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America is getting darker. It won’t be long before white people are a minority.

America does not like! :XD:
And his hair is of course not turning black because it's bleached.

15th September 2009

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5 days ago #9376467        

Once you go black... I wouldn't be too worried, America has enough communities that are very closed (not all inbred *cough*) and not accepting anything that isn't marrying a man who already has a few wives. ;)

2 months ago #9354009        

There are some Americans who would cry happy tears for that.

3 months ago #9352195        

11 stripes? Where did the other two go? And all the stars?


21 M
4 months ago #9327772        

Black Murika will mug yo ass!



35 M
5 months ago #9326733        

So, America is turning into Brazil....finally, better late than never. :-)

5 months ago #9322779        

"America is getting darker. It won't be long before white people are a minority." That is so true...

6 months ago #9298918        

He looks better this way though it looks as though someone cooked him

6 months ago #9297127        

It looks like spray-tan

7 months ago #9279483        

He actually looks better this way:XD:

1 year ago #9188912        

So is Canada, but we're just like, eh. Whateves.... actually we need more population, immigrants, come on over!

But fuck the Aboriginal people. They get nothing.

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