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The Circle of Beer


The Circle of Beer

Okay, not so much a "circle" as a "food chain". Norwegians and Swedes think their beer is too expensive and cross the water to buy it in Denmark (or Finland, but we don't talk about that). Danes just think beer is too expensive in Scandinavia as a whole and cross the border to buy it in Germany. And Germans buy their beer in...nah, I could go on forever. :XD:

Yup, they're singing drinking songs. The first is a Swedish drinking song that is sung all over Scandinavia. The second is of course German.

4th August 2011


22 days ago #9302651        

But did any Scandinavians or Europeans pick a drinking song tune for their National Anthem?


15 F
24 days ago #9301345        

They should all get drunk together!


15 M
1 month ago #9293528        

I love danish breweryis brew beer, sending it to Germany, so we can buy it down there cheap.


24 O
2 months ago #9286144        

@wingweaver84 Yes we totally do! We have about 1200 breweries and over 5000 different sorts of beer! Ein Prosit, ein Prosit... :-D

2 months ago #9275117        

And in the Netherlands we mostly get our beer in Belgium :XD:


246 F
3 months ago #9269330        

Some nice things to sign at parties, yay! =D

@wingweaver84: Yup, they do ^^

7 months ago #9199609        

Don't Germans make their own beer too?


21 M
7 months ago #9175615        

Yeah, our family homebrew tastes better than most commercial beers! Wine too!

8 months ago #9171019        

Canadian's just make their own beer. It's a very popular hobby here.

9 months ago #9149285        

Where is the beerghost?

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