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Going for Gold

Going for Gold

Estonia got 1 Bronze medal in rowing :D

...and some where just happy to get out of the house:


Written by Dayvi
Illustrated by Jenny

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9th of September

Unfair Advantage

Unfair Advantage

Let’s see who will be the last to sit in a chair now, biatches!!!

Heh, this was a commission by the gentleman in the wheelchair who wanted a SatW comic about his mad unbeatable musical chairs skillz. :D

And you better like it, Jacob! Drawing your wheelchair almost killed me! :XD:


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15th of July
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Winter Olympics

Winter Olympics

And Scandinavia and the World is back! Thank you for being patient (Well, most of you anyway).

People keep asking if I’ll do a comic about the winter Olympics but I think sports are amazingly boring, so I’m not following them at all.

But a few days ago I came across an OL sum up on TV, and this was all I gathered from it:
Denmark sucks at everything that involves snow and/or ice.

This is probably the only winter OL comic I’ll do, so enjoy it. :D


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18th of February