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Picky Denmark


Picky Denmark

Denmark have some of the strictest food laws in the world, which is kind of pissing the rest of Europe off because it means they can't sell their stuff to Denmark.

One of the first things I noticed when I moved back to Denmark after having lived in England for a year was how quickly food went bad, so it would seem Denmark is quite picky about chemicals in the food too.

17th June 2014

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8 days ago #9275906        

This is the reason why I love denmark ^^


25 F
21 days ago #9270514        

I created an account just to tell you how much I love your comments on this subject.

1 month ago #9260970        

Bloody amazing, soo true! Keep up the standard Denmark, I really like food I know is somewhat clean <3

2 months ago #9252157        

You could have done that whole sequence with different Americans who follow all the ridiculous food fads/trends here. I recently had to hostess a party that accommodated gluten-free, lactose-ovo, vegans, free-range only meat eaters and junk-food-holics. Dear gawd, what a headache that was! I spent most of that party hiding in the kitchen drinking mimosa!

2 months ago #9246643        

These guys are very picky in food

2 months ago #9242077        

King Europe is such a hypocrite.


19 M
3 months ago #9229072        

Proof that english food is the worst in the world (just watch it, its a joke)

Now that's some gourmet cooking!

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4 months ago #9223360        

"And you don't think that's cultural? Interesting. Also, What people think is health often has little to do with actual science which seems to change every decade or so, largely because this subject isn't througholy studied yet".

Nothing is wholy studied yet. That is one of the main things about science. If problem a is completely solved, with no new ones poping up along the way, then there is no need for science. But problems are extremely seldom, maby never, completely solved. When one question is ansered, the result will give you more questions.
If we go back a bit, I am sure that what I wrote was that culture IS a factor, but not the only one. And that the food-revolution I see in my country is very much based on up-to-date science.

"For instance, Fat used to be the end all and be all of badthings to eat. Now we've learned that it's more complicated".

From what I recall, I have already used that example in this discussion myself.

"So basically we're spinning our wheals, here. I'm getting off. Hey, there you are! It's been so long . . . [fade out]"

Yes, this conversation leads nowhere.

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