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Not a Yahtzee

Northern Lights Poster

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Not a Yahtzee

You might have to say “yahtzee” out loud to get the joke.

Pretty much how the German government reacts whenever Nazis are mentioned, if German soldiers does something violent somewhere, or if anything that could in anyway make people think of Nazis happens. They’re quite paranoid about the subject.

22nd January 2010


21 M
4 days ago #9327957        

Awww, it's okay Germany, Murika saved the day so it's all good now!

10 days ago #9325496        

But nobodyelse talks about it. Yes, I think it's something never has to be forgotten.
I don't know who's on it, sorry^^'' (Because digging holes is fun! No, seriously, I don't know what's the origin of humons idea is^^)


21 M
11 days ago #9325320        

@Drafnar Every country has skeletons in their closet (even canada). at least your country doesn't forget what happened; the US $20 bill has a genocidal maniac on it. (Unrelated: why do you like digging holes?)

14 days ago #9323964        

It's kind of sad how true this is.
In my opinion, we must do everything to not forget this time. But we and the other countrys as well have to see it as a part of a long german history and not reduce as only on this.

21 days ago #9321227        

*Pets and hugs Germany* Shh shh its ok...

2 months ago #9304464        

*whispers in Germany's ear*

You may think I'm gone... But I shall RETURN!!!


(And That's how WWIII started children! >:3)


15 F
2 months ago #9302561        

I believe you Germany! :)

Like you said, NEVER FORGET.

Just kidding.


3 months ago #9276841        

Poor Germany.

4 months ago #9269818        

d'aw you can't help but feel bad for Germany


17 F

Online Now
4 months ago #9266992        

Poor Germany, he feels so culprit!
And Denmark who simply don't get it XD

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