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Not English


Not English

You'd be surprised how often I'm asked that question. It's usually by people from English speaking countries who can't speak any other language themselves. :XD:

And I google translated all of it from English, even the Danish, just for the hell of it. :XD:

12th July 2011

18 hours ago #9264393        

Yeah! I understood that (except for finnish, because who understands that?)!!!!!


15 O
8 days ago #9261010        

@darkraven49 Probably because there aren't a lot of people who likes new-norwegian except from those who speak and write it themselves. And probably because they don't know it exists.
But maybe Humon will make a comic about it someday! (If she hasn't done it already)

17 days ago #9256385        

I only understood the English language, but I've always wanted to learn more than a few different languages. 8| One day...

22 days ago #9253388        

why do we never hear about "new norwegian" in the comics?


20 M
27 days ago #9250275        

so sorry but it should be voit pilkata hattuani... -.-

2 months ago #9235535        

The only words I could understand we're "sunken" and "stop."

2 months ago #9230385        

I understood everything here apart from the Finnish and the Chinese language.

2 months ago #9226533        

@ZeldaCat :) thanks!!

3 months ago #9199713        

That is odd as the Nordic languages are generally listed as being easier ones for English speakers to learn.

Norwegian and Swedish are supposed to be easier than Danish, according to the Foreign Service Institute.

Don't ask me though as I picked Japanese to learn which is usually ranked as one of the hardest. Probably should look into either German or Swedish.

3 months ago #9198621        


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