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Tall food is good food

Tall food is good food

Ah yes. Smørrebrød. Apparently the most famous part of the Danish kitchen.

For those who don’t know what that is, American’s usually translate it to “open sandwich” even though the direct translation would be “buttered bread”. Basically you take a thin slice of bread (can be white or dark, though smørrebrød with white bread is seen as children’s food) and put thin slices of...whatever you want really on top of it. It is then eaten with knife and fork, because the whole thing can get so tall that it would fall apart if you tried to lift it off the plate. Often the topping completely hides the bread underneath.
This is what it looks like

We eat it all the freaking time. At home, work and even parties.
A popular version in my family is dark bread with curry-herring (which as the name suggest, is herring dipped in curry) with shrimps on top, and on top of that slices of egg, finally sprinkled with raw onion, chive, salt and pepper. It may sound awful, but don’t diss it till you’ve tried it. :XD:

But the American would no doubt win the eating contest anyway. I once went to a restaurant that served noting but American food, and my friend and I quickly agreed that we would have to share a meal that was supposed to be for one person. My god you people can eat a lot of food. :XD:

6th September 2009

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27 days ago #9378009        

>With white bread is seen as children's food.
Please, dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets is seen as children's food, an d when my mom told me that she couldn't find anymore of the normal shaped ones, and that she instead bought me dinosaur-shaped ones, my 23-year-old sister flipped out and went out to get them. (We have a huge industrial-sized freezer in our garage. Not a freezer-ROOM, mind you, but it's about as big as a refrigerator.)

Mom meant dinosaur-track-shaped, and it wasn't even that anyways, so Megs was SERIOUSLY disappointed.

2 months ago #9365779        

@Niobesnuppa thought you Norwegians only eat fish .. XD

2 months ago #9365667        

We eat bread with several layers of toppings here in Norway too, though. Pretty sure the same goes for most of northern Europe, it's not exactly unique to Denmark.


36 M
3 months ago #9356808        

Eating a giant burger topped with pizza and tacos is great!


3 months ago #9355444        

Uh, that's probably not how you eat crab...

3 months ago #9352535        

if there was an eatting competition I'd win no matter who I'm against, there's a reason my friends refer to me as "the troll" as I've been accused of never being seen without food.

I once spent a week with friends on holidays, not only did I eat my food, I ate all their scraps (there was 5 of them all together) and still managed to loose over 14lb of weight by the end of the week all because I wasn't eating nonstop. best part... I'm half the size of most of the people I know lol

3 months ago #9349961        

In Germany, we have "Butterbrot", which is basically the same: Bread with butter and something on top of it, without adding another slice of bread on top :)

4 months ago #9343447        

Yep, that's why we are the most obese country (excluding Scotland), also the cartoon version makes me think of a smorgasbord, (a whole lot).


37 F
5 months ago #9334073        

Smørrebrød looks delicious.

5 months ago #9332744        

I really don't like the amount of food given at restaurants here in America. I always end up with a ton of leftovers, which is good depending on what I have, but sort of annoying.
It also annoys me when my friends complain about restaurants with "small portion sizes." In reality, these restaurants are simply serving a correct portion of food, instead of following the american tradition of giving everyone enough for two.

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