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Winter Olympics


Winter Olympics

And Scandinavia and the World is back! Thank you for being patient (Well, most of you anyway).

People keep asking if I’ll do a comic about the winter Olympics but I think sports are amazingly boring, so I’m not following them at all.

But a few days ago I came across an OL sum up on TV, and this was all I gathered from it:
Denmark sucks at everything that involves snow and/or ice.

This is probably the only winter OL comic I’ll do, so enjoy it. :D

17th February 2010

2 months ago #9188269        

Ah. I also mainly use pencil and sketchbook, but also color pens and ink when I think it works best for the picture.
My stronger sides are details, drawing glass/gem effects and metal effects. Wood is also somthing I can draw rather well.

2 months ago #9186686        

I really just use a sketchbook and pencils. Sometimes I paint. Only basic tools do I use

3 months ago #9172257        

I see. And do you create art yourself? If you do, what tools and technique do you use?

3 months ago #9172036        

i've taken it for a GCSE (type of exam) and im going for high hopes :D
i like all kinds of art especially modern as i like the randomness of it.

3 months ago #9169658        

I have studied in an art school, and before that, well... You know how much small children draw? I never realy stopped, and my drawings keep improving endlessly. One thing leads to another, and if you like to create things as I do, an interest in art will grow on you. I dont like all art, but I an fond of art that show technical skill and understanding of effect.
And you? From your wording I get the impression tht you have an interest in art as well.

3 months ago #9169446        

hmmmm.... There has been some unrest in Rio as i've sen on TV documentaries on Faveala's and How people deal with their lives. Hope you enjoy! :D

3 months ago #9169438        

yep! although there have been some bad cases when the artists started too old (Van gogh)!
But still True words Bro. Do you have an interest in Art?

3 months ago #9166299        

Yes, I agree. I just thought that it was so obvious that what you wrote was correct, so I had nothing more specific to add.

3 months ago #9166077        

@CharlesXI eeee... Serious it's very strange cause the city are with far too few flags and paintings on the streets. Normally in times of cup all the city is painted in green and yellow, but these year it's far too few... I predict a Riot. But even though I'm handcrafting a Imperial flag to put in my window... the Argentinian one my parents said no.

3 months ago #9166075        

@Bloodblender well, That's not the point. Do you agree with what I just said?

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