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The Circle of Beer


The Circle of Beer

Okay, not so much a "circle" as a "food chain". Norwegians and Swedes think their beer is too expensive and cross the water to buy it in Denmark (or Finland, but we don't talk about that). Danes just think beer is too expensive in Scandinavia as a whole and cross the border to buy it in Germany. And Germans buy their beer in...nah, I could go on forever. :XD:

Yup, they're singing drinking songs. The first is a Swedish drinking song that is sung all over Scandinavia. The second is of course German.

4th August 2011


23 M
16 days ago #9127250      

Germany gets it's beer from Czech Republic.

2 months ago #9094909      

german bier is the best. i didn't realize that i spelled beer in german until i looked back just now. i also appreciate the legal drinking age being 16.

2 months ago #9090647      

I prefer irish or belgian beer over german beer.


15 F
2 months ago #9085381      

Actually, the song goes like "Helan går, sjung hopp fallerallan lallan lej
Helan går, sjung hopp fallerallan lej" but I thought this was a funny comic :P


24 M
2 months ago #9078849      

At long last then end up in Belgium, where beer is cheaper than bottled water. A beer in a pub costs 1.5 euro here...water usually 2 euros :P

3 months ago #9071966      

..and of course Finns go to Estonia to stack up on cheap beer. And when I say "stack up", I really mean it. The ferry lines have even designed a special beer trolley for the sole purpose of being sold to passengers - often already stocked with crates of beer.


22 F
3 months ago #9066238      

Norwegians go to Sweden to buy cheap food and alcohol, Swedes go to Denmark, Danes go to Germany, Germans go to Poland, Poles go to Russia, and then Russians come to Norway to buy cheap diapers (the only thing that's cheaper in Norway than in eastern Europe). It's a circle!


33 M
3 months ago #9064910      

@MalacoXMarabou / @Ulkomaalainen Actually there was curious situation when Czech people went to Germany to buy Czech beer because it was cheeper in Germany than at home :( (I remember it few years ago, I don't know if is that still true) Yes.. it's sad..

3 months ago #9057145      

@MalacoXMarabou Well, sometimes we do. After all, it's a high quality brew they're selling at a very decent price. Then again, it is quite affordable here as well, so no real need to travel for that reason.

4 months ago #9051032      

Does Germany go to Czech?

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