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  Car prices Ridz0805 2 Ridz0805, 2 years ago
  Finland have fun in the snow with technology PDOGG 1 Ridz0805, 2 years ago
  Education rankings( Finland's second secret) Ridz0805 6 Ridz0805, 2 years ago
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  Canada's Creation Penpenkyle27 1 sagas, 2 years ago
  Water problems Ridz0805 1 Ridz0805, 2 years ago
  Adding Albania Cordisiolol 7 Pumanul, 2 years ago
  Trump or Hillary? what about Bernie? Fjartar 3 Gashlycrumb, 2 years ago
  Too little water Ridz0805 new! Ridz0805, 2 years ago
  Sexy finnish coffee BilliePannkaka new! BilliePannkaka, 2 years ago
  Herring farts (Sweden and Russia) Red-herring 3 Smithi, 2 years ago
  Russian Military Punishments ZZDaikun new! ZZDaikun, 2 years ago
  Poland Hates Children's Shows ShylokVakarian 4 ShylokVakarian, 2 years ago
  Denmark is the happiest place in the world Innanna 1 AwesomeSunflower, 2 years ago
  Getting Tipsy ConnecticutMan 2 prometevsberg, 2 years ago
  Fyodor Isakovich Baikov's trip to China. Syntax_Error752 1 sagas, 2 years ago
  Fyodor Isakovich Baikov Syntax_Error752 new! Syntax_Error752, 2 years ago
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