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Too little butter


Too little butter

The butter crisis in Norway is the source of much amusement.

A Danish morning show did however send a big donation of butter to Norway, so they can keep going for a bit longer.:XD:

14th December 2011

1 day ago #9245562        

Fuck you Sweden.

9 days ago #9240330        

Needs to be an animation. I need to see the Derpy Butter Party.


21 F
2 months ago #9202315        

Ýsa (= Haddock) with potatos and butter! best!

Also any other fish, but then one melts the butter and makes grease... lax, melted butter and some greens...

3 months ago #9180799        

LOL, I forgot this one existed :XD:! So funny!

I wonder what fish go well with butter.


25 F
3 months ago #9178548        

@tigercub123 Well, I've never lived in another country so I couldn't compare, but I think living in Sweden is pretty great. :)

3 months ago #9167631        

@MizzNina It must be nice to live in such laid back places.


25 F
4 months ago #9162202        

@Shady We don't have alot of crime and terrible stuff to put on our news, so butter criseses and stuff like that is what we read/hear about. Maybe just as many funny things are happening in your country, but you don't hear about because your country have more bad stuff happening?

4 months ago #9154330        

They be stealing me precious BUTTER *voices from Svalbard*

5 months ago #9147068        

Lol! Butter party!

5 months ago #9144910        


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