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Hetalia Personality Swap


Hetalia Personality Swap

One day some cruel god decided to swap the personalities of the Norways and Finlands.

Denmark was being chased by a butterfly and wanted Norway to protect him when Norway suddenly punched him in the face. He tried to ask Norway why he would do such a thing, but got punched again. Denmark was so horribly confused, and screamed like a girl whenever Norway tried to touch him the next day.

Sweden was just minding his own business and watching the news when Finland suddenly got all cuddly and kissy kissy. Sweden was scared for his life but ended up doing things he regret, and which Finland will kill him for if he dares ever mention it again.

And somewhere Hetalia Sweden is wondering why Finland is trying to kill him with a kitchen knife.

It actually hurt my soul a little bit to draw Norway and Denmark like this. :(

2nd May 2010

2 days ago #9279496        

Hetalia is actually really dumb


17 F
1 month ago #9267018        

I'm used to character from satw, so it's always a little weird to me when their personnalities are switches because of Hetalia's views ^^' (but well, Hetalia is awesome too!)

1 month ago #9265367        

@WheresTheBalloons Yeah... a happy Norway in Hetalia would surely signify the end of the world...

3 months ago #9237507        

I feel if I ever saw an episode of APH where this happened...I'd freak out then die about having a Happy Norway *shivers*

3 months ago #9231940        

This is probably the best crossover I've ever seen. Also it seems the norm to write a webcomic comedy about personified countries...


18 F
8 months ago #9132926        

Hetalia Denmark would also freak out when he relized that Norway isn't attacking him like normal.

9 months ago #9092448        

Hahaha! Aph sufin! Sweden says: this my wife. -_-
And fins like whaaaat?!

10 months ago #9087514        

when I first saw this I did not grt it but now that I watched Hitalia it all makes sense now

11 months ago #9052268        

satw and aph is the only crossover I can admit

11 months ago #9044289        

Hehe... Hetalia Denmark would be all 'N-norgie!! You... You feeling okay? You're so... Happy..."

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