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The Circle of Beer

The Circle of Beer

Okay, not so much a "circle" as a "food chain". Norwegians and Swedes think their beer is too expensive and cross the water to buy it in Denmark (or Finland, but we don't talk about that). Danes just think beer is too expensive in Scandinavia as a whole and cross the border to buy it in Germany. And Germans buy their beer in...nah, I could go on forever. :XD:

Yup, they're singing drinking songs. The first is a Swedish drinking song that is sung all over Scandinavia. The second is of course German.

4th August 2011
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21 days ago #9333138        

"(or Finland, but we don't talk about that.)" Am I the only one that *literally* laughed out loud at this?


34 M
23 days ago #9332549        

As someone from the US, im fortunate to live in a state that drinking is cheap

1 month ago #9328403        

But we swedes go to germany and buy beer :O

1 month ago #9328275        

THis is so true, altough many swedes completely skip Denmark and go and buy all their beer in germany directly, it is known as "Tysköl" meaning german beer and is smuggled over the border in massive amounts every day.

50 % of all the beer I have ever been drinking was bought in Germany.
You could easily get alcohol for 1/3 of the price and sometimes lower in Germany.



21 M
1 month ago #9328185        

It's easier to buy beer in New Jersey than in Pennsylvania due to PA being a duche about beer and having both a 50% tax on all beer as well as only specific places allowed to sell it.

F*ck you PA! Except Philli. I love Philli.


20 M
1 month ago #9325877        

Lol, this is kind of how it is stateside, except we travel between states instead of countries. As someone from Illinois in the US, it's a lot cheaper to buy alcohol of all sorts in Missouri, we'd have to buy it in Missouri and bring it back into Illinois.

1 month ago #9324414        

Yeah let's drink all together!


3 months ago #9302651        

But did any Scandinavians or Europeans pick a drinking song tune for their National Anthem?


15 F
3 months ago #9301345        

They should all get drunk together!


15 M
3 months ago #9293528        

I love danish breweryis brew beer, sending it to Germany, so we can buy it down there cheap.

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