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Evil Flag


Evil Flag

Some time ago I talked with a German girl about the use of flags in Germany. She told me that the only time it is seen as okay to be waving the German flag is at sport events and official buildings. The rest of the time the fear of feeling national pride is too big. It is in fact so bad that some Germans even feel uncomfortable when they see other countries waving it at hotels and the like.

In Scandinavia we use our flags completely different, but it’s not like in North America where you see flags everywhere as a sign of national pride.
Every time we have a celebration of any kind we raise the flags, because here our flags doesn’t so much symbolise national pride as much as it has become a symbol of happiness, joy and having a good time. And something I haven’t seen in other countries is that we use it when celebrating birthdays. So if you walk by a house here and see 20 small flags in the front yard, it’s not because the people living there are nationalists. It just means someone is celebrating their birthday.

We even put the flags on Christmas trees like so :XD:

11th August 2010

19 days ago #9268328        

Poor Germany…. :(

28 days ago #9265034        

It is so true. I'm proud to be german but i can't show it and have to Feelings shame whenever I see our flag. The history of our Country is very old but one realy, realy bad thing made us to evil persons in The eyes of many peoples from other countrys and our flag a shame. Germany hasn't began at WW2.

Sorry for The Bad english. I'm learning it... :D

28 days ago #9264632        

@Corson this is so true.... I want to add something, but everything already has been said, so yea.... We use the flag in the same way as you.

2 months ago #9250842        

Poor germany

4 months ago #9206435        

@Svamlet Well put, I couldn't agree more :)


34 M
4 months ago #9203124        

The whole thing about flags is that they're symbols of whatever you use them for. The flag itself has no meaning or intent. It's just cloth. You give it its meaning by using it. Generally speaking the Danish flag symbolizes celebration of some kind. Birthdays, graduations, weddings etc. etc. And you may even see towns have flags lining the sides of the street on various days of celebration like town fair or whatever.
In general there's no nationalism tied to our flag at all. Well, maybe a bit at football events, but even then it's mostly about happiness. You can look up videos about Danish football fans at various events. They're generally well liked, since they're there to watch football, get insanely drunk and have fun. They're generally very social and drink and party with "the enemies" (lol) as well. There's no "WE'RE #1! EVERYONE ELSE SUCKS!" about it.
Of course nationalists etc. use it as well, and then it means anything BUT celebration and happiness. But Danes refuse to let the nationalists, racists, neo-nazis etc. "steal" the flag. If normal Danes stop using it in the name of celebration, the only meaning that remains is a bad one, and then the flag "becomes" bad, which would be a terrible loss for our country, in my opinion.

I see the German flag the same way. If the Germans start using it for happy stuff, the bad meaning will eventually wear off. Hiding it does nothing besides making sure it never gets a new and better meaning in the minds of people. The same goes for the national anthem btw. Hitler didn't make the song, and editing it just makes it "his". If I was king of Germany, I'd sing the song and fly the flag. None of them are evil and only have whatever meaning you decide to give them. Use them at happy events and their meaning becomes a happy one.. Use them for evil shit, and it becomes a symbol of evil.

The American flag is sort of the same. It has a different meaning in the minds of a lot of people because of how it's being used. It has a different meaning in most peoples' minds than our Danish flag does for example, but just like the German flag, it means whatever you want it to mean. If you're not happy about what it symbolizes, use it differently. You can only change its meaning by using it. Not by hiding it.

Of course some people will get the wrong idea about why you're using the flag, if you're going to try to change its meaning, but that's just life. Changes tend to take some time.. You'll just have to explain it to people once in a while until they get used to it. If you have flags outside your home every day of the year, it does kinda give it that nationalistic feel, but if you only use it when celebrating something, it will eventually be THAT feeling that's tied to it.

Most Danes don't even think twice if we see Danish flags somewhere (Okay, somewhere that's not in a group of skinheads..) We just assume people are celebrating something and are having a good time.

4 months ago #9200817        

@Svamlet It's amazing how one little thing can completely overshadow everything else.


25 M
5 months ago #9191694        

Germany, you have an over 1000 year old history. That douchebag Hitler is a pathetically small part of that. You should show pride over your country, without shame!

5 months ago #9190957        

I actually don't see our flag much anywhere, except at schools which have made it a tradition to raise one outside the front. Or it could be I tuned it out and there are thousands around me right now.


25 F
5 months ago #9179773        

know what the real sad thing is? when some germans put their flags out at wc and ec (don´t know if this the correc english shortcut is. i german is it em for europa meisterschaft) other FELLOW germans say "you can´t do that! if you do that, you are a nazi. using flags leads to National Socialism."

in moments like those i get the feeling, that i need to feel sorry for beeing german. nobody says a thing if other nationalitys show their flags...

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