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Everybody can have boobs

Everybody can have boobs

Denmark was the first country in the world to turn a transsexual man into a woman.

Yes, Denmark is doing a little beer-opening dance. And no, Sweden is not a fan of man-boobs. :XD:

And to the newcomers, “skål” is the Scandinavian word for “cheers”.

12th July 2009

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15 F
1 month ago #9366026        

Sweden's initial reaction would be mine if I saw that.

2 months ago #9352206        

You know, the term is transsexual woman (I'm guessing you're referring to a person who is MTF).
Sweden was the first country to let transsexuals change their legal genders, and having hormones and surgeries.

3 months ago #9349597        

I envy Norway. Somehow he can have as much fun as Denmark but without the beer. Maybe it's the fish?

3 months ago #9343407        

Okay, I love hetalia, and I can totally see this happening in the anime



21 M
4 months ago #9337341        

hmm.. now that I think about it, i do have a boob chest (a pair of plastic boobs that you can put on)... that I bought in SWEDEN!

4 months ago #9333144        

@NicoleTheMaltese, is Denmark ever sober?


15 O
5 months ago #9319005        

Denmark seems to be first country in the world to do many things! I wonder what may be their next first.

6 months ago #9301397        

When will you two grow up?


15 F
6 months ago #9298745        

[Replying to NicoleTheMaltese (2 panels below me)]

Denmark is ALWAYS drunk!

7 months ago #9281497        

Lol, more like moobs.

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