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They grow up so fast


They grow up so fast

If only Norway and Sweden had known how much trouble Denmark was going to be when he grew up...

Because Denmark is made of sand from Norway, that means we have no natural resources. That is the main reason why Denmark went crazy and was so obsessed with taking over the other Nordic countries.

And you have to be impressed. Look up Scandinavia on a map. Can you even imagine that the tiny little Denmark ended up ruling over Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Greenland, The Faroe Islands and even part of Germany?

8th May 2010

15 days ago #9127743      

ruled all that land but it wasnt all at the same time though. that would be close to impossable

18 days ago #9125315      

This comic is the only reason why I know many of Europe and surrounding area's flags


13 F
1 month ago #9113292      

haha, the pirate talk

1 month ago #9106475      

LET ICELAND GO!!!!!! YOU Marijuana Smoking Bastard!!


25 F
2 months ago #9087783      

hihi cute how sweden protects finnland XD

2 months ago #9083737      

@svennen @Bombbaker yess its trueeeeee our Highness queen Magrethe of awesomeness gathered whole scandinavia and ruled everybody with her awsomeness and we were awesome and it were awesome times, and......... no more wahaaaaaaaa.
it was her stupid succesor who was stupid and ended up being a stupid pirate that was so stupid that his stupid crew ended up killing him.
but our awesome Valdemar of awesomeness gathered denmark of awesomeness again, even though we will never achieve the awesomeness we once had *sob* :(


14 M
2 months ago #9079556      

@Bombbaker well actully denmark ruled sweden but just for 3 years

3 months ago #9070904      

Denmark the Dinosaur

3 months ago #9065241      

Denmark never "ruled" us. That's just danish propaganda.

We were in a union but that's the closest thing.

3 months ago #9052299      

Kalmar union..... a bloody thing created just to compete with dutch merchants.... Denmark has the power

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