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Not a Yahtzee

Not a Yahtzee

You might have to say “yahtzee” out loud to get the joke.

Pretty much how the German government reacts whenever Nazis are mentioned, if German soldiers does something violent somewhere, or if anything that could in anyway make people think of Nazis happens. They’re quite paranoid about the subject.

23rd January 2010

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20 M
6 hours ago #9379098        

I like how people love germany, but if they get pissed at a german for any reason - The nazi thing comes up. Lets not forget the german people suffered ALOT during WW2 and especially after it was over for a LONG time. I mean the berlin wall was still standing up until 1989 - seperating friends, relatives and closest family.

I mean, if you gonna hate on germany, then you may aswell hate on Japan and Italy. <-- I take that back, don't hate at anyone.


15 F
3 days ago #9377250        

Germans shouldn't be like this because of their history. It's not the today's German's fault :(

2 months ago #9359094        

Poor Germany the Nazi-thing is so deep in you. No one wants to be called a Nazi.

3 months ago #9343523        

Joo, I would be too if my country had a messed up history like that


3 months ago #9340427        

Germany needs to calm down a little. World War II was roughly 70 years ago, things have changed significantly since then. Grow a little back bone, show a little pride, and then prove yourself by making yourself the best damn country you can be.

Besides, America needs to get it's shit back together. Being better than them makes them feel like the real Nazis. Because they are (I'm looking at you, Republicans, there's nothing wrong with giving the poor free health care, or legalizing gay marriage or marijuana, or spending money on things other than cheap hookers and booze. Your wallets will survive, you cheap fucks. <.<)! :D

4 months ago #9332607        

I've only read a few of these comics but this is definitely my favorite.


21 M
4 months ago #9331399        

@Drafnar Fair enough, I've heard the stereotype elsewhere too. (Das ist das alte Deutschland, das neue Deutschland erobert nur den Fußballplatz.)


21 M
4 months ago #9327957        

Awww, it's okay Germany, Murika saved the day so it's all good now!

5 months ago #9325496        

But nobodyelse talks about it. Yes, I think it's something never has to be forgotten.
I don't know who's on it, sorry^^'' (Because digging holes is fun! No, seriously, I don't know what's the origin of humons idea is^^)


21 M
5 months ago #9325320        

@Drafnar Every country has skeletons in their closet (even canada). at least your country doesn't forget what happened; the US $20 bill has a genocidal maniac on it. (Unrelated: why do you like digging holes?)

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