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Too little butter


Too little butter

The butter crisis in Norway is the source of much amusement.

A Danish morning show did however send a big donation of butter to Norway, so they can keep going for a bit longer.:XD:

14th December 2011


15 M
3 days ago #9312999        

butter butter butter butter butter butter

14 days ago #9307638        

Sweden turned into a sassy black woman.


21 days ago #9302667        

Rashomon is cool.


15 F
27 days ago #9298984        

Sweden's side of the story is probably the true one.

30 days ago #9297862        

Iceland didn't actually purchase the Danish butter. We had a butter crisis and went to Ireland for butter.

2 months ago #9277948        

I laughed so hard at Sweden's version of the story!!:XD:

3 months ago #9271407        

*burter burter* is what they seem to be saying at the end there.


15 M
3 months ago #9267728        

@txag70 agreed. it also needs to be made into an avatar. and it needs to go viral too because it's the best thing ever


19 M
4 months ago #9258186        

This needs to be animated.

4 months ago #9254135        

@Calguy No need to.

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