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Have a sit down


Have a sit down

I've been told it's rude to stand up and pee in normal toilets in Germany. Don't know if it's true, but I couldn't resist the good old "sitting on the urinal" joke.

16th November 2012

12 days ago #9132479      

huh, never heard that before.

2 months ago #9095477      

I lived in baveria for years and i have never seen this? maybe it's a north german thing? north germans...

2 months ago #9088452      

@cosmopolitan_lunatic jusr imagine one of those women being asked to make skin to surface contact in one of those restrooms and it makes sense.

2 months ago #9088430      

@CanadaHaz Haha, I'm actually a woman as well. The thought of women being exactly the way you described them has just always... scared me a bit, because -damn it!- I see too many clean, polished, thoroughly perfumed women every day to match the condition of the restrooms they use. :D

2 months ago #9083526      

I'm American and have never been outside the country and pee sitting down. I don't know why I do it since all men do it standing up here.

2 months ago #9081136      

@cosmopolitan_lunatic as a woman, allow me to explain. There are women who don't sit on toilet so much as hover above the seat when they pee. As a result they end up pering all over the seat and occasionally the floor. Some of these women find the act of cleaning up after themselves to be gross because "ew pee" so the next woman has to do it. Every woman knows the first thing you do when you get in there is wipe off the seat because you don't know if those drops are toilet water or urine.

3 months ago #9077570      

LOL.....this is something funny :D

3 months ago #9072103      

Yes, it's not the polite way to pee in regular toilets. I'm not in the men's room often, but... it splatters, and some can't aim that well, and even if they do... well, it's not where you want to sit down any longer. But statistically the women's restrooms are worse, so apparently they can't aim either, and I'll never understand how that's even possible. :D


25 F
4 months ago #9046909      

^^ yea it´s kinda rude to stand and pee in normal toilets if you are by someone at home, cause it may be filthy... and it causes also many fights between couples cause we female want the man to sit down...
but i mean there are urinals at restrooms, bu since i´m a girl i´m rarely in a mens restroom XD

4 months ago #9045091      

well acctually I just think it's unconfurtable to pee in front of other people... soo I don't like to use the urinal

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