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They're so stupid

They're so stupid

~smokewithoutmirrors said it best:

"I find it hilarious how Swedes see Denmark as the most laid-back (and full of raging alcoholics) but still crack the most stupid jokes about Norwegians"


3rd July 2009

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11 days ago #9386641        

I once asked a young lady from Holland if people there made fun of people from other parts of the Netherlands and she said "No, we make fun of people from Belgium."

I wonder who the Belgians make fun of.

1 month ago #9375431        

My favourite is: Why do norwegians wear pajamas when riding motorcycles, because they lie down in the curves.

1 month ago #9375290        

ég skil ekkert en ég er ekki jón snæ/ i understand nothing but im not jon snow


20 M
1 month ago #9371162        

Det var en gång en norsk, dansk och en svensk som....
There was once a norwegian, dane and a swede that..


4 months ago #9338496        

This is so true. Well guess it is time for us to start making more fun of the Danes!

5 months ago #9336506        

@baaka But he's so stupid on his own anyway, so nobody needs to make fun of him! ;)


20 F
5 months ago #9332005        

I love it, because Sweden makes fun of Norwegians, Norway makes fun of Swedes and Denmark makes fun of Swedes too!
So it's like Norway and Denmark teaming up, and no one makes fun of Denmark! :p
(in real life, that is... If we're not making jokes about Jutland (people from North Zealand do that) it's about Swedes) :p

5 months ago #9331926        

@SisterLofoten Us Danes do that too

5 months ago #9328762        

That would indeed be me (Sweden not...not Denmark)

6 months ago #9323246        

poor norway

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