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Tall food is good food


Tall food is good food

Ah yes. Smørrebrød. Apparently the most famous part of the Danish kitchen.

For those who don’t know what that is, American’s usually translate it to “open sandwich” even though the direct translation would be “buttered bread”. Basically you take a thin slice of bread (can be white or dark, though smørrebrød with white bread is seen as children’s food) and put thin slices of...whatever you want really on top of it. It is then eaten with knife and fork, because the whole thing can get so tall that it would fall apart if you tried to lift it off the plate. Often the topping completely hides the bread underneath.
This is what it looks like

We eat it all the freaking time. At home, work and even parties.
A popular version in my family is dark bread with curry-herring (which as the name suggest, is herring dipped in curry) with shrimps on top, and on top of that slices of egg, finally sprinkled with raw onion, chive, salt and pepper. It may sound awful, but don’t diss it till you’ve tried it. :XD:

But the American would no doubt win the eating contest anyway. I once went to a restaurant that served noting but American food, and my friend and I quickly agreed that we would have to share a meal that was supposed to be for one person. My god you people can eat a lot of food. :XD:

5th September 2009

7 days ago #9230381        

@DeadlyLittleKate Well, I usually eat about half of the meal in the resturaunt then eat the other half the next day (which is nice because that's one less meal I'll have to cook). I can't say I know if that's normal or not here since I don't eat out very often and when I do, I go to a specific resturaunt on the edge of town that's almost always empty (They'd have had to close years ago if it weren't for the income the bar they own next door brought in).

1 month ago #9205572        

The DANISH Way, bitches!

2 months ago #9188911        

Some American sized portions are sneaking into some restaurants in Canada and holy crap how do you eat so much food??

Then I later find out that the "American Portions" I thought I was seeing are actually smaller than those down south....


2 months ago #9186880        

lol denmark can eat all he wants and not get fat xD i cant wait for the americans to see whats waiting in denmark

2 months ago #9186878        

@Klatkage de eneste danske frokost / middag måltider jeg kan tænke på er makrel, laks og en rugbrød sandwich.
hay er ikke Koldskål det samme som eggnog??


18 F
2 months ago #9185993        

@MarcusZMonkey Hvilken slags har du prøvet? (What kind have you tried)? :)

2 months ago #9184312        

Haha, even we think the portions here are WAAAAY too large! I was eating out with my family once and I got a medium drink and it was about as tall as my head.

3 months ago #9159293        

Honestly some of the portions here in the US are kinda extreme. However if you are in shape and active you won't become fat as hell. Just can't be lazy.

4 months ago #9154314        

It's so big!!
And so Danish!!!
I can't take it anymore!!!! take that god sandwich away!!

4 months ago #9152315        

HOLY CRAP! I never knew where an "open faced sandwich" came from. And that name never made any sense to me. With the way I've seen them served here, I thought it was just some gimmick to save a restaurant money by making a sandwich and not using another piece of bread. Good to know it's once again another Americanized version of culture (sarcasm), like Taco Bell to mexican food or Chinese buffets to Chinese food. BRING IT DENMARK! LETS DO THIS!!! XD

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