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Winter Olympics

Northern Lights Poster

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Winter Olympics

And Scandinavia and the World is back! Thank you for being patient (Well, most of you anyway).

People keep asking if I’ll do a comic about the winter Olympics but I think sports are amazingly boring, so I’m not following them at all.

But a few days ago I came across an OL sum up on TV, and this was all I gathered from it:
Denmark sucks at everything that involves snow and/or ice.

This is probably the only winter OL comic I’ll do, so enjoy it. :D

17th February 2010


21 M
15 days ago #9324576        

How - what? Denmark, even the states can handle snow better than that!

2 months ago #9293662        

What do you mean "First victory over us"? I seem to recall a certain Christian Tyrant. (Or as you call him Christian the second)

3 months ago #9276851        

Well, despite being a Nordic country, we rarely get snow here, and when we do, it's usually not staying for long, or it's not very much.
But when snow does appear in Denmark, it's amazingly beautiful...OwO


17 F
4 months ago #9266996        

I thought we would see Canada because the Olympics Games were at Vancouver in 2010 ^^
How can Denmark be drowing with snow? o.O'


20 F
5 months ago #9248558        

This made me laugh so much XD poor Denmark~

6 months ago #9243780        

I see. Maby I will look it up some time. Thanks for the tip. :)

6 months ago #9243624        

oh. He films himself playing games and downloads them onto youtube.
It sound quit simple I know but some of his episodes are funny as hell.

6 months ago #9243117        

I see. Nope, I havent heard of him, but then again I am not very up to date when it comes to such things.
What did he do?

6 months ago #9241223        

Not a friend but Pewdiepie is a famous swede that is the most popular subscriber on YouTube.
I was wandering if you ever heard oh him.

6 months ago #9240089        

"how's everything in Sweden"

Not bad. Studies, studies, studies, but I will have it turned up on the right side again soon. I have left the social psychology for a while to study religion science, wich have ploven to be more of my cup of tea.

"plus, this is just out of the blue but do you know Pewdiepie?"

Is that somone here on SATW? I may have stumbled upon the induvidual some time, but it is noone I keep contact with. A friend of yours?

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