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Only the most necessary 2 minutes ago #9263944        

pools aren't worth it, to much time spent cleaning
and @txag70 why would be outside in texas /arizona in the middle of the day in the first place, you spend the early mornings and late afternoons swimming


16 O

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Topic: A Talk with Bopnan #23 2 minutes ago #9263945        

@Bopnan x--x i love you toooo


20 M
Topic: A Talk with Bopnan #23 3 minutes ago #9263943        

I love your reactions! And I love you, too. ;)

Only the most necessary 6 minutes ago #9263942        

@freakshop94 Sounds like a plan. Lets go exploiting.


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Topic: A Talk with Bopnan #23 8 minutes ago #9263941        

@Bopnan *blushh* x-x


20 M
Topic: A Talk with Bopnan #23 9 minutes ago #9263940        

@ProudSwede #9263939
*kisses* ;)


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Topic: A Talk with Bopnan #23 11 minutes ago #9263939        

@Bopnan *blush* xwx
Oh, good ^ ^
Bluh its okay, its not necesssry x.x


13 M
Only the most necessary 15 minutes ago #9263938        

Yup my list has a pool


20 M
Topic: A Talk with Bopnan #23 20 minutes ago #9263937        

@ProudSwede #9263935
*kisses cheek*
That's actually perfect!
I have no idea what are you referring to.

Topic: What's on your mind 73 21 minutes ago #9263936        

Urgh, I apparently live in a right wing area . . . so many people bitching about initiatives to require background checks for all gun purchases (i.e. at gun shows instead of just at gun shops) so we don't have felons getting ahold of guns. the hell is wrong with that?


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Topic: A Talk with Bopnan #23 22 minutes ago #9263935        

@Bopnan xwx
I just ste an apple o-o is that okay? Ans ive got this yoghurt and in the commercial they say its good for the stomach! Oh and today i fwlt nauseous and got these.. these things that hurt in your throath you know.. dont know what theyre called in english

Only the most necessary 23 minutes ago #9263934        

I always wanted a pool as a kid but my parents said no, and it was the right decision - I was never home over the summer anyway (I was at summer camp, another American tradition)


19 M
Only the most necessary 26 minutes ago #9263933        


Cmon, Humon. Simpsons did it. In 1994.


20 M
Topic: A Talk with Bopnan #23 27 minutes ago #9263932        

@ProudSwede #9263929
:D You deserved them all, my dear!
That's the attitude!
Try not to eat sweets or salty things. Eat something neutral. And let's hope so it comes and goes fast.


15 O
Topic: What's on your mind 73 27 minutes ago #9263931        

When I say "Please put me out of my misery!" I don't necessarily mean "Kill me"...
It's just the only way that would actually work... :XD:


19 M
Only the most necessary 28 minutes ago #9263930        

This depends on where you live in the USA. Live in a place like Texas or Arizona for long enough and you will want to put a knife through someone to have something to do outside when its a bazillion degrees.


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Topic: A Talk with Bopnan #23 29 minutes ago #9263929        

@Bopnan Yeah xwx so many compliments on one day.. and the painting looked pretty weird but its goood
I will!
Well, a little yeah. Im a bit nervous about if i should not eat anything or if i shiuld eat something to make it better so it wont be worse tomorrow.. i hope its gone tomorrow. but the period will start soon.. i hope it starts tomorrow cause then it wont ruin my autumn break so much


20 M
Topic: A Talk with Bopnan #23 35 minutes ago #9263928        

@ProudSwede #9263921
You sure had an interesting day! And it's awesome that those people were actually being nice to you. ^ ^ I bet the painting looks pretty good!
Continue with that productivity and you'll go far!
OUCH! That's horrible. Are you feeling better from that now?

Only the most necessary 37 minutes ago #9263927        

nitrokitty already covered most of what I was going to say. Above ground pools are fairly cheap if you have the space to put them in, while below ground pools are pricier. Still, keep in mind that even for the rich, you're generally not going to be speaking about anything even close to an Olympic-sized pool being found in a backyard.


18 F
Only the most necessary 39 minutes ago #9263926        

We always end up braking our above ground pools so we actually want to get an in ground on. Right around our cherry tree that has a large club house in it.


21 F
Only the most necessary 41 minutes ago #9263925        

My family even bought a somewhat large above ground pool for a few hundred dollars-- it really is something many people consider getting even if you're poor like my family is. We probably could have fixed our broken air conditioner with that money.

