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Nordic Council


Nordic Council

The Nordic Council is a real thing. It's not as awesome as it sounds.

1st April 2014


14 M
1 month ago #9212916        

A new friendship blossoms between Greenland and America... With the sole reason being disappointment with the world.

1 month ago #9204357        

This makes just 'Murica look cute xD


17 M
1 month ago #9203723        

Sorry but to make it one flag i would dissagree. All of us are rather proud cuntries. And i think a nordic union would be cool. But not merging as one cuntry. More of a cheeper trades with each other and all that good stuff ordeal. And not eu. I wonder if our government will ever stop trying to make us join..


16 M
2 months ago #9198001        

This oddly reminds me of the Breakfast Club:

Iceland: The Athlete
Norway: The Princess (or the prince)
Sweden: The Brain
Denmark: The Criminal
Finland: The Basket Case.

2 months ago #9191933        

I think it's a reference to this:

The article states that foreign au pairs who get pregnant while working in Denmark lose their residency permits and are ordered to leave the country.

2 months ago #9189842        

What's that about the pregnant women getting kicked out of Denmark??


21 M
2 months ago #9187315        

@Keichwould Yes i don't want full blown federalism either, at least not now, maybe in ahundred years or so but not now or the next 30. A union to replace the EU is what I want, the nordic countries should leave the European Union and Nato (the ones that are members in such things) and instead we could form our own Nordic Union and a nordic defence pact. We could revive the old currency union and have our own nordic Krona and continue the path of nordic integration we started so long ago and that has been overshadowed by the European project.

Over time we might slowly close in on a federal state similar to Switzerland, where federal laws are only in force if every state has voted and supported them.

2 months ago #9186661        

@Hyddan93 I don't know how I feel about the federalism either, but I would LOVE it if Denmark, Norway and Sweden were at least united under a shared flag. All while keeping our national values of course, but still being more than just, you know, "very good friends".


21 M
2 months ago #9184874        


Interesting... well I doubht that Lappland would become a federal state together with all the northern parts of Sweden, Norway and Finland. And that a party that has "christian" in their name would be anything than a minor player is laughable, unless those balts are hardcore christians. And that's another thing, Latvia and Lithuania in a nordic federation? yeah right like that would ever happen.

Other than that I douln't want such a strong federalization nor the republicanism, and I would call the federal council "Förbundstinget" rather than "stortinget" but other than that yeah, doesn't seem that bad.

3 months ago #9173483        


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