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Sister Norway

"It's weird. I've been getting my period two weeks earlier than usual."

Sister Norway is the sister to Norway. Her brother is the focus of their country, so she appears in less comics. In some comics that involve Norwegian woman, her brother appears instead, dressed as a female.

Like her brother, she has a larger build compared to other countries and is often the tallest. It is twice implied that her brother's "boobs" are smaller than hers. She does not have too many speaking roles, although when she does, she is often stunned by the current situation. She is one of the more calmer countries in the series, not unlike her brother.

Due to her tag being incomplete, her full list of appearances are provided below:
Meet my Sister
Denmark's Gaydar (Mentioned)
Bath Time
Boys are such weirdos
Proper Greeting
Monster in the Lake
Random Norway and Denmark
Child of the Night
Girl's Night
Australian Princess
Eurovision 2013
Bitchy Witchy
Dress the Part
Dear Sister
Let Italian men live

Female Norwegians:
Linn-Kristin Riegelhuth

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