Topic: Ask Anything About China 43 minutes ago #9263924        


I know you didn't address me, but this website might be interesting if you didn't already know it.

Topic: 5th Selfie Thread (Post your selfies here!) 48 minutes ago #9263923        


Topic: 5th Selfie Thread (Post your selfies here!) 50 minutes ago #9263922        

@Iateapenguin #9263910

How did your mum dress you up for Raisin weekend (and can you say it with a selfie :3)?

And what happens if you're a 2nd year?


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Topic: A Talk with Bopnan #23 51 minutes ago #9263921        

@Bopnan meh, it was okaay
Oh okay o-o
Um well um i had some tummy problems this morning but i thought it was nothing and went to school. At school we haad music history first. It was okay, we didnt do much. Then we had art! And at art you know what we're doing cause ive told you (paintings). I didnt really have an idea but since the teacher daid that i could choose surrealistic or something i just thought "meh ill just start putting on some paint". And of course, it turned out to be rainbow colours. I have a hard time not making colours in the right order of the rainbow when i make random colours so yeah. The person next to me is a nice girl, and shes cool too. I like her. And she always comoliments mt painting! She imemdietly saw that it was a rainbow and i said "i thought id just start with a rainbow" and she said "everything good starts with a rainbow!". So i continued just making random colours ecerywhere, not only in rainbow thingy and i also tried not making the lines as i use to and i thought it looked pretty much like shit, but then another girl came and talked to a person across the table and said her painting was so nice, and the cool girl next to me was like "but look at hers!" And pointed to me and i was like "wuh o-o" and they all started saying nice things about my painting and i even got to hear that they think im good at just coming up eith random stuff to make and i really dont think im good at that. So i got pretty happy owo in the end it looked pretty good, its not finished i think but i like it ^ ^ oh and when i came back into that room after wahsing some stuff in the other room they informed me that a guy had taken my phone (they do that sometimes to people) so i just reached out my hsnd towards him and looked at him and he was all like joking and stuff and i thoght it was funny too, but thats not the point, the point is that then a girl daid "come on, give it to her! Look at her face! How can you do this to that face?" And i dont know if i made some cute face i think i just looked expressionless as i use to but seriosuly someone basically just called me cute o-o thats.. weird.. oh and um then when i had gotten my phone back another girl told him "its saga, you dont do like that to saga!".. why dont you do like that to saga? o-o i mean i appreciate it but it cause they know that i would barely dare to ask if someone had taken it? Is it cause they think im special in some way? Fo i hsve a handicap that everyone exceot me knows about? >-> hmm.. well.. anyways, at lunch my friend wrote to me and asked if i could meet her at the café (she was going to be there on a lesson today! You know, cause shes so sick she cant be at all of them) but unfortunatly i wasnt the first one to greet her, it was the guy. So i wad gonna go hug her but thw guy blocked my way jokingly so when i finally got past him mine and her face got really close o-o then we laughed and she offered to buy me a muffin but i said no and then we had next lesson, umm.. when you build stuff with clay aand not so much happened there. I built two flower pots and the teacher thought i had been productive. Hmmthen school ended, i bought fruit and missed the bus, looked at flowers in a flower shop and found a reallt beautiful one (i think it was called.. so.. soph.. soph...... something with soph). Then i took the bus and i came home and hmm i dont know if you eant to hear this so ill say it the least gross way i can, i went to the bathroom and realized my tummy issues were worse than i thought and my butt hurt the rest of the day, i think it bled a little x-x.. hmm and then the rest you already know! Huff, that took a long time..

Only the most necessary 52 minutes ago #9263920        

@NitroKitty #9263895

But saunas seem quite small and simple relative to an entire pool.

How bug are they generally? What features do they have?

And do you notice all the subtle differences between pools?

Only the most necessary 54 minutes ago #9263919        

Huh. I never would've thought that food pools are so popular. I mean, I knew a lot of houses had them, but I just didn't see the appeal.

Only the most necessary 56 minutes ago #9263918        


28th!?!? When I check on Wednesday morning I'm usually like eleventh :P.

Only the most necessary 58 minutes ago #9263917        

Lol those priorities. It makes for great advertising though, come to our country and you get a pool.

Topic: What's on your mind 73 1 hour ago #9263916        


Oops, I forgot that facet of your history ^_+.

Sounds like hell either way though. Next year it'll all be over though, right (or did you do a masters)?

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