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British people eat more ready-made meals than the rest of Europe combined.

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23rd March 2018
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2 years ago #9746318        

I'm convinced the reason the British conquered half the world was desperation. They wanted to get away from British cooking, that simple, bland-and-boiled, under-flavored cuisine and find something better.

Beaver tails from Canada? Great.
South American pineapple? Even better than raw beaver tails.
Egyptian? Sure. Beans are great. Lamb is great.
Iraqi kabobs? Love 'em!
Indian? JACKPOT! Curry forever!!!

It's as good an explanation as any.

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2 years ago #9746232        

That facial expression fits the British so well though.

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2 years ago #9746581        

I can hear Gordon Ramsay screaming and swearing on top of his lungs from the plane on his way back to the UK to put England to shame.

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2 years ago #9747121        

England is confused.
England used Microwave!
It's not very effective...

2 years ago #9746579        

@Newnetherlander We all know that Trump makes the best salads. And we will have a huge salad. It will be great, the best salad ever. You can grab it by the tomato. It will be made not in China, because it will be amazing. And then the lettuce gets fired and replaced by a pizza. Because we all know that pizza is a vegetable, right?

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2 years ago #9746402        

I just love England’s expression

It’s my life in one image


Life numbing



It kinda sucks

2 years ago #9746141        

I can cook absolutely anything. long as there are instructions on the box.

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2 years ago #9746572        

That's what you fucking get when you let Gordon fucking Ramsay scare people out of their fucking kitchen.

1 year ago #9799336        

Me trying to cook anything other than noodles and eggs.

2 years ago #9775231        

As a Brit (and a fairly useless chef myself), I can say this is all too true... but it wasn't always that way, at least not quite so much. A fair amount of modern British cooking uselessness goes back to the Second World War (yay, we can blame the Nazis again! *cough* ). Specifically, rationing.

See, something that's often overlooked nowadays is that rationing in Britain went on much longer than the war itself. Indeed, it actually got WORSE after the war for a while. We were broke, basically, and to boot we were losing our empire, which was great for the colonized peoples we'd been oppressing (and so definitely a good thing overall, don't get me wrong) but for us meant we suddenly didn't have a convenient internal market that covered major argiculture regions like India. Spices in particular became and remained pretty scarce. So an entire generation of Brits just didn't have the ingredients to make nice food on a regular basis. And that meant our cooking skills as a nation atrophied.

Is that the only reason? No, obviously not, because other European nations had rationing and lost empires around the same time, and they still have reputations as great culinary cultures. Some of it is still are culture's emphasis on thrift and convenience over quality, along with a lingering puritanical distrust for pleasures of the flesh such as eating. But before WW2, British cuisine was a lot more interesting than it was afterwards, with a great variety of pies (sweet but particularly savoury) and stews as well as the more familiar roast beef and fish and chips. We're starting to recover a little of that now, and also embrace overseas influences again, but it's a slow process, and cooking remains daunting to a lot of people (like me) who simply never learned properly.

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