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Three Years

Three Years

This is to celebrate the third anniversary for Scandinavia and The World. My little baby is already three years old. *sniff*

How many of you remember that Sweden and Norway got married in the first comic?

2nd July 2012

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2 months ago #9334330        

Oh yeah...I forgot that some countries let gays marry...Cool.

2 months ago #9330779        

I will join the legion of people begging for Aland to come back.


2 months ago #9329368        

Aww poor Norway. shame on you sweden!


21 M
2 months ago #9328284        

Haha, I'd forgotten that!


4 months ago #9296126        

They were wed?

5 months ago #9277980        

Oh yeah! Man, the countries' style has changed through the years!:3

6 months ago #9268236        

Aland is my baby I DEMAND you bring him back

6 months ago #9263012        

What happened to Åland? We want him back!


569 F
7 months ago #9256740        

Where did Åland go :-:?....

7 months ago #9256397        

Oh my Odin, I didn't realize it until I read the first one again!

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