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Nordic Council

Northern Lights Poster

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Nordic Council

The Nordic Council is a real thing. It's not as awesome as it sounds.

1st April 2014

5 days ago #9329332        

Greenland is so cool


21 M
18 days ago #9324078        

I love Murika's expression there though haha. As if all of Europe doesn't think that at least once a week when looking as the US xD


48 M
2 months ago #9300815        

@siggitiggibe It's funny you should say that, about rivers. Here in the U.S., different states have had minor wars about that very issue. Such as Idaho, where I used to live, using too much of the water of rivers that flow down into California.

It used to lead to a lot of fighting. But in the past 60 years or so many of these states have formed 'water rights councils', which are very similar to the Nordic Council shown here. They argue about how much water each state can use before the river flows into the next state.

I used to be a farmer, in Nebraska. So I learned much more about these issues than I ever though I would.

Speaking of which, Nebraska farmers use the "ogallala aquifer", which covers a huge area in the middle of the U.S. (in eight states) to pump water out of wells to grow crops. A new Council was formed about 15 years ago because the aquifer was getting lower and lower over the years. Today, you can't dig a new water well without getting permission from the Council that watches the water level of the aquifer.

2 months ago #9299107        

We're not over-fishing the area. That's just some grand claims made by the Norwegians. If we don't fish said fish it will imbalance the entire ocean around Iceland.

Norway needs to start listening to it's marine biologists..
As to Norway owning the Fish. If a farmer owns land and a river flows through it into the ocean, does the farmer own said ocean?


16 O
2 months ago #9298565        

It's like reality show up there!


50 M
2 months ago #9295669        

Poor Greenland.


17 F
3 months ago #9292763        

Dear Suomi

Sleeping is probably the best choice though x)

3 months ago #9292427        

@idunnpil isn't the pastries a good enough reason to visit?

3 months ago #9288791        

@chaos You should be fine when you are a tourist ;) then we will love you :) though we will properbly also be slightly puzzled why you wanted to come in the first place ;)

3 months ago #9283817        

Is the Nordic council really this boring? I was born in Iceland, but my family moved to America 2 months after I was born.

(BTW, This is my first comment!)

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