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Not a Yahtzee


Not a Yahtzee

You might have to say “yahtzee” out loud to get the joke.

Pretty much how the German government reacts whenever Nazis are mentioned, if German soldiers does something violent somewhere, or if anything that could in anyway make people think of Nazis happens. They’re quite paranoid about the subject.

22nd January 2010

4 days ago #9133766      

@CharlesXI Nazi Germany couldn't do it, Federal Republic of Germany wouldn't listen to him because he'd be scared stiff. German Empire (or Prussia) could do it because there is no reason to fear him since he hasn't done anything wrong (aside from the Austro-Prussian war and the heavy industry policies of the 19. century)

4 days ago #9133729      

What about Nazi Geramany ;)

16 days ago #9126429      

Prussia should come and tell Germany to MAN UP!! :)

1 month ago #9108184      

Calm down!!!!!!!!!!!

2 months ago #9087449      

awwwww poor Germany

2 months ago #9085863      

I love you Germany, don't be sad.

2 months ago #9085430      

Poor Germany :(

3 months ago #9075608      

Speaking of, there are quite a few of us blond haired blued eyed germans out their but your german girl is a brunette. And your nazi comics only ever have your male nazi in it. I'd love to see an aryan german comic! (and maybe get an avatar out of it?)

3 months ago #9067002      

Poor Germany... too many American's think they're still the same when there are probably more Nazi's in our prisons than in Germany these days

3 months ago #9053771      

Poor Germany :(
..And rude by Denmark, but hey, that`s Denmark! XD

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