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Well Endowned

Well Endowned

This is a joke on the Scandinavian state flags.
Sweden’s state flag
Norway’s state flag
Denmark’s state flag

Poor Denmark isn’t quite as well equipped as his friends. :XD:

23rd March 2011

Tagged in Sweden Norway Denmark

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2 months ago #9352903        

@6arTrA6: Because the flag makes him look like he's hung like a cranberry, while the two others are packing.

3 months ago #9346917        

This day and age those state flags are strangely appropriate. Since the head of state in Norway is a king, in Sweden another king, but in Denmark, yep, a queen :-)


15 F
6 months ago #9301336        

Why is Denmark sobbing? He's always the most comfortable with being naked.

6 months ago #9299531        

I always thought his flag looked like that because he had a huge boner. *Shot*


7 months ago #9293379        

I just got an error from norways flag


20 M
7 months ago #9281176        

bwahaha don't feel bad Denmark xD

7 months ago #9277926        

Well...I think the Norweigan and Swedish state flags looks silly with their THREE spikes!
TWO spikes looks BETTER than THREE!!!
*rings phone* (We need new pants!)


15 F
10 months ago #9241471        

it's so funny x'D


23 M
11 months ago #9228634        

LOL bad luck Denmark :3


25 M
1 year ago #9174256        

Those aren't our state flags, those are our war ensigns. Swedish: "Örlogsflagga" Danish/Norwegian: "Orlogsflag".

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