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Well Endowned


Well Endowned

This is a joke on the Scandinavian state flags.
Sweden’s state flag
Norway’s state flag
Denmark’s state flag

Poor Denmark isn’t quite as well equipped as his friends. :XD:

23rd March 2011

17 days ago #9128546      

@SWEsof Vallentuna :P [sorry late reply]

17 days ago #9128274      

And thus the museum... ;)


15 M
1 month ago #9114118      

@welshpanda Well i can assure you it is indeed true ;D.

Were was he from?

1 month ago #9114063      

@SWEsof As a girl who has dated a swede...... well i wouldnt know it was an internet relationship xD :3


15 M
1 month ago #9113194      

@welshpanda As a Swede, i can verify that our part of the comic is true ;3

1 month ago #9112029      

@Heimaey does that mean your not well equipt? ;) [IM SORRY I COULDNT HELP MYSELF XD]


14 M
1 month ago #9106175      

Well Denmark..... ;)

3 months ago #9066551      

couldn't help but laugh.... Denmark the japan of scandinavia

4 months ago #9045700      

XD lmfao

5 months ago #9022170      

It's okay Denmark. We still love you. ^^

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