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They grow up so fast

They grow up so fast

If only Norway and Sweden had known how much trouble Denmark was going to be when he grew up...

Because Denmark is made of sand from Norway, that means we have no natural resources. That is the main reason why Denmark went crazy and was so obsessed with taking over the other Nordic countries.

And you have to be impressed. Look up Scandinavia on a map. Can you even imagine that the tiny little Denmark ended up ruling over Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Greenland, The Faroe Islands and even part of Germany?

9th May 2010

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15 M
9 days ago #9386438        

Denmark's eyes. I think i need a moment


16 F
10 days ago #9385842        

so true

10 days ago #9385773        

Danish land-lust. . . .

27 days ago #9376559        

Finland supporting Sweden with a shield. Such bromancy!


1 month ago #9375096        

Lol, at Demark at the end. Everybody whose chained doesn't look good.


20 M
1 month ago #9371057        

Back when sweden had domination issues, the maps looked like this!

2 months ago #9366807        

@SwedeInOslo Actually,Kristian II was king over Denmark,Norway 1513-1523 and also Sweden(which included Finland at the time) 1520-1521,until Gustav Vasa gathered an army of farmers to march to Stockholm. So you could say that Swedens sword in this comic proved effective ;)


18 M
3 months ago #9357795        

Me sandy body XD

3 months ago #9349992        

It's fun cuz its true xD

4 months ago #9347239        

Denmark has never ruled over either Finland or Sweden. Yes we all were a part of the Kalmarunion...but that does not mean that Denmark ever ruled over Sweden.... I don't know why so many Danish people believe that. The Kalmarunion was a union, that would be just as idiotic as saying that North Dakota is ruling Texas, and California because they are in the same union (united states).

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