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Topic: What's on your mind #74 5 minutes ago #9277809        

Just watch out you don't report too many at a time too often. YouTube may eventually put you on a kind of "cry wolf"-list.


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Topic: What's on your mind #74 9 minutes ago #9277808        

@ThlostMacGaeliccaddj #9277806
Why are you telling me that?


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Topic: What's on your mind #74 10 minutes ago #9277807        

@ThlostMacGaeliccaddj #9277801
That's cute. :3

Topic: What's on your mind #74 10 minutes ago #9277806        

@filipa I have a mental disability that supposedly doesnt exist.
My medical papers have been feawudulently edited.


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Topic: What's on your mind #74 11 minutes ago #9277805        

The fact that everyone is insulting each other without having any reason to.
And the fact that disagreeing people start their arguments by an insult.
And the fact that people call each other "fuck piss kitty" out of the blue.

This is insane. And the report button exists for a reason. People just don't use it. If people used it, YouTube would be a much better place, and perhaps they could even open a few more job vacancies to regulate how things work.


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Topic: Musical Instrument Advice 11 minutes ago #9277804        

among those mentioned, I'd choose Violin for real!


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Topic: Musical Instrument Advice 14 minutes ago #9277803        

The easiest is keyboard/piano I would say, is to get familiar with the harmonic and tones. I play at least that (keyboard), guitar, and bass guitar.. still learning (a proper) finger-style now seems like gon' be long.

Topic: What's on your mind #74 15 minutes ago #9277802        

Did any specific comments make you decide that?.

Topic: What's on your mind #74 17 minutes ago #9277801        

Seriously sexual intercourse this government! sexual intercourse it sexual intercourse it!

Snoopy Russia 18 minutes ago #9277800        

@MeddlingAmerican Your name with your post made my day. (yeah today is that eventfull). :)

Anyhow, Spying isn't so much the honkers here. If country X for some reason wants to hold overwatch of our ubersecret secrets that are totally secret. They are welcome to:

1. Sit outside of our terretorial space and binocular on our super secret Surströmming dinnerparty. (Trust me, they'd don't want to be present anyway).

2. Plant spies in our ranks to leak secret recipies of suovas... (Yeah Russia, I don't accuse you for anything, but really if you need to spy on something, that's were the stuff is. It's heavinly!)

3. Plant spies holding picnics in the archipelago, while binocular our *magnificent* residents of the capital city, having a holiday.

4. Take sattelite images to freshen up google earth, (Seriously, it's soo outdated!). Also monitor Reindeer herds, I know people who'd be happy not having to search for them under every single tree, stump, rock, and what not.

And it could actaully warn us trafficants so that we don't end up killing them in droves because a certain goverment agency belives that putting salt on roads without wildlife fence in winter times are a perfectly genious idea... quite busy roads that is..


Nobody really likes having foreign powers equipment, possibly even military equipment sitting inside your territory. And that's where the crunch is.. Especially if you can't coordinate with civilian traffic, and end up causing a serious accident. Or like dumping a nuclear armed and powered submarine on a island in our Archipelago, you know exporting your *natural* dissasters...

Even holiday flying over claimed airspace might be a bit of a no no. Especially if you don't let everyone know.. Who knows what accidents you might trigger?


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Topic: What's on your mind #74 20 minutes ago #9277799        

I have decided to report offensive comments on YouTube. This madness has to stop.

Snoopy Russia 20 minutes ago #9277798        

@Zervo If you think I mean this is an imminent threat, you have misunderstood me. It's true that Russia does not have nearly as good a strategical position than in 1989 and the geopolitical situation has drastically changed since that time, but there are other political developments that is concerning. While the European NATO countries has been greatly reducing their military expenditures to the lowest in decades, Russia has done the very opposite, increasing its military expenditures drastically by 26% in just a year. Though I do think an attack on Sweden today would be highly unrealistic, it would be highly realistic during a potential war between NATO and Russia.

I strongly disagree that an invasion of Denmark, Germany and Poland through Sweden would be moronic. The occupation of Sweden would allow for control over a great field of airspace and sea. Establishing bases on Øland to attack Poland wont be unrealistic. Attacking especially Denmark by landroute would be ludicrous compared to the great advantage they would have in both sea and airspace with a short passage to every counrty mentioned. But again, this will be highly speculative, so would an attack on Norway be though Sweden.

