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Topic: What's on your mind #75 4 minutes ago #9280499        

@Dorena #9280496
You get used to it :P


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Snoopy Russia 6 minutes ago #9280498        

@Velf Don't understand me wrong. I like SatW comics and I also smirked at this one. I just find it personally sad that many of the readers here take these jokes, who basically only play with harmless prejudices, too serious and deduce their attitude to political sides from this.

But I agree to your quote! Russians, stay self-assured! Don't let you provoke! Haters gonna hate!


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Topic: What's on your mind #75 7 minutes ago #9280497        

The stupid fatass trashcan wants to know my tumblr...
Fuck no! :stare:

Great Deal 13 minutes ago #9280495        

You can't build the sand thats in Sahara, that's why they are selling sand.


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Topic: What's on your mind #75 13 minutes ago #9280496        

How do people with normal working eyes do things?!?!

Great Deal 15 minutes ago #9280494        

Way to go Finland! Today's news: !!!!!! I'd love to see this as a comic :-)


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Topic: Forum quote book 16 minutes ago #9280493        

@Finn123 @Lavender
Both added


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Topic: Ace! (Sexuality thread) 19 minutes ago #9280492        

I would have screamed at them...
Or slapped them...
Or both! :stare:


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Topic: What's on your mind #75 20 minutes ago #9280491        

I got glasses today...
Help, everything is in 3D!!!
*Runs into a pole*
*Tries to grab the soap but hits the wall instead*
Waaaaaaahhhhh!!! :shocked:

That's really good to know!

I needed to reinstall my windows version rather often in the past...
So it's quite essential to me!


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Topic: Forum quote book 28 minutes ago #9280490        

@Jacob Added


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Topic: @Filipa 2 28 minutes ago #9280489        

@Filipa okay.

Topic: What's on your mind #75 31 minutes ago #9280488        

Pretty much having an entire meal and drinks paid for by one of the societies I'm in. All I need to do is eat the tasters faster than everyone else :stare:

nom nom motherfuckers


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Snoopy Russia 42 minutes ago #9280487        

Oh, come on. There is nothing wrong about that joke, and my compatriots are fighting too hard over an unworthy reason. I agree with the point made by one Russian writer - we, the Russians, should always remember, that for the last 400+ years we stepped on a lot of toes, so we should not think that everybody will love us.
"So, the attempts to persuade the non-Russians that in reality we are good, and they have to feel differently about us look stupid and pathetic. Frankly, we shall not give a damn about the way they look at us, and the main thing is to behave ourselves abroad with dignity, neither vomit into swimming pools, nor beat the s#t out of animators while drunk (but do it only while sober and for a good reason), speak (though broken) English, and behave not like scum, but like strong, though wild bear aristocrats....So basically, the Russians shall understand that our country did sometimes expand, thwarting interests and rights of various neighboring states and peoples... If someone does not like it - they can sue us, a-ha-ha, Topol-M, all that stuff. However, we are forgiving them all in advance...but will nevertheless troll'em sometimes"(c) I. Koshkin
Yes, and a photo about Russian tradition of voyages to Sweden

Secret Pride 42 minutes ago #9280486        

Finland just legalized gay marriage today. Can't wait for the comic. :)

Great Deal 1 hour ago #9280485        

Hey, it happens.
I mean, Russia sells us wood.

Topic: SkandiForum 8 1 hour ago #9280484        

Jeg kan ikke forstå dem der bruger ordet 'nationalromantik' i en negativ betydning.

Hvad er der galt i at fremhæve de gode sider af ens eget land?. Jeg vil hellere mindes om de gode sider end jeg vil sidde i evig klage og tænke på de dårlige sider.


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Topic: Awkward moments? 1 hour ago #9280483        

@sneachda It's me, your brother :o


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Topic: Rate the song below you! 1 hour ago #9280482        

@mathiasawk 10/10, very good rhytm

Snoopy Russia 1 hour ago #9280481        

Putin took warships to the leaders conference in Oz. That says all you need to know about Russia,.

Topic: Ask anything about Spain 1 hour ago #9280480        

@Nevaeh it's supposed to bring good luck if you manage to eat all 12 and not choke - easier said than done ;)


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Topic: A Talk with Bopnan #28 1 hour ago #9280479        

Have a nice trip! Love you too.

Great Deal 1 hour ago #9280478        

Even though the character was made in reference of the dessert, there is actually a country named Sahara, "Western Sahara" to be exact. But my question is all that time and it just occurred to them that you can actually grow things in a desert, Israel did it...

Topic: A Talk with Bopnan #28 2 hours ago #9280477        

@Bopnan goi to the bus now bye love you


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Topic: A Talk with Bopnan #28 2 hours ago #9280476        



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Great Deal 2 hours ago #9280475        

Israel sold snow to Russia for the Winter Olympics.

Topic: Ask stuff about Iceland 2 hours ago #9280473        

"Is it true you study the Viking sagas in school? And also is it true that Icelandic is similar enough to Old Norse?"
Yes we do study the Sagas in school, we can read them in the language they were written in at the time because the language has changed so little that it's no problem for us. The were many dialects of Old Norse and Icelandic comes from a western dialect of Old Norse with some Celtic influences, and since Icelandic has changed so little you can still say that it's basically Old Norse, though of course pronunciation has changed. "

Nevertheless, written Icelandic has changed relatively little since the 13th century. As a result of this, and of the similarity between the modern and ancient grammar, modern speakers can still understand, more or less, the original sagas and Eddas that were written some 800 years ago. This ability is sometimes mildly overstated by Icelanders themselves, most of whom actually read the Sagas with updated modern spelling and footnotes—though otherwise intact."
Wikipedia -

There you go! :D

Topic: A Talk with Bopnan #28 2 hours ago #9280474        

@Bopnan i guess ill go home

Topic: Ask anything about Israel. 2 hours ago #9280472        

@EnglishCheeseMan #9280018
I'm still undecided. I think I'll vote to either Netanyahu, Liebermann, Benett or Lapid. currently it's percentaged for me at 25-35-25-15


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Topic: A Talk with Bopnan #28 2 hours ago #9280471        

@ProudSwede #9280466

I see. What will you do?

Topic: Ugliest flags 2 hours ago #9280470        

@Cakeofdoom um so like 15 other countries that were part of the british empire as well?

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