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They grow up so fast

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They grow up so fast

If only Norway and Sweden had known how much trouble Denmark was going to be when he grew up...

Because Denmark is made of sand from Norway, that means we have no natural resources. That is the main reason why Denmark went crazy and was so obsessed with taking over the other Nordic countries.

And you have to be impressed. Look up Scandinavia on a map. Can you even imagine that the tiny little Denmark ended up ruling over Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Greenland, The Faroe Islands and even part of Germany?

8th May 2010

2 days ago #9292672        

Writing an essay about the economic development of countries, and THIS one starts running through my head.

17 days ago #9282770        

well denmark freed me *hears a voice* oh wait the nazis took over denmark in ww2......

28 days ago #9276897        

Wait...So Norway is my DAD??:O


17 F
2 months ago #9267612        

Indeed, I'm very impressed.
It's very surprising how countries can take control over others

2 months ago #9259111        

@Tudpool_ Knud den Store (Cnut the Great) ruled the North Sea Empire from 1016-1035, and in this empire was countries such as Denmark, Norway, parts of Sweden and, finally, England.

2 months ago #9258436        

@Andersen3004 No they had settlers there after a while but it was mainly just going there to pillage. I don't think it was ever rules by denmark.

2 months ago #9258382        

Aren't you forgetting UK Denmark also ruled most of the UK at one point

3 months ago #9242089        

@Galgann No thanks.


25 M
3 months ago #9239727        

Curse you Denmark!


25 M
4 months ago #9237489        

History is obviously not you strong point :P Denmark has "ruled" over Sweden exactly once. In the 11th century when Canute The Great was king over "Denmark, England, Norway and SOME of the Swedes." Thats it. And modern historians are also suggesting that those Swedes were Vikings from Östergötland who had served in Canutes bodyguard "Tingaliden" and then voluntarily acknowledged Canute as their king. All phear the glorious Danish Empire :P

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