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White Slave


White Slave

Yesterday they showed a program about the one million white slaves (of which three thousand were from Scandinavia) that were bought and sold in north Africa.

One of the stories was about a Danish boy who ended up being a slave for 12 years, and the other was about a group of Norwegian sailors that ended up on the slave market, and how the Danish state went into frantic negotiations with the owners to get them back. Most of the white slaves died, either from the hard labour, from being whipped to death or simply because they got deliberately killed by their owners, so the Danish state knew they couldn’t wait forever.

Three years later they finally managed to pay for the sailors, and they all returned home safely. :)

15th August 2010


53 F
4 months ago #9200898        

16. juli 1627 300 pirates from Algeir attacted Westmanislands. They killed 36 kidnapped 234. After 9years 27people were bought back. I am not sure, but think that the Danish and the Vatican payed for the "ransome"...

6 months ago #9155053        

Looks like he's trying to say, "and don't you forget to feed him"!!!!!!

9 months ago #9092510        

Norway's smooshed face /)'3'(\ lol

9 months ago #9087006        

Do you have the video of the programme?

10 months ago #9067540        

yes, the withes was also slaved

11 months ago #9055096        

@MarioandBowser90 Why?

11 months ago #9051952        

@Elesheva @PrimusPilus Oooooh it's about to get gooooood! *grabs popcorn and chair*


23 M
12 months ago #9029507        

@Sejdkonen Who tells you such nice jokes, like really? That EU pays Turkey to stop human trafficking and whatnot? What EU has to do is rising its people's life standards and giving them hope maybe, so that their women do not prefer being prostitues or products to be sold to other countries.

1 year ago #8991982        

@Elesheva Well, as I said, IDK, I think, but IDK. Well, I do know a few muslims from the middle east here, a Iranian and I think the other is from Turkey. They are nice enough.


25 F
1 year ago #8991127        

@PrimusPilus I'm embarrassed to say that I don't know as much about human trafficking as I should, so I guess I can't say anything about the people behind it. Even so, I think it's important to know that, in terms of fundamentalists, you have to keep in mind that they're actually using religion as a political weapon; a lot of people (like the Muslim anti-fundamentalists) say that they aren't a religious sect at all, but rather radical political groups hiding behind religion and using it to try and stir people up and to justify horrible things like stoning people to death. The situation in a lot of the Muslim countries where fundamentalists hold power is really awful; lots of human rights violations. The next time you see a Middle Eastern or North African Muslim in America, just remember that a lot of them moved here to escape from the fundamentalists.

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