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Nordic Council


Nordic Council

The Nordic Council is a real thing. It's not as awesome as it sounds.

1st April 2014

4 days ago #9275856        

@CanadaHaz @funkychrcter Another good reason not have euros right there!

4 days ago #9275840        

@chaos No, Denmark sends its foreigners elsewhere using any exuse possible ;)

4 days ago #9275838        

Just thought I should mention this. I commented earlier that I showed this to my father(who works in greenlands goverment, and as a consequence also has a lot to do with the nordic council, since he works under the greenlandic minister who sits in the nordic council) and he told me recently, that he was now trying to get the nordic council to put a link to this comic on their homepage. I definitely suport that project ;)


16 M
10 days ago #9273257        

*sleeping* ...

12 days ago #9272417        

I always find Finland to be a cute character.


16 F
16 days ago #9270971        

lol :D

16 days ago #9270948        

@teleute1313 thanks fir the link, I see how it is now....

16 days ago #9270940        

Denmark send its pregnant women elsewhere?

2 months ago #9251239        

"You cant just send our citzens out of your country, denmark!"
"I only send the fat lazy ones how won't work!"
"There pregnant!"
I laughed way to hard about this.

2 months ago #9246647        

Dammit, this is kinda disappointing

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