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Like a Shakespearean play

Like a Shakespearean play

Admittedly, it’s probably only funny to me because I don’t have a car.


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7th of October

Sacred Animal

Sacred Animal

At a previous convention some fans told me about their family visiting England and taking photos of *rare* animals.

Sister England then visited Australia and took photos of Kangaroos.

Speaking of conventions: some of the SatW team will be at the MCM London Comic Con and at the London Film & Comic Con.


Written by Dayvi
Illustrated by Jenny

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4th of April
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Lost in The Outback

Lost in The Outback

Mad Max Fury Road is awesome, and you're doing yourself a serious disservices if you don't watch it in theaters.

It has become quite a popular joke that Mad Max takes place in our time and is really just what happens when Australians get lost in the outback.


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24th of June



Yes, another "Poles steal cars" joke.

But really, the rest of Europe practically use Polish workers as slaves, so does it surprise anyone if they get sick of it and choose to just run off with our stuff?


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17th of August



Never ever try to mess with Dutch and Danish bikers. They’re fucking nuts!

Iceland actually have more cars for each person than even America, so he can just go home and get another one. :XD:

And some of you might ask why Netherlands isn’t blond and wearing wooden shoes. It’s because this is our stereotype for the Dutch
(When he isn’t speaking English he’s just talking gibberish. The guy is just imitating what Dutch sounds like to us) :XD:

By the way, I stole the "the match was a draw" joke from a Danish radio host who was joking around with a Dutch radio host. :D


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3rd of July
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