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The Oresund Song

The Oresund Song

Heh, the song they’re listening to is ”The Oresund Song”

A translation of the whole song won’t be necessary. All I need to tell you is that it’s about a Swede and a Dane who are in love and “enjoying each other’s company” on Oresund (The water that separates Denmark from Sweden and Norway) Then a Norwegian shows up and asks if he can join, which they think is a great idea, and they all proceed to have very gentle sex in the boat. I think the video explains everything else. :XD:

I imagine that right after this, Sweden starts wacking Norway with his fishing-rod to get him to turn of the radio. :XD:

Norway Denmark Sweden
11th September 2009
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8 years ago #9475026        

Methinks Sweden doth protest too much.....*wink,wink*

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9 years ago #9407887        

You love it, Sweden. Don't deny it.


8 years ago #9491114        


6 years ago #9771388        

So umm... where does one find an official video. For research purposes ;)

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6 years ago #9727475        

Wow! Sweden caught a fish while flailing his arms around...

7 years ago #9645910        

For anyone interested, here is the translation of the lyrics (I got it off of a YouTube comment)
I understand now why Sweden wants the radio turned off so badly.

Swede: In a small boat, we are kissing
Dane: In the middle of Öresund, two gays in love are sitting
Swede: A moment of lovemaking in Öresund
Dane: Kiss me with your full beard mouth
Swede: Sure/yes my Danish friend

CHORUS Swede: We’re banging out on the sound (Öresund), it’s our secret tradition
Dane: We cuddle a bit, and snuggle gently
Swede: and taste a bit on each others’ sausages, taste the sausage of mine
Dane: Hey, now what is that? There’s a boat coming closer
Swede: See the Norwegian flag? There’s a lone man in the boat
Norwegian: Hello there, my name is Kjell, can I join in tonight?
Dane: Yes, yes, naturally/of course

CHORUS Swede: We’re banging out on the sound
Norwegian: It’s good to be three, the boat sways a bit
Dane: We fuck gently
Swede: And surely we get it in the canal
All: In the canal

CHORUS Swede: Yes we’re banging out on the sound
Norwegian: Can I blow your worm?
Swede: Yes eat my branch (direct trans. Scandinavian slang for blowjob, hope you got that) so it gets clean
Dane: Hold me and say that I’m your hugging bear
Norwegian and Swede: Our hugging bear
Instrumental part (mostly saw)

CHORUS All: Yes we’re banging out on the sound
Norwegian: We have big gay get-together/gathering
Dane: You’re so beautiful
Swede: Do I get to see your cock?
Norwegian: Surely, I don’t wear any pants
Swede and Dane: No pants

CHORUS All: We’ve banged out on the sound
Dane: And practiced butt gymnastics
Norwegian: We’ll meet again
Swede: Good bye my friend
All: Next Saturday we’ll bang on Öresund, once again, once again

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9 years ago #9418308        

Haha, love the song.

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7 years ago #9695283        

Well, hey. It's not like the American radio songs are that different.

7 years ago #9690481        

Anyone want a fanfic based off of this?

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7 years ago #9650727        

.... wut? :stare:

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