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Nordic Council


Nordic Council

The Nordic Council is a real thing. It's not as awesome as it sounds.

1st April 2014

26 days ago #9251239        

"You cant just send our citzens out of your country, denmark!"
"I only send the fat lazy ones how won't work!"
"There pregnant!"
I laughed way to hard about this.

1 month ago #9246647        

Dammit, this is kinda disappointing


19 M
1 month ago #9243072        

I would like that "the world finds new ways to disappoint me" face of americas to be an avatar...that would be perfect...

2 months ago #9236298        

such "serious" Nordic guys XD


14 M
3 months ago #9212916        

A new friendship blossoms between Greenland and America... With the sole reason being disappointment with the world.

3 months ago #9204357        

This makes just 'Murica look cute xD


17 M
3 months ago #9203723        

Sorry but to make it one flag i would dissagree. All of us are rather proud cuntries. And i think a nordic union would be cool. But not merging as one cuntry. More of a cheeper trades with each other and all that good stuff ordeal. And not eu. I wonder if our government will ever stop trying to make us join..


16 M
3 months ago #9198001        

This oddly reminds me of the Breakfast Club:

Iceland: The Athlete
Norway: The Princess (or the prince)
Sweden: The Brain
Denmark: The Criminal
Finland: The Basket Case.

4 months ago #9191933        

I think it's a reference to this:

The article states that foreign au pairs who get pregnant while working in Denmark lose their residency permits and are ordered to leave the country.

4 months ago #9189842        

What's that about the pregnant women getting kicked out of Denmark??

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