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Have a sit down

Have a sit down

I've been told it's rude to stand up and pee in normal toilets in Germany. Don't know if it's true, but I couldn't resist the good old "sitting on the urinal" joke.

16th November 2012
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39 F
22 days ago #9323169        

When I was a child I knew a girl who stands while peeing. True story - I saw it! :D


24 O
1 month ago #9316004        

Well, it's not anymore...

1 month ago #9315134        

Well, at home from a person you always sit down and in public you always stand... nothing special I think? :P


15 F
2 months ago #9302610        

@DKarn Yup! That's about it!

2 months ago #9297576        

In America it is okay to do whatever as long as no one sees that you have human anatomy

4 months ago #9263471        

at least put a layer of tissue on that before you put your ass on it

8 months ago #9201191        

Germany, what the hell are you doing? How can you see other people's penises when you're sitting down?

8 months ago #9189820        

@AngryBadger so it's true?? lmao that's awesome XD

9 months ago #9167637        

I actually know how it feels to be a man and have to sit down to pee. When I was in basic training for the US Air Force, they made us sit down to pee. It was mainly so that no pee would splash onto the stall walls (yes it actually does do that).


27 M
9 months ago #9166583        

Well only if you have good manners... when your at your place or a friends place you sit down! But in public toilets you pee while standing (can't trust the hygiene there! And you god damn aim in the middle!!!)

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