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"As soon as I get free from you, England, I will join the Nordics!"

Scotland was introduced in English Flag alongside Ireland, and was yelling at England for wearing the Union Jack instead of Saint George Flag. Scotland can drink a lot and sleep through loud drunken parties and mythological creatures crashing that same party Scotland has rival and enmity feelings for England and gets excited at the thought of beating England up longside his old viking pals, even dressing up for the occasion. Humon said that England can kick their asses, Scotland has told England that once he's free from him he'll join the Nordics, which England didn't care, but Scotland was pleased at the fact Nordics wanted him. Though Scotland and England don't get along very well, he was very friendly to Wales in the Satw Comic Book British Isle. Scotland is seen as a tough country.

Scotland's "Original" National Personifications is called Jock Tamson

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