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Where's New Zealand?

Where's New Zealand?


- Beer Ghost
- 3 x Demon Cats
- Finland's Knife
- Norway's Fish

Checklist Countries:
- Wales
- Iceland
- Finland
- Denmark
- Germany
- England
- Sister Norway
- Sister England
- New Zealand
- Scotland
- Sweden
- Norway
- Sister France
- Sister Sweden
- Sister Denmark

This will go in the Odds and Ends folder in a couple of days.


Design by Dayvi
Illustration by Jenny

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28th of November

Good for business

Good for business

If you go to Thailand you might see opened bottles of Pink Fanta just sitting around. This is an offering to spirits because animal blood is no longer allowed.


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5th of October
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Nordic Halloween

Nordic Halloween

An early Halloween comic. Idea by Sbaldur.

America is dressed as the Marvel god/superhero Thor, while the rest are dressed as the version of the gods from the comic "Valhalla". Sweden is dressed as Odin.

One superhero that for sure will never be taken seriously in Scandinavia is Thor. Ever. :XD:

"Valhalla" is a re-interpretation of the old myths. For example, even though he’s a jackass, Loki doesn’t turn more and more evil. It’s just the other gods who trust him less and less because he keep causing trouble, and in the end they start blaming him for things he didn’t do.
In the story about Balder’s death he doesn’t intend for Balder to die. He just wanted to make a fool of Balder’s brother Hod by making him think he could hurt his brother with a mistletoe. So Loki was just as surprised as everybody else when it killed Balder.
Neither did he betray the gods during Ragnarok. The jotuns captured him without the gods knowing, so when the battle started they saw him on the jotuns’ side. He tried to get over to the gods, but was attacked by Heimdal.

In 1986 the comic got turned into a cartoon


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26th of October

The Scariest Ghost Ever

The Scariest Ghost Ever

Greenland showing off his ghost-taming skillz.

The belief in spirits is very much alive in Greenland. If people move into a new house or an office, it’s not unusual to have a shaman come and chase old ghosts and what not out.

It’s a rather sad stereotype in Denmark that Greenlanders are alcoholics, mainly because we usually choose to ignore that the alcohol problem was our fault. We introduced it into a culture that had never had it before and then just let it run wild.

Yes, I’m throwing these comics after you now because I have 10 of them just lying around waiting to get posted. :XD:


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9th of August