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The Nordic Council is a real thing. It's not as awesome as it sounds.

1st April 2014

Tagged in Sweden Norway Iceland Greenland America Denmark Finland

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1 month ago #9414338        



Finland is the smartest out of all of them... he's being the most efficient with his work

6 days ago #9425121        



I really loved this one!! :"D (Denmark) I only sent the fat and lazy ones who won't work ... (Sweden) they're pregnant :"D Killed me Hahaha!

5 months ago #9382337        



Can understand from History why Finland frowns and carries knife--he lives next to Russia.

1 month ago #9413299        



Oh my, I would love to see some source material for that dig about "fat, lazy people who won't work" being thrown out of Denmark - was this just one isolated case or did Denmark have some sort of work-visa ruling that affected pregnant women? (I'd assume not just Swedes...)

2 months ago #9411635        



*insert comment her*

2 months ago #9410043        



Greenland = me with people I don't like


20 M
4 months ago #9384890        



Finally have enough comments to get America's face here as my avatar!! :D

4 months ago #9383961        



@AngryRussian From children, drunks, and angry Russians shall one hear the truth.

6 months ago #9365736        



Iceland and Norway have been arguing over mackerels for some time now. But Norway brings illogical statements. The fishes are OURS, they came to us. XD

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6 months ago #9365334        



1808 - 1809 Finnish War
Russia attacked to Finland
result : Finland separated from Swedish kingdom, Finland and the Åland Islands ceded to Russia,

1918 Finnish Civil war
Soviet Russia supplied "Reds" with weapons and Germany helped "Whites"
result ; White Senate victory
Russian military presence ceased.

1939 -1940 Finnish Winter War
Sovjet Union attacked to finlad
result ; Finlad lost 12,37% of Finlands whole area to Soviet Union (Karelia, part of Salla..)

1941 - 1944 Finnish continuation War
Finland/Germany attacked to Sovjet Union, Finland tried to get back lost areas
result ; Finland lost Petsamo Province to the Soviet Union.

This is Finlands warhistory of last 200-years.
1808 Russia attacked to Finland, 1918 in Finnish civil war Soviet Russia supplied Reds with weapons and if
Reds would have won, Finland would never to become independent. Luckily Whites won and Finland became independent.
1939 Winter War, Soviet Union attacked to Finland and war started. I have saw Vladimir Putins interview where he says
that Finland border was too near Leningrad, so it was important to evacuate border. That was reason for Winter War (link under).

My wifes father is from Finlands lost Karelia. He have to left her familys residence, her familys farmland, her hometown
when Soviet Union attacked to Finland. Her own father is buried to hometowns Finnish soldiers grave with other finns
soldiers who only defended their own hometown against Soviet Unions attack. I visit there two years ago with my father-in-law.
Soviet Union had built own memorial onto Finnish soldiers grave. That is how Soviet Union shamed Finnish soldiers graves and
try to chance history, this is not only same kind of place in Finlands lost Karelia.

For our family Winter War and Soviet Unions attack is much more than just couple of rows in history books. This is reason for my
earlier text.

Peace-loving and trusty neighbour dont do this kind of thinks.

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