Sweden has already a tight relationship with NATO and the west. I believe the NATO response force already has allowance to exercise on Swedish territory, and will be deployed to your country in case of an emergency. Sweden is not as neutral to Russia anymore, and has tighter relations to the rest of the west.

TL;DR: Join your fellow scandinavians and join NATO.

Topic: Ace! (Sexuality thread) 32 minutes ago #9277797        

So that's just... insecurity maybe?

Topic: Ace! (Sexuality thread) 35 minutes ago #9277796        

@MeddlingAmerican Noooot really, no (at least for me). It's more you really like someone, and want to be with them, and think they're super cool and stuff, maybe even love them - same as everyone else with their partner. However, you just don't want the physical stuff. Or maybe you do, you just don't want actual sex. You can still have sex, but it's mostly for them, or it's as a way of being romantically closer rather than for the feeling or whatever.


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Topic: What's on your mind #74 35 minutes ago #9277795        

@sneachda #9277778 what do you mean with "formation"?

Topic: Ace! (Sexuality thread) 37 minutes ago #9277794        

@sneachda I would probably never talk to him again. Ever.

Topic: Ace! (Sexuality thread) 39 minutes ago #9277793        

So... is it asexuality if you feel lustful attraction, but once things get physical you start feeling disgusted?


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Topic: Ace! (Sexuality thread) 39 minutes ago #9277792        

Just an annoying guy --'' Mostly, I appreciate him, but this... *hides the knife*

Snoopy Russia 41 minutes ago #9277791        


Women do rape people. Although it is rare(rer) for them to actaully rape through means of violence like the way men would, simply because 7/10 times they are simply limited physically.

The tendency is more towards "psychich violence", threats and such. It doesn't make it less of a crime though.

But group rapes (of adult males) and sexual abuse of males are not unheard of. Infact probably more common than most think.

Studies have infact shown that women are "mentally geared towards raping" in the same reach as men are.

The patriarchy isn't alway in favour of men. That's not defending patriarchs though..

Topic: Ace! (Sexuality thread) 43 minutes ago #9277790        

@sneachda What an arsehole...

Topic: The Poochie Thread (NSFW?) 47 minutes ago #9277789        

The Rat Terrier! Hailing from the US, this little guy is active and great as a family pet! Unfortunately they don't seem to be as common these days...



Get that barn rat! Get him!




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Topic: 5th Selfie Thread (Post your selfies here!) 47 minutes ago #9277788        

@Jacob #9277733
Such a cutie! :3


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Topic: Ace! (Sexuality thread) 51 minutes ago #9277787        

@Stenson4t0r I don't see ot either!
He also played with my hair, my physical reaction was very clear: "Get. Away. From. Me."

Topic: Ace! (Sexuality thread) 53 minutes ago #9277786        

@sneachda No, the licking thing. :/ I didn't see the sex thingy.

Topic: The Cock thread (possibly NSFW) 1 hour ago #9277785        


The monster lurks in the dark 1 hour ago #9277784        

@MarcusZMonkey A sabot is basically a very thin cylindrical rod with a point, made out of the most dense materials, (Such as Tungsten or Depleted Uranium). And yes, it usually have fins to stabilze them.

A cut-away of a SABOT shell.

And a discarding Sabot in actoin.

The reason the fins are there, is becuase, the longer and thiner the rod is (without breaking on the midsection), the better the sabot will penetrate armor (the speed it travels also factors in). However, too long a rod, and spinning it (like you spin bullets) have less and less effect. Hence adding fins to make sure the rod travels as straight as possible.

Snoopy Russia 1 hour ago #9277783        

Pfft. Everybody spies. Get used to it Scandinavia.

Topic: City of Fallen Angels - Redemption 5 1 hour ago #9277782        


"WHAT?!" shrieks Kastha.

"What did the person look like?" ask Percy.

Topic: A Talk with Bopnan #27 2 hours ago #9277781        

@Bopnan *hugs tight* good morniing
i had a dream.. a kinda bad dream about you x-x i know its not true but it kinda feels weird


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Topic: Ask Anything about Canada 2 2 hours ago #9277780        

@Vivimusic Non absolument pas! ma préférée est «ça dl'air aça»

@filckerdave, have a look below! :)

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