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Evil Flag

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Evil Flag

Some time ago I talked with a German girl about the use of flags in Germany. She told me that the only time it is seen as okay to be waving the German flag is at sport events and official buildings. The rest of the time the fear of feeling national pride is too big. It is in fact so bad that some Germans even feel uncomfortable when they see other countries waving it at hotels and the like.

In Scandinavia we use our flags completely different, but it’s not like in North America where you see flags everywhere as a sign of national pride.
Every time we have a celebration of any kind we raise the flags, because here our flags doesn’t so much symbolise national pride as much as it has become a symbol of happiness, joy and having a good time. And something I haven’t seen in other countries is that we use it when celebrating birthdays. So if you walk by a house here and see 20 small flags in the front yard, it’s not because the people living there are nationalists. It just means someone is celebrating their birthday.

We even put the flags on Christmas trees like so :XD:

11th August 2010

16 days ago #9282730        

IMO Germany is the only country that owns up to it's mistakes so well. According to my German buddy, WWII is taught to children with great humility and with the overall message that Germany of 1932 comitted terrible crimes and that Germany of 2014 must never allow it to happen again. Germany openly acknowledges it's mistakes and learns from it. Something a lot of other countries don't do: we Belgians comitted monstruous crimes in Congo under King Leopold II, but we barely talk about it at school.
And for the record, we only use Belgian flags occasionaly on official events, not much else :-)

17 days ago #9282664        

IMO this one is actually perfectly correct. The difference isn't so much that the Nordics are more nationalistic or "tolerant" of national pride. It's just that the flag as a symbol is seen differently.

The cultural relativist "tolerant" crowd is just as vocal and militant up in the north as it is in central Europe. The problem is that after the horrors of WW2, people in Europe said "never again". What they didn't realize is that they didn't say never again to anti-semitism, genocide and war, but to national pride. This has led to the disgusting habit of some people (cultural relativists) always repeating the mantra of "who are we to say which is better".

There should be no question that a culture where, by law, everyone should be treated equally irrespective of their ethnicity, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, etc. is much superior to one that hasn't even stopped the genital mutilation of children yet, not to mention giving minorities equal status.

Cultural relativism is a bad idea and should never be used as a justification for the oppression and abuse some of the more backward cultures of the world subject their minorities to. After all, if we accept the "they don't know any better excuse" then by that logic slavery wasn't really bad at all, the people just didn't know any better at the time and unlike the abusive cultures of today, there was no-one to tell them that what they are doing is wrong.

Europe certainly doesn't need US levels of national pride with stars and stripes everywhere, but it's about damn time that we got over the ghosts of WW2. There are some European values, such as freedom of expression, freedom of religion and equality in the eyes of the law, that are not up for debate. So it should be made clear to everyone everywhere that if you come to Europe, you live by those rules and attacking civilians or the embassies of European nations in your country is not a method of extortion that gets you results with us.

The Germans shouldn't feel too bad about getting weird looks when displaying national pride. It isn't that much better elsewhere in Europe. The media, the media watchdogs and all kinds of government departments everywhere are filled with this new breed of "tolerant" "liberals" who will always associate national pride and defending individual freedom with nazism and use damn near fascist methods of trying to get people to conform with the official and government approved opinion.


20 M
19 days ago #9281245        

@GermanGirl there is nothing wrong with bieng proud of who you are and where you are from, every country in the world can be seen as "evil" in another countries eyes

also the ones at fault is mainly the nazi's and not all germans were/are that so there is no point anymore in trashing the germans for what happend in the past


48 M
22 days ago #9279679        

GermanGirl, you are learning English well. Keep doing it and you will get better. The English that you write is much, much better than the Deutsche that I am able to write, which is very little. Much worse than your English writing... ;)


24 O
24 days ago #9278511        

Honestly, I don't hold anything against Germany. We shouldn't forget what happened, but not only was that a looooong time ago, but it was also different people - most of the people who committed those atrocities are dead, and Germany is entirely different now.
I see today's Germany and Nazi Germany as two totally different entities, the latter of which the Allies had a direct part in creating from World War I (so it's not like our hands are clean, either), and I would not hold the Germany of today at fault for what Nazi Germany did. They just aren't the same.


16 F
25 days ago #9277975        

Cheer up Germany, you're not alone! In France we only use flags on official buildings and for sport too. I know we can't have the same reasons because of history and that Germany learnt nationalism the hard way but in France it's also seen as nationalist and really bad to have flags

26 days ago #9277522        

@GermanGirl Your English is okay. It needs a little adjusting, but otherwise it's great:)
Even though I'm not German, I can imagine how you feel. It must really suck not being able to show national pride, mostly because of what happened back in the 40s...
But hey, Denmark and Germany has the same accent, and I thought that was pretty cool. Don't feel bad Germany, it wasn't your fault. It was Nazi Germany's fault, and he ended up getting you framed for it.
*pats on back*

2 months ago #9268328        

Poor Germany…. :(

2 months ago #9265034        

It is so true. I'm proud to be german but i can't show it and have to Feelings shame whenever I see our flag. The history of our Country is very old but one realy, realy bad thing made us to evil persons in The eyes of many peoples from other countrys and our flag a shame. Germany hasn't began at WW2.

Sorry for The Bad english. I'm learning it... :D

2 months ago #9264632        

@Corson this is so true.... I want to add something, but everything already has been said, so yea.... We use the flag in the same way as you.

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