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17 M
Topic: Stalin Memorial thread 7 minutes ago #9316529        

@DMT I'm not asking for a gay heaven, I'm asking for the end of senseless beheadings.


17 M
Topic: The King Of Saudi Arabia Is Dead... 8 minutes ago #9316528        

@DMT *rolls eyes* by keeping the tradition of oppression he opresses his people. Saying otherwise is ridiculous. That's like saying "Kim Jong Un isn't an oppressive despot, cause his grandfather started the opression and he's just keeping the tradition!"

Being raped can get you capital punishment in Saudi Arabia, though you are most likely to get flogged for it (similar to apostasy), but I'm guessing you think that is progressive and impressive.

Topic: Some insight to the origins and purpose of 117 9 minutes ago #9316530        

I was thinking the same. And since he could animate the dead could he and Annie battle it out? Like two undead armies? Then the lifealope comes in and sort of saves the day by turning the ashes into the Realm of Amber?

Brain Escape 10 minutes ago #9316527        

I believe that being hard on the people is not fare...


20 M

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Topic: The King Of Saudi Arabia Is Dead... 13 minutes ago #9316526        

@DMT do you think women should have the same rights as men?


30 M

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Topic: Ask anything about Iran(Persia) 14 minutes ago #9316525        

Hi there! Nice to meet you, I'm happy there's someone from Iran to answer our questions and find out some first hand experience.

How is the social climate in Iran? Are the Iranian people concerned about the ISIS advance? Is Sharia applied in Iran? There are different degrees of implementation of Sharia or there is only one common interpretation for all nations that apply?

If you find some of this questions offensive, please excuse me, it wasn't my intention, they are truly questions born from my curiosity and not intended to offend.


17 M
Topic: The King Of Saudi Arabia Is Dead... 15 minutes ago #9316524        

@Cakeofdoom If I were a woman I would rather not have to worry about losing my head as punishment for being raped. Clearly if he can do something about women's suffrage, he can do something about the ridiculous things that you can lose your head over.


Topic: To pay or not to pay! 16 minutes ago #9316523        

I think they should have simply defaulted, devalued and gotten on by now. This EU is a waste of time and is built on a fear that existed on the continent after world war II. It's fast becoming irrelevant in the world and will only continue to do so, if the present course is the future. The more this course is followed, the more nationalism and hatred the union was formed to prevent will continue.
Sometimes we make mistakes, even when our intentions are good.


20 M

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Topic: Erik the Red and White's mead hall 17 minutes ago #9316522        

@EricTheRedAndWhite its probably for the best in that case that youre not an admin here

211 22 minutes ago #9316521        

@SweetPea All I've seen from him/her is the pupils. (or at least i think that's their pupils)

Topic: Meals in ur country considered disgusting elsewher 23 minutes ago #9316519        

Some people have said that frying leftover spaghetti into a some kind of a pasta-pancake is bad.

Charred green 23 minutes ago #9316520        

If it's possible, do you think you could do photography of underwater ruins too?


30 M

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Topic: Meals in ur country considered disgusting elsewher 26 minutes ago #9316518        

@Smithi #9316516
Oh! Don't worry, I'm not offended or anything like that :) I don't like to eat snails. And if I can choose, I prefer to eat a food cooked without them...

Topic: Ask anything about Iran(Persia) 30 minutes ago #9316517        

Dang! I've been inactive on this website for a really long time now (。_+)\
so yeah, this topic is on again.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

@MeddlingAmerican @EnglishCheeseMan


30 M

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Topic: Meals in ur country considered disgusting elsewher 38 minutes ago #9316515        

@Smithi I understand the cultural difference :P


24 O
Topic: TripCode Was Here 39 minutes ago #9316514        

@filkerdave Of course. I worry because I care. :D


21 M
Topic: Meals in ur country considered disgusting elsewher 39 minutes ago #9316516        

@Levinor I'm sorry. :3 It just looks wrong with snail shells in food!

Do you like it?

Topic: TripCode Was Here 42 minutes ago #9316513        

@TripCode #9316094 Thank you for worrying so the rest of us don't have to

Topic: The 7th selfie thread! (NIL) 43 minutes ago #9316512        

@palestine_yazan #9316305 You look pretty bad-ass there.

Topic: To pay or not to pay! 44 minutes ago #9316511        

I think there are a number of problems. Greece, of course, had a horrible economy; dodging taxes was probably the national pastime. And even by EU standards, it was difficult to start up a business there, which didn't help any.

But austerity is exactly the wrong thing to do in a depressed economy, because it makes things worse. And having that austerity imposed from the outside is worse still.

Part of the austerity issue is that the EU and the eurozone really aren't one country and the eurozone suffers because of that; you can't have economic policy that benefits one part of the region (mainly Germany) at the expense of the others if you're a single country. The ECB is not quite an extension of German economic policy, but it's close.


21 M
Topic: Meals in ur country considered disgusting elsewher 48 minutes ago #9316510        

@Levinor uhuhuh that 2nd snail dish picture makes the skin on my back crawl ._.


Topic: The King Of Saudi Arabia Is Dead... 49 minutes ago #9316509        

"Not if you have them executed for being raped by people who aren't their husbands."
Wrong country, they don't execute you for that there and if I ask you to find an incident of that during his reign(and maybe ever) you can't.
They run rape kits, it doesn't take witnesses to claim you were raped. What you're saying is applicable to other Islamic countries but not SA in particular.

He restricted access to the internet, he restricted freedom of speech, he executed people for "sorcery". He wasn't progressive, he was an oppressive despot.

He built most of the infrastructure that allowed for the internet there in the first place, he didn't restrict freedom of speech, what restrictions were there were always there for the most part, as for sorcery, that's always been a crime there. Relative to those who came before him, he was progressive. Not perfect, not the western ideal of progressive but progressive all the same. He got the ball rolling.

Topic: Meals in ur country considered disgusting elsewher 52 minutes ago #9316507        

@EricTheRedAndWhite #9316503 I need *no* excuse to avoid eating blood, I promise. (Same with going to a raw bar. Yuck. That's stuff you use as bait to catch real fish)


20 M

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Topic: To pay or not to pay! 53 minutes ago #9316506        

i think they should pay. we have given them a lot of our money. why should we just forgive the debts?

Topic: What is your eye colour? 53 minutes ago #9316505        

Dark Green.

Topic: Stalin Memorial thread 54 minutes ago #9316504        

@palestine_yazan #9316291 What, really? They wouldn't know who Josef Stalin was? Wow.


21 M

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Topic: Meals in ur country considered disgusting elsewher 54 minutes ago #9316503        

I'm not saying you should find everything forbidden by the Torah disgusting, just that you can always use the Torah as an excuse not to eat something with blood, even though you don't fully observe it.


21 M
Topic: Meals in ur country considered disgusting elsewher 54 minutes ago #9316508        

blodpudding - (blood pudding)
Made from pigs blood mixed with flour and stuff and then fried. So kinda like pancakes... It's delicious. :D Blood pancakes are a thing also.

Pölsa/lungmos (mashed lungs)
Mostly made from lung, heart and other intestines. Finely chopped and made into this porridge thing you see in the picture. Many compare it's taste to haggis but I disagree. Haggis is much tastier. :D

Brain Escape 55 minutes ago #9316502        

@Tressa Because "Almighty America" isn't part of the EU... duh.

Family Time 55 minutes ago #9316501        

I like cheese!

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