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  Operation Cottage Carolus_Rex new! Carolus_Rex, 2 years ago
  November 11 Acrison 4 Indigo, 2 years ago
  Australian Roller Coaster Tragedy jonathan7157 1 Australian-Person, 2 years ago
  Australian ideas DarkLunar91 3 Australian-Person, 2 years ago
  Danmark needs beer. sondre666gs new! sondre666gs, 2 years ago
  Sweden's Upcoming Butter Crisis Swedishchinese363 new! Swedishchinese363, 2 years ago
  Who won 1812? Americanada 17 aDoCdre, 2 years ago
  #tellamericaitsgreat aDoCdre 2 Angry_Dragon, 2 years ago
  Creepy Clowns theoakpancake 2 SpikeylovesSatW, 2 years ago
  Norwegian patriotism ZanarNaryon 1 Smithi, 2 years ago
  Add Brother Brazil! ! TyBruxtonz 2 Indigo, 2 years ago
  Estonia Listens to the Forest PugBuddies new! PugBuddies, 2 years ago
  Norway PM Caught playing Pokemon GO DianaVonDraco 1 Rossum, 2 years ago
  Canada trespasses while playing Pokemon Go Leoti new! Leoti, 2 years ago
  Balloon Attack! lowericon new! lowericon, 2 years ago
  Chickening out Rossum new! Rossum, 2 years ago
  Latvias' secret wish? Argead 2 Rosin, 2 years ago
  America's States Penpenkyle27 24 sagas, 2 years ago
  Town of Fucking, Austria Leoti new! Leoti, 2 years ago
  Russia's Olympic Doping Scandal ZZDaikun 7 ZZDaikun, 2 years ago
  Tremor in South Korea Lumoseo new! Lumoseo, 2 years ago
  "Batman" ConnecticutMan 6 lowericon, 2 years ago
  "In any case, they won't find out in Oslo" juandicemo new! juandicemo, 2 years ago
  Olympics wrap-up comic vaaleaenkeli 1 Truffelhunter, 2 years ago
  Vietnam? Swedishchinese363 2 EricTheRedAndWhite, 2 years ago
  Just new country characters... uncleotter new! uncleotter, 2 years ago
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