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Topic: Knives 26 minutes ago #9342248        

@Fawley #9342174

IIRC, officers in the field wear clothes like that of their troops. If you look important, then you'll get picked off quicker.

Topic: Knives 28 minutes ago #9342247        

@Finn123 #9342181

Shurikens are illegal.

Topic: The 7th selfie thread! (NIL) 39 minutes ago #9342246        

I gave blood today :D.




Before and after selfies :Þ!

Topic: The 7th selfie thread! (NIL) 44 minutes ago #9342245        

@Iateapenguin #9338187

Pretty good :D.


15 O
Topic: What is on your mind #85 45 minutes ago #9342244        

Seriously, if I got high one day would anyone even notice?! :XD:

Topic: Talk about problems you have. May be NSFW 52 minutes ago #9342243        


I suspect most would simply keep a stiff upper lip and soldier on.

Topic: Meroni's Laboratory 53 minutes ago #9342242        

@meroni #9341848 #9341904

I hate it when the system breaks :(. If you can't put faith into it, we all end up in a world of injustice and inequality. But what is it like being the only person in your class who still goes to school? Do they still have lessons for you?

I think there were a few Hebrew loan words in Yiddish, but I couldn't tell you which or how many :Þ. The trouble with Hebrew is that for like a thousand years, it didn't exist outside of scripture.

So if Arabic has, like, 25% word redundancy, are there any superfluous words you just don't find in English, or is it that the order and sentence structure is different. And how do you teach yourself so many languages? I try, but don't get far :(. What language do you learn in?

I enjoy writing in Hebrew :D. I love foreign orthography in general. It's almost like escapism, you can feel briefly as though you're some place exciting or new or vibrant. Your script can change your entire outlook :happy:.

I kinda wish I was from a multi-lingual family, because then I'd have more in common with the people at my school. It's definitely better to learn a language when you live it of course, but I'm wary of the language divide and generations of kids who can't really speak to people outside of their community.

And don't hate me forever, but I'm a biology person. You'd find me here next year. Chemistry is my enemy :atroll:.


21 M
Topic: New Countries Showing up 54 minutes ago #9342241        

Yes, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore and Vietnam would be great! As they hv introduced Malaysia and Thailand

Topic: Ask about Israel (thread#2) 1 hour ago #9342240        

Okay. Thank you. :)

Topic: Talk about problems you have. May be NSFW 1 hour ago #9342239        

:stare: I would if I had one.
I feel like if I had one and he were to walk in the room that I would pounce on him and demand his undivided attention and ministrations to my lady parts.

Topic: Talk about problems you have. May be NSFW 1 hour ago #9342238        

@MeddlingAmerican #9342235

Could you invest in a boyfriend :atroll:?

Topic: What is on your mind #85 1 hour ago #9342237        

I know, the guy is 50, but he already looks 60 from all the stuff he's had endure over the years.

Then again... he was beaten last year by Lesner and like you I thought he would retire after that... Maybe he'll retire after a different event? Like a SummerSlam, Survivor series, or Royal Rumble?


21 M
Topic: What is on your mind #85 2 hours ago #9342236        

@MeddlingAmerican #9342231
That has been my thought for a long time already. In fact, I thought he was going to retire after last year.
He has to. His body won't resist much longer.

Topic: Talk about problems you have. May be NSFW 2 hours ago #9342235        

Oh shit. Shit shit shit. Do we females go into heat or something. I swear by lower half is screaming for a penis. Gah. Dammit, I don't want to invest in vibrator, but this is the worst.

Does anybody know if there's an anti-horny pill aside from birth control that can help a lady out here?

Topic: Ask about Israel (thread#2) 2 hours ago #9342234        

@MeddlingAmerican #9342233

Nonono :atroll:.

A lot of Zionists believe in working the land and other green ideas though.

This song is an example of that :D.

Topic: Ask about Israel (thread#2) 2 hours ago #9342233        

Ooooooh! I thought you were saying the Zionists created the Green Party. Which didn't make any sense.

Topic: Ask about Israel (thread#2) 2 hours ago #9342232        


Both are political ideologies, and both have an international umbrella organisation. I thought using the Green party as an example would make it more digestible as a concept :Þ.

Topic: What is on your mind #85 2 hours ago #9342231        

How much you wanna bet he won't be defeated until the day he's ready to retire?


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Topic: What is on your mind #85 2 hours ago #9342230        

And The Undertaker wins again at Wrestlemania. 22-1.

Battle Cry 2 hours ago #9342229        

@ShylokVakarian don't think a made a comment here so I don't know what you are referring to.

Topic: Ask about Israel (thread#2) 2 hours ago #9342228        

... what does an enviromentsl/social justice part group have to do with Zionism? How does one lead to the other?

Topic: What is on your mind #85 2 hours ago #9342227        

Most of the time. :XD:

Topic: What is on your mind #85 2 hours ago #9342226        

Tis glorious!


Topic: What is on your mind #85 2 hours ago #9342225        

Why Exactly?
So much sugar... :3


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Topic: What is on your mind #85 2 hours ago #9342224        

Milk I am thinking about milk

Topic: Ask about Israel (thread#2) 2 hours ago #9342223        


Very often with political ideologies, they form parties of like minded people. The Green party, for example. And for quite a while, political groups have also been reaching out to their counterparts in other places, exchanging ideas and whatnot. So the UK has a green party, which is also a member of the 'Global Greens', where Green parties from across the world share ideas e.t.c. Zionism is no different, and before there was a Jewish state, the WZO helped mobilise all the different Zionist groups to form a united front.

Specific things that the WZO do are probably listed on their website. My point is that it's nothing either new or sinister.

Hope that helps ^).

Topic: Periods 2 hours ago #9342222        

It's Superwoman! :D

Topic: What is on your mind #85 3 hours ago #9342221        

Candy. Easter Candy.

Topic: Ask about Israel (thread#2) 3 hours ago #9342220        

I don't understand. Are you saying they are like a lobbyist group spread across to all different nations to speak to whatever government said members belong to on behalf of Israel and its people?

Topic: What is on your mind #85 3 hours ago #9342219        



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