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  States as people? Cakenrollo 4 Cakenrollo, 7 years ago
  Holland sends refugees to denmark missdutchy 3 missdutchy, 7 years ago
  Finns most comfortable with touching, Brits least CaliforniaAmazon 5 txag70, 7 years ago
  COMIC NAME; but... SpikeylovesSatW 3 SpikeylovesSatW, 7 years ago
  England and India txag70 new! txag70, 7 years ago
  Top Gear and the Danish supercar PuoliSuomalainen 2 txag70, 7 years ago
  Busch Gardens lowericon 3 txag70, 7 years ago
  British English vs. American English SkitsoSquirrel 18 txag70, 7 years ago
  World War Two Ideas LuthersMinion 4 sagas, 7 years ago
  British comedy Somerandomperson2001 4 Somerandomperson2001, 7 years ago
  Prisoners in the USA and in Sweden A-Common-Dutchman 4 MrSaukko, 7 years ago
  I know I mentioned this in a sweden chat but... Cakenrollo new! Cakenrollo, 7 years ago
  Football! Scandanavia vs America Alan43 1 Spiritbw, 7 years ago
  Cotton Eye Joe? LadyDoom 6 LadyDoom, 7 years ago
  Denmark wants to encourage holiday sex Glitterbug 3 Alan43, 7 years ago
  Baby South Africa lowericon 2 Gelderland, 7 years ago
  Invade Canada. Spiritbw 5 niauropsaka, 7 years ago
  The Roskilde Festival Vikingnois1990 new! Vikingnois1990, 7 years ago
  Swedish "refugees" AwesomeSunflower new! AwesomeSunflower, 7 years ago
  A long way to qualify Cordisiolol new! Cordisiolol, 7 years ago
  Dank Memes Vikingnois1990 new! Vikingnois1990, 7 years ago
  UK has invaded all but 22 countries. Sweden is one stoter 17 Smithi, 7 years ago
  Puerto Rico and other US Territories joeyrz 1 sagas, 7 years ago
  Minimum Wage Wars Myrlena 6 sagas, 7 years ago
  Malcontents at Play Hawkeye 11 sagas, 7 years ago
  US Students Protest Gun Laws (NSFW?) ire_shirker new! ire_shirker, 7 years ago
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