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Reality Hits


Reality Hits

America is getting darker. It won’t be long before white people are a minority.

America does not like! :XD:
And his hair is of course not turning black because it's bleached.

14th September 2009

1 month ago #9110559      

hmmm but black is part of it to

1 month ago #9110522      

actualy america dose not mind, and as an american i dont mind.


13 F
1 month ago #9110059      

I thought he had a spray on tan.

2 months ago #9100427      

@beldarius yeah, we do have a lot of problems as a country. The reason we're so conservitive is because we're such a big and socio-economically diverse country-it's just hard to get everyone on the same page long enough to change anything. Also remember that America doesn't have a lot of connections to Europe, geographically or politically, so we really don't have a whole lot of reason to learn about those countries. Finland is in Europe (obviously), and shares a border with Sweden and Russia,so it makes sense that you guys would know a lot about those countries just because you have to. We don't have to.Not to say that we shouldn't make a point of teaching geography better in schools. I hope that clarifies our perspectives as a country a little bit :)

2 months ago #9100400      

@heimrikr As if we don't have any European stereotypes in America. I think it's saying more about you that you see potraying America mixed race as a threat than it is about the artist intending to offend anybody. We ain't 100% white anymore, you're gonna have to accept it one of these days.

2 months ago #9096923      

Hah, this...XD

2 months ago #9085817      

@Heimrikr Dude, chill out, you're being ridiculous. Its a bloody COMIC. Read it, laugh, then move on with your life. If you can't do that then stop reading and go somewhere else.

3 months ago #9080264      

@Heimrikr Some of the stereotypes are correct, though. I have three American friends so I'm not one of those Europeans who just bash everything American - however, it's true that your education system, healthcare and politics suck. Not to mention some states are too serious about religion, and all that prudishness about movies (not accepting death in a children's movie and editing it so it never happened, blurring the butts of babies in home videos - no other country really does that).

I watched a news report once where they interviewed Americans, and nearly everybody thought Oslo was in Finland. The Hetalia version of America is the closest I've seen yet - complete with his "map of the world" being nothing but North America and Alaska. Geography-fail just makes some Americans seem like uneducated buffoons - but that's the education system's fault. You just need better teachers and the right to teach everything without having to omit stuff due to "political correctness" (a teacher in my American friend's school lost her job because she mentioned "god" in class. Compare that to my high school history teacher in Finland - he was Jewish, and started debating religion with a Catholic exchange student. ...Everybody loved him for his eccentricities.).

3 months ago #9079522      

I'm on my second read through these comics, and especially as an American I love America in these comics. While there are plenty of us who don't fit the stereotype, there are also plenty of us who do, and I find it really neat to see an outsider's perspective. And often quite hilarious :)

3 months ago #9077592      

@Heimrikr Actually, muslims are just 3.3% of the Norwegian population.

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