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Not English

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Not English

You'd be surprised how often I'm asked that question. It's usually by people from English speaking countries who can't speak any other language themselves. :XD:

And I google translated all of it from English, even the Danish, just for the hell of it. :XD:

12th July 2011



Online Now
25 minutes ago #9293779        

thank you to zeldacat for translating


15 M
7 hours ago #9293525        

I could understand norwegian, swedish danish and english. The rest was just fucked up for me.


22 F
1 day ago #9292914        

This is so easy to finnish... We understand all those languages (except Chinese).. We just don't want to use them... there was some article that when people are using some other language that their own.. they are 5% (or more) more stupid. Nii että huastellaampa


29 M
2 days ago #9292771        

TheDanishKarate1Kyu you said that you know: Danish, Norwegian, Swedish and English (Danish, Norwegian and Swedish are very similar to each other - especially Danish and Norwegian)... Analogue to that I can say that I know: English, Croatian, Serbian, Bosnian, Montenegro, partially Slovenian?


22 F
9 days ago #9288316        

Not what I'd expect Finland to say! ;D

(I know the point was to use a translater to that, but) to you others, if you ever wish to translate something to Finnish, it's not working :D I get pretty good results from Finnish to English and that's about it, not to any other launguage and never from something to Finnish. Maybe in the next ten years...


14 M
11 days ago #9287676        

10/10 swedish.

Its actually pretty easy to understand other scandinavian languages if you are born in the northern countries. Thank the lord for similar languages.

14 days ago #9285158        

4/5 for your Finnish! Bravo! Just one big error!

20 days ago #9281163        

I understood the English, Norwegian, Swedish and Danish, but not the rest of them


48 M
23 days ago #9279842        

Yeah, the answer was obvious... but thanks for saying so anyway. ;)

24 days ago #9279306        

@DanskeDrage ah cool thanks

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