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Picky Denmark

Denmark have some of the strictest food laws in the world, which is kind of pissing the rest of Europe off because it means they can't sell their stuff to Denmark.

One of the first things I noticed when I moved back to Denmark after having lived in England for a year was how quickly food went bad, so it would seem Denmark is quite picky about chemicals in the food too.

17th June 2014

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6 days ago #9389058        

Danish meat is seen as low standard in Sweden since they don't treat their animals so good.


20 M
15 days ago #9384295        

Never heard of the Emu war? Australians helped us win WWII but before that.....


17 M
15 days ago #9384252        

@txag70 I literally have no idea what you are talking about


20 M
20 days ago #9381909        

@Kyno50 Really? All i thought Australians had to do with emu's was losing wars to them :D


3 months ago #9353882        

and Malaysia just literally grabbed it all together. Laksa Sarawak's...


48 M
4 months ago #9345376        

@Funnyface - I'll play the vague comment game. What is the "something" that stood out to you?


17 M
4 months ago #9340648        

Australia actually has the strictest food laws in the world and we eat weird shit like: Kangaroo, Vegemite, Emu and Camel, and eat things weird like: Pies like sandwiches, Vegemite straight out of the jar (it is really really strong, so strong that it takes years to develop a Vitamin B immunity) and smothering every bit of meat with tomato sauce

4 months ago #9339545        

I saw the video I've already learned about that but something stood out to me


48 M
5 months ago #9333485        

@NTruths - I don't get my information from "nutjobs". I got my information on HFCS from Dr. Robert Lustig, an Endocrinoligist and Pediatrician who is also a Professor at the University of California. He did not simply state an opinion, either. He recorded a lecture on this topic that's an hour and half long, and describes in intricate detail EXACTLY what happens in your liver to metabolise HFCS as compared to ordinary sugar.

I don't care if you do or don't like that information, but it is most definitely factual. Here is the video in question: -->

He does talk about metabolic processes of sugar in general, but if you want to know SPECIFICALLY why HFCS is worse than ordinary sugar - then start viewing from about the 45 minute mark of the video.

You can laugh gaily and wave off the opinions of others all you want, but THIS is intricately detailed explanations from a Doctor of Endocrinology who has spent a portion of his life studying exactly this question. If THAT isn't good enough information for you, then nothing will be because it doesn't get any more factual than this.

5 months ago #9333172        

This comic makes me want to fly to Europe for a week, to do nothing but sample foods and ride trains.

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