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  Winter War Reference TexMex 2 littlefinland, 2 years ago
  Syria visits Denmark, Denmark takes his wallet Alan43 new! Alan43, 2 years ago
  National service, conscription and the world. Ridz0805 1 Ridz0805, 2 years ago
  What's it called onp01nt22 1 SpikeylovesSatW, 2 years ago
  Giving a Hand ConnecticutMan new! ConnecticutMan, 2 years ago
  5 cats for 5 deutschmarks at arby's starrynights new! starrynights, 2 years ago
  Norway is hardcore Macarelle 5 Bendkabah, 2 years ago
  New Zealand turning into a human lxxxNZxxxl 2 niauropsaka, 2 years ago
  Finland's secret shame. Ridz0805 1 niauropsaka, 2 years ago
  The fury of Norwegian tykes niauropsaka new! niauropsaka, 2 years ago
  The Secret Weapon ConnecticutMan 2 PrincessOphelia, 2 years ago
  National Anthems ShiningOrange 7 MrSaukko, 2 years ago
  The Australian States Australian-Person 47 hh12, 2 years ago
  Milk products Hellen 15 Hellen, 2 years ago
  Denmark goes into space Dayvi 2 SpikeylovesSatW, 2 years ago
  Futball and The World TexMex new! TexMex, 2 years ago
  Denmark and New Zealand lxxxNZxxxl new! lxxxNZxxxl, 2 years ago
  Swedens Pop Music dominance Lemanic 7 sagas, 2 years ago
  Uncle Sam VS Modern America HolyDrumstick 2 sagas, 2 years ago
  Scandinavian horror. Murklan 5 Murklan, 2 years ago
  Finland and Estonia grow closer Sorflakne new! Sorflakne, 2 years ago
  GOATS! Rocktober 1 AwesomeSunflower, 2 years ago
  Norwegians defeat US Marines with bacon and kids perfectcherry 2 onp01nt22, 2 years ago
  Education Ranking PISA Ridz0805 2 Ridz0805, 2 years ago
  Fins HolyDrumstick 2 HolyDrumstick, 2 years ago
  Finland's heavy metal Christmas pyriitti 1 MrSaukko, 2 years ago
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