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The Easy Way

The Easy Way

Religion is a very private thing in the Nordic countries and not something you're supposed to tell others about, both because most people aren't religious so it would be considered rude, and also because they're such personal feelings for religious people.

So a sure way to ruin the mood is to wear a T-shirt with a religious message, or any other object that somehow show what religion you belong to, most of all because Nordics will probably be too polite to talk about it (like I said, you're not supposed to talk about religion), so it will be a huge elephant in the room and they will just sit and stare awkwardly at you, afraid they might say something that'll hurt your religious feelings. :XD:

24th March 2012
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4 days ago #9329717        

Why is Finland uncomfortable? He never says anything anyway :3
I love him XD

5 days ago #9329373        

Oh I see… aww

5 days ago #9329371        

Why are they so worried he should be free?


21 M
8 days ago #9328280        


8 days ago #9327961        

reminds me of a guy i saw not long ago wearing a t shirt with writing on it that read: "Jesus is a cunt". lol

this comic is so spot on, imo !


20 M
13 days ago #9325903        

America is also presently going through an "It's complicated" phase with religion. I suppose it really depends from state to state and city to city. I personally don't care what anyone believes or how they express it as long as they aren't trying to force it on others.

16 days ago #9324995        

very true XD

19 days ago #9323603        

I think this is the main reason Muslim immigrants/refugees are such a controversial issue here in Denmark. Because lets face it: Islam is a very... well, "overt" religion.


999 O
22 days ago #9322730        

Adults can flash there believes, but the worst is when people make there kids where that, that's make me so sorry for them, it's cruel and give me chills, and I'm really sorry if I'm hurting someone's feelings by saying this. Everybody have there rights to believe what they want, as long as they listen to others. But don't push your kids, they gonna find there one way to believe (or not) someday.

2 months ago #9307649        

@thedanishme Same here, glory to Valhalla

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