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They're so stupid

Northern Lights Poster

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They're so stupid

~smokewithoutmirrors said it best:

"I find it hilarious how Swedes see Denmark as the most laid-back (and full of raging alcoholics) but still crack the most stupid jokes about Norwegians"


2nd July 2009

6 days ago #9328762        

That would indeed be me (Sweden not...not Denmark)

19 days ago #9323246        

poor norway

2 months ago #9307976        

Its not that strange the swedes have stupid jokes about norwegians, after all, we crack just as stupid jokes about them.
my favorite is '' Why do the swedes climb in the lightpost?.... To see if the pear is ripe'' xD

A pear is refering to a lightbulb, because they are shaped the same way

2 months ago #9301394        

Rätt åt dig din jävl- oh, sorry I didn't see you there. Don't mind me, im just speaking about.. uh... politics.


15 F
2 months ago #9298736        

Denmark isn't that stupid, in my opinion, I believe he's just drunk. 24/7

5 months ago #9261445        

Weell.. Norwegians makes lots of jokes of the Swedish people begin stupid, so I guess it's just fair!

5 months ago #9254712        

oh yeah.. sorry

5 months ago #9251093        

@CharlesXI You mean "Ray Mears" smart, or also good with tech? Sweden is a nerd remember


14 F
6 months ago #9236905        

Two Norwegians spoke to each other:
"In about 4000 years there will be a war between us and the Swedes."
"Because then they will start to understand our jokes."

8 months ago #9184103        

Oh no Denmark, your hair!

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