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Everybody can have boobs

Northern Lights Poster

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Everybody can have boobs

Denmark was the first country in the world to turn a transsexual man into a woman.

Yes, Denmark is doing a little beer-opening dance. And no, Sweden is not a fan of man-boobs. :XD:

And to the newcomers, “skål” is the Scandinavian word for “cheers”.

11th July 2009

24 days ago #9319005        

Denmark seems to be first country in the world to do many things! I wonder what may be their next first.

2 months ago #9301397        

When will you two grow up?


15 F
2 months ago #9298745        

[Replying to NicoleTheMaltese (2 panels below me)]

Denmark is ALWAYS drunk!

3 months ago #9281497        

Lol, more like moobs.

3 months ago #9274502        

Denmark,go home,you're drunk! XD!!


20 F
5 months ago #9254845        

Nice bewbs Denmark ;) haha


53 F
6 months ago #9237127        


hahaha. Hérlendis finnst nú flestum "fínt" að drekka rauðvín með mat. sérstaklega þegar ekki er um stórveislu að ræða. Brennivín, saltstengur og Ritzkex ? það er sjálfsagt. Kannski er ég bara úr verkamannafjölskyldu :Þ


16 F
6 months ago #9231487        

@bubba I don't think drinking red wine with fancy food is only about being 'posh'... Don't most countries do this? (Drink red wine with nice food)


53 F
7 months ago #9202394        

Iceland is Brennivín. Vodka, Wisky, and since Beer was legalized, beer drinking during weekends. Those who want to be "posh" drink redwine with fancy food. But most of us, drink CocaCola or Appelsín (Malt and Appelsín during Christmas) Appelsín is from the danish name, "Apples from China" it´s english name is Orange...

8 months ago #9200854        

Cookie fish :) #strange

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