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Not English

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Not English

You'd be surprised how often I'm asked that question. It's usually by people from English speaking countries who can't speak any other language themselves. :XD:

And I google translated all of it from English, even the Danish, just for the hell of it. :XD:

12th July 2011

4 days ago #9329502        

I found out what they were saying and it's a really abstract topic

6 days ago #9328445        

Understanded Denmark, Sweden and island. Not finland. :(


21 M
7 days ago #9328183        

@whale21 Thanks :P

10 days ago #9326917        

Funny how I understood the Finnish part of this comic. ^_^

11 days ago #9326663        


Thanks for supplying a translation!


17 M
12 days ago #9326156        

Thank lord I am a polyglot (person who speaks more than 3 languages fluently) I understood everything except the Finnish and Chinese


20 M
12 days ago #9325873        

I think I can save everyone some time on google translate. Sweden asks why Norway has a fish on his head and Norway says "To keep my hands free". Sweden says that's as dumb as having a boat on your head*boat magically appears*. Denmark asks if he can join in on the fun and Sweden asks why Denmark has a city on his head and what it has to do with the sea. Denmark says "It's a sunken city!" (No idea where that came from, my guess is Denmark being Denmark). Finland appears and suggestively accuses the other countries of making fun of his hat. Denmark and Norway say "What?" and Sweden says that Finland always thinks that they're making fun of him. Iceland shows up and says that he wants to show off his clothes too "Look! Demon Mittens!". Norway says "They're beautiful". Sweden says "Stop! This is getting ridiculous!". Denmark comments that the mittens are creepy and Finland says "You guys are making fun of me...".

I think that this comic is actually kind of funny in a random way. I don't think my translation is a hundred percent correct word for word but I think it gets the gist of the comic.

14 days ago #9325255        

And of course it has google translate's wonderful sense of grammar


21 M
16 days ago #9324463        

Well, time to start trying to type this undecipherable mess into google translate...

17 days ago #9324144        

That iclandic text not make sense

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