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Reality Hits


Reality Hits

America is getting darker. It won’t be long before white people are a minority.

America does not like! :XD:
And his hair is of course not turning black because it's bleached.

14th September 2009

27 days ago #9298918        

He looks better this way though it looks as though someone cooked him

1 month ago #9297127        

It looks like spray-tan

2 months ago #9279483        

He actually looks better this way:XD:

7 months ago #9188912        

So is Canada, but we're just like, eh. Whateves.... actually we need more population, immigrants, come on over!

But fuck the Aboriginal people. They get nothing.

8 months ago #9154758        

@JalinO123 Did you realise you have Liberian flag on your profile?

8 months ago #9154585        

I'd just like to chime in with my two cents about how the roughly 70%-ish percentages everyone is throwing around aren't accurate! 'White Americans', as of 2012, only make up 63% of the country (the statistic that you're looking at is including the Hispanic/Latino population), but that 63% also includes individuals from the Middle East and North Africa. As a result, /Caucasians/ actually make up less than 63% of America. I'd, personally, estimate it as less than 60%, but I can't find the exact percentages of people from the Middle East/North Africa in the U.S., so I can't be certain.

Anyway, the more you know!

9 months ago #9152330        

Wow, I just spent 20 minutes tracking this ongoing conversation back to a single american who has the skin thickness of an apple, who is the very reason a lot of our stereotypes are the way they are over seas. I say forget our policies in the argument because those have nothing to do with this comic. I think @NordicBand117 said it best. Since we don't have the connections that European Countries do to other countries, we haven't needed the cultural learning that you do, and it's all because of trade and economics. Everyone, americans and europeans alike, need to realize that this country we call the United States, was originally supposed to be a bunch of small countries being kept in peace with one another by a collective group of representatives from every country/state, much like the UN is to Europe. You think the UN is an original thought? Nope. A bunch of British traitors came up with the idea first. So our culture and trade was originally with other country-states, like you and other European countries, who just happened to all spawned from the same region in Europe. It's not until the dawn of the internet, in the last 20 years, that it's even been important for us to learn about other cultures. So Europeans, bare with us. We're new to this whole "strange new culture" thing.

9 months ago #9143276        

@NordicBand117 We're not hyper-aware of the differences as much as that the differences are quite big, though if you're a citizen of an isolated country like the States then yes you could call it hyper-awareness. And I do mean isolated as in not aware of any politics outside of your own country unless you're involved in it or can profit from it.

9 months ago #9143266        

@TwilightPanther The part about the news is true, but only because America is still a world superpower. Having different races makes us very diverse, and yes, we actually hold onto our cultures very well in America. We have enough immigrants that they form communities of people from the same country and they can keep their cultures very strong through these communities. You guys are hyper-aware of your cultural differences because you live so close together, but anywhere else in the world you go you guys are just "European"; the difference between polish culture and English culture is nothing compared to the difference between polish culture and Indian culture. You are different, just not as different as you like to think.
African-American culture is separate from Anglo-American culture, although there is a good degree of overlap. Go into any respectable Mexican community and you will struggle to find two people speaking English.

9 months ago #9143206        

@NordicBand117 I think Europeans are better equipped to answer questions about the states than vice versa simply because of the fact that every country gets American news and your culture permeates everywhere. Keep in mind that the reason a lot of Europeans are white is simply due to the climate in most of Europe (Cold to temperate), colour has nothing to do with cultural diversity. If you go to the Netherlands and Germany you'll find an entirely different culture of people even though they're such close neighbours. Same goes for a lot of European countries (Wales and England for example).
So no, I wouldn't say you're more diverse, especially considering a lot of those non-whites in the states are African-Americans and Mexicans who mostly are integrated into the American culture and rarely follow their cultural traditions closely or adhere to their own culture. (14% African-American, 10% Mexican)

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