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Hetalia Personality Swap

Hetalia Personality Swap

One day some cruel god decided to swap the personalities of the Norways and Finlands.

Denmark was being chased by a butterfly and wanted Norway to protect him when Norway suddenly punched him in the face. He tried to ask Norway why he would do such a thing, but got punched again. Denmark was so horribly confused, and screamed like a girl whenever Norway tried to touch him the next day.

Sweden was just minding his own business and watching the news when Finland suddenly got all cuddly and kissy kissy. Sweden was scared for his life but ended up doing things he regret, and which Finland will kill him for if he dares ever mention it again.

And somewhere Hetalia Sweden is wondering why Finland is trying to kill him with a kitchen knife.

It actually hurt my soul a little bit to draw Norway and Denmark like this. :(

3rd May 2010

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5 days ago #9391963          

The look on Finland's face suggests that evening he traded his beer for marijuana. . . .

9 days ago #9389887          

Hetalia Iceland is probably filming Finland try to kill Sweden and Norway fussing over Denmark.

19 days ago #9384598          

Haha, Hetalia Finland with a knife~
Usually he's pictured with a sniper, though
That would be funny~

1 month ago #9376554          

Knives ♥


2 months ago #9366426          

Hehe..... Wonderful, wonderful yaoi...





3 months ago #9357159          

Still... I think Sufin is canon. There's definitely something there. Though maybe not as obvious as here~.

I would so like to see Finland trying to kill Hetalia Sweden with a knife; I can imagine it and I crack up everytime!





4 months ago #9343765          

"And somewhere Hetalia Sweden is wondering why Finland is trying to kill him with a kitchen knife."


4 months ago #9341297          

Don't worry! All the Nordics really like each other in Hetalia! Especially Denmark and Norway, (even though Sweden and Finland are technically a couple and I'm not a DenNor shipper- I swear) Norway just gets a little annoyed but Denmark's crazy antics sometimes.





5 months ago #9337472          

@AwesomeSunflower Exactly! Not very professional to mix political opinions and fan girl opinions. Among other things...

Haha, yes, that is most likely one of the big diffculties. xP

5 months ago #9337465          

@Livbanon Political opinions and fan girl opinions should always be kept separate! The fan girl in me approves of sufin very much. :)

I think that determining their relationship would be hard for the author due to many things. One the reasons being that Finland didn't really exist as a nation so it was never a union.

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