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They're so stupid


They're so stupid

~smokewithoutmirrors said it best:

"I find it hilarious how Swedes see Denmark as the most laid-back (and full of raging alcoholics) but still crack the most stupid jokes about Norwegians"


2nd July 2009

27 days ago #9114833      

@carlinecarnivorous @maiboell @the animal
Your all wrong everyone knows it's the Finnish that are the smartest (and most magical) *_*

1 month ago #9109942      

They just wanna take revenge on us xD


20 F
1 month ago #9107136      

@Blitz that joke cracked me up. Even though it probably shouldn't have haha

1 month ago #9105472      

There are literally thousands of jokes, I think one of the funniest explanations (at least I see it as such) was in a Swedish commercial; a middle-aged man was watching skiing in a bar and it showed the Norwegians winning all. In the next seen we see the man throw the television out on the street XD


32 M
1 month ago #9101664      

It's a throwback. We Norwegians think of the Danes as stupid, but like the old joke about the Norwegian goes they are not as stupid as the Swedes.

It goes like this. A Norwegian was about to become a Danish so he got into the hospital to remove half his brain. The surgery happened, but by accident the whole brain was removed. The doctor came over to apologize and the Norwegian exclaimed: Jag har det jättebra! (Means I'm very fine in English). So the Norwegian by that became a Swede.

1 month ago #9101154      

Why welshpanda why?!?

2 months ago #9091944      

I'm laughing too hard...

2 months ago #9088788      

@Alicedor I laughed wayy to hard at that...xD


15 F
2 months ago #9085458      

I have heard lots of jokes about Norwegians but they are just jokes. Like this one. "Why did the Norwegian bring a car door with him in the desert? Because if it got hot, he could just roll down the window."

2 months ago #9078848      


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