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They grow up so fast

They grow up so fast

If only Norway and Sweden had known how much trouble Denmark was going to be when he grew up...

Because Denmark is made of sand from Norway, that means we have no natural resources. That is the main reason why Denmark went crazy and was so obsessed with taking over the other Nordic countries.

And you have to be impressed. Look up Scandinavia on a map. Can you even imagine that the tiny little Denmark ended up ruling over Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Greenland, The Faroe Islands and even part of Germany?

9th May 2010
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1 month ago #9325402        

Hey now, You forgot England!.. or at least part of him. The Daneslaw was of major importance to the establishment of a unified england. It was perhaps even more important than the later Norman invasions. We may think of "english" kings going back to Alfred the great but it was truely Canute, a dane, Who did most to unite the 7 other kingdoms that claimed to be england.


21 M
2 months ago #9324582        

You silly Scandinavians and your silly land-wars...
<Conquers the better part of an entire continent by way of war or money.>
My land wars are serious business!

2 months ago #9313453        

@snowyiceland Another reason to hate the Nazis.

2 months ago #9313436        

@StereotypicalDane De gode gamle dage.



16 M
2 months ago #9312124        

Oh look! Sweden and Finland united to fight against a threat bigger than their resentment for each other. Kinda cool.


15 F
3 months ago #9303148        

Denmark looks so innocent in the first picture. They had no idea...

3 months ago #9297221        

and so the epic batle of the north begins finland and sweden are the only ones that can save the north from the evilclutces of denmark

3 months ago #9292672        

Writing an essay about the economic development of countries, and THIS one starts running through my head.

4 months ago #9282770        

well denmark freed me *hears a voice* oh wait the nazis took over denmark in ww2......

4 months ago #9276897        

Wait...So Norway is my DAD??:O

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