way

Still a long way

Not a month goes by without someone confusing Sweden/Switzerland or Denmark/Netherlands. With Sweden/Switzerland it's because of the names of the countries, but with Denmark/Netherlands it's because people from Denmark are called Danish and people from Netherlands are called Dutch.

It's usually Americans who make those mistakes, but the first time I encountered it in real life was actually in England when I got in the wrong line to get into the country. I was supposed to stand in the Europe line but ended up in the Rest of The World line, and one of the women there could apparently tell something was wrong and asked me, "Are you Dutch?" I said no and handed her my passport which said Denmark and she responded with, "That's what I said: Dutch. Why are you lying about where you're from?" :XD:

3rd February 2012

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19 days ago #9369982        

Very true~ It took me a while to understand the difference between Netherlands, Holland and Dutch.

Another little joke from Asia. I am from Taiwan and people sometime confuse Taiwan with Thailand.

Here is an example:
"You are from Taiwan. I have been here. hmm~ Thai food is good." ...@#%&...

25 days ago #9367489        

They're called 'Dutch' people, how do you expect us not to get confused?! Dutch=Danish!

25 days ago #9367488        

They're called 'Dutch' people, how do you expect us not to get confused?! Dutch=Danish!

2 months ago #9360151        

That's funny, I always confused Dutch and German (Deutsch).



20 F

Online Now
2 months ago #9360130        

Reminds me of a conversation I once had..

Me: I'm from Sweden.
Guy: Switzerland?
Me: No.. Sweden
Guy: Swedenland?

Don't think he wanted to understand xD

3 months ago #9341744        

It's scary how accurate this is. Took me a little while to tell apart swiss from swede and dutch from danish. GET OUT OF MY HEEEEEAD!!

3 months ago #9339495        

I had an interview yesterday and mentioned that I want to go on exchange to either Russia or Switzerland. Both my interviewers started talking about a person who used to work there and had gone to "Switzerland" and love the Scandinavian countries even though they couldn't speak any "Swiss". I had to ask if they meant Sweden and Swedish.

4 months ago #9337462        

This is really funny. But I have myself always confused Dutch with Germany (Germans) when slightyl younger, for quite some time. It was annoying.
But I knew how this story would play out beforehand, so I'm learning! :D


37 F
4 months ago #9335071        

@ddwiseman *facepalm*

4 months ago #9333382        

Gets better. I wrote a story involving a "Duchy" once (a region of land controlled by a Duke or Duchess), and got asked what I had against the Dutch.

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