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Too little butter

Northern Lights Poster

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Too little butter

The butter crisis in Norway is the source of much amusement.

A Danish morning show did however send a big donation of butter to Norway, so they can keep going for a bit longer.:XD:

14th December 2011

2 days ago #9329583        


2 days ago #9329319        

Oh, Norway looks so sad in the first two panels... Here Norway, you can have some Alaskan butter. It may not be the best butter out there, but it's good enough for us.

5 days ago #9327965        

Oh damn, that butter crisis even ended up with Norwegians coming to Sweden to buy huge loads of butter that they smuggled over the border and sold on the black market! It has to be a pretty bad crisis for that to happen!


20 M
10 days ago #9325893        

So how exactly did they have a butter shortage? Did a bunch of cows in Norway die or what?


16 F
20 days ago #9322010        



15 M
1 month ago #9312999        

butter butter butter butter butter butter

2 months ago #9307638        

Sweden turned into a sassy black woman.


2 months ago #9302667        

Rashomon is cool.


15 F
2 months ago #9298984        

Sweden's side of the story is probably the true one.

2 months ago #9297862        

Iceland didn't actually purchase the Danish butter. We had a butter crisis and went to Ireland for butter.

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