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You'd be surprised how often I'm asked that question. It's usually by people from English speaking countries who can't speak any other language themselves. :XD:

And I google translated all of it from English, even the Danish, just for the hell of it. :XD:

12th July 2011

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11 days ago #9352327        

In the last panel, China says "Wo bu je dao!" which means "I don't know!"

17 days ago #9349730        

4th panel Finnish would ask (i think you meant it kinda question) "pilkkaatko hattuani?" and on 5th "pilkkaatko minua?" (do you mock me?) maybe..? "Voit pilkata minua" would be "you can mock me".
Google translator can´t hadle forms in Finnish, and of course when meaning of word changes depending on where on sentence it´s located, and what kinda ending it has after it.

23 days ago #9347535        

If you are wondering what china says, they are saying they don't know


16 M
24 days ago #9347442        

Just in case some people couldn't understand it, I did a rough translation.

Panel 1
Sweden-I’ve wondered why you have a fish on your head?
Norway-This way I have my hands free.
Sweden-That’s stupid.

Panel 2
Sweden-Having a fish on your head makes as much sense as having a boat on your head.
Norway-A boat? Why would you have a boat on your head?

Panel 3
Denmark-Hi guys! Can I join in?
Sweden-Why do you have a city on your head? It has nothing to do with the sea.
Denmark-Yes, it does! It is a sunken city!

Panel 4
Finland-…You making fun of my hat?
Sweden-No Finland. You always think that everyone makes fun of you.
Denmark-What did he say?

Panel 5
Iceland-I also like clothes! See! Demon mittens!
Norway-They are beautiful!
Sweden-Stop! Now it’s too stupid!
Denmark-They are creepy…
Finland-You mock me…

Panel 6
United States of America-What the hell is going on!?!!? Shut up!!!
China-(I had know idea what China said)


24 days ago #9347328        

@AmericanGentleman oh sh- thank you! 8D

28 days ago #9345863        

@whatstheplan Actually, is really good and offers Danish, Swedish and soon Norwegian!I used it to learn quite a bit of Dutch. If only it had Finnish!

29 days ago #9345307        

It feels weird that I can't understand what Finland is saying... Iceland I can at least guess from context, and all I understand everyone else, but not Finland. Kinda funny that America is monolingual when there are so many people who speak so many different languages in the US (or so I've heard anyway).

1 month ago #9342631        

I love how I can understand the English, Finnish, and Icelandic, but have no clue about anything else. Iceland is talking about his deamon gloves, but Finland is beind made fun of? Time for Google Translate!

1 month ago #9341471        

The only foreign language bits I know come from anime, Mexican restaurants, and Rammstein.

1 month ago #9341336        

... Thank you for using English. OTL I've been wanting to learn Danish but that's likely to never happen because I know 0 people who speak it/would teach me. I know bits of German and even less Italian. -sobs-

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