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Winter Olympics


Winter Olympics

And Scandinavia and the World is back! Thank you for being patient (Well, most of you anyway).

People keep asking if I’ll do a comic about the winter Olympics but I think sports are amazingly boring, so I’m not following them at all.

But a few days ago I came across an OL sum up on TV, and this was all I gathered from it:
Denmark sucks at everything that involves snow and/or ice.

This is probably the only winter OL comic I’ll do, so enjoy it. :D

17th February 2010


21 M
14 days ago #9127928      

@CharlesXI The last internordic war was the Swedish coqnuest of Norway shortly after the defeat of Napoleon, however Norway, Denmark and Norway of course fought non-nordics in the second world war.


22 M
22 days ago #9123111      

This is so true.. I was in Norway once, with my school (age 16) on a skiing trip.. The norwegian >>kids<< (age 5 or something) where just casually skiing down the black pists - backwards!! .. While all of us had trouble on the kids hill.

27 days ago #9118567      

Was that the thirty years war or ww2?

27 days ago #9118238      

Interestingly, the director was danish. Most of the bad blood between Denmark and Sweden is out of our system nowdays. It was probably spilled during the last war ;)

29 days ago #9117245      

Soooo... Long live Sweden!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

29 days ago #9117071      

Oh, you have seen Guillous movie? Yes, that was one of the many occations when swedes and danish shed each others blood. One of the first major ones, I think.
Even if Arn himself is fictional the battles, the political games and the familys of the nobilty are not. Guillou is a bit one sided when it comes to the family feud, tho. Folkungarna (Arns family) were not always noble and good, or Sverkrarna, neciserely bad. It was just that Folkungarna ended up as the winners.

1 month ago #9115740      

How was your day?

1 month ago #9115425      

@bloodblender I can tell after watching that movie "Arn"

1 month ago #9115212      

Dont worry, he wont. We swedes tried to put him down for hundreds of years, so we know.

1 month ago #9108187      

NO!!!!!!! Don't die on us now Denmark!!!!!!!!!!

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