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I like that idea that England, Scotland, and Wales all live in the same flat since Brexit.

England didn't leave the razor out.


Written by Dayvi
Illustrated by Kiarra

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6th of June

Where's New Zealand?

Where's New Zealand?


- Beer Ghost
- 3 x Demon Cats
- Finland's Knife
- Norway's Fish

Checklist Countries:
- Wales
- Iceland
- Finland
- Denmark
- Germany
- England
- Sister Norway
- Sister England
- New Zealand
- Scotland
- Sweden
- Norway
- Sister France
- Sister Sweden
- Sister Denmark

This will go in the Odds and Ends folder in a couple of days.


Design by Dayvi
Illustration by Jenny

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28th of November
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Fluffy bird

Fluffy bird

This year the long tailed bat won the vote for Bird of The Year in New Zealand. It’s meant to remind people that the bats are endangered and have every bit at much right to be protected and admired as birds.


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12th of November

Secrets in the closet

Secrets in the closet

For the longest time people were sure there weren’t any moose left in New Zealand but people keep finding hints that there are probably some left. In other words, New Zealand has hidden moose.


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26th of March

How could it possibly go wrong

How could it possibly go wrong

People in New Zealand have invented an angry robot. It's intended teach salesmen how to handle angry customers.

But clearly the people of New Zealand have never watched Terminator.


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9th of February
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Land of the Free-est

Land of the Free-est

Guest comic strip by Awut:

Based off the "Which country has the most freedom" articles in the news recently. (us Americans were very upset that we weren't ranked #1 :'D ) (pdf)


Artwork and joke by Awut

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20th of March

Sheep are Cute

Sheep are Cute

In case you haven’t seen the parents before
And Sweden is referring to this

This is another one of those “been lying around forever” comics, because it’s amazingly stupid.
New South Wales is Australia's most populous state, so the idea that New South Wales is the offspring of New Zealand and Wales is purely based on the name. :D


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23rd of September

Naked Sheep

Naked Sheep

I keep forgetting to upload this.

Wales/New Zealand is a wonderful pair to draw. If I wasn't as lazy as I am, I would draw a long serious comic about their love. :XD:


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20th of August

Bedtime Drama 2

Bedtime Drama 2

England went to bed first, then Canada. They were close to falling asleep when Australia jumped onto the bed because he was being chased by New Zealand, waking them up. Australia and New Zealand fought for a bit before calming down. Australia then immediately hogged a big peace of bed and fell asleep almost as soon as he tugged the blanked over himself.

Then came America. He knew Australia moved around a lot in his sleep, so he squeezed himself in between Canada and England. What he didn’t realize was that he moved a lot in his sleep as well. By the end of the night he was sleeping on top of all the others' blankets.

Neither Canada nor England got any sleep that night. New Zealand dreamt sweet dreams of her beloved Wales.

(Yes yes, it’s the wrong flag for England)


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16th of May