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Evil Flag

Evil Flag

Some time ago I talked with a German girl about the use of flags in Germany. She told me that the only time it is seen as okay to be waving the German flag is at sport events and official buildings. The rest of the time the fear of feeling national pride is too big. It is in fact so bad that some Germans even feel uncomfortable when they see other countries waving it at hotels and the like.

In Scandinavia we use our flags completely different, but it’s not like in North America where you see flags everywhere as a sign of national pride.
Every time we have a celebration of any kind we raise the flags, because here our flags doesn’t so much symbolise national pride as much as it has become a symbol of happiness, joy and having a good time. And something I haven’t seen in other countries is that we use it when celebrating birthdays. So if you walk by a house here and see 20 small flags in the front yard, it’s not because the people living there are nationalists. It just means someone is celebrating their birthday.

We even put the flags on Christmas trees like so :XD:

12th August 2010

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22 hours ago #9379354        

I'd prefer that, because in America, as soon as July comes around its like I want to rip my eyes out because seeing red, white, and blue EVERYWHERE!!!>:C


15 F
5 days ago #9377248        

I don't understand, why Germans feel so uncomfortable. It is nothing to be ashamed of. I'm living in Bavaria (part of Germany) and the Bavarians I know love waving around with the Bavarian flag. :D


20 M
19 days ago #9371010        

A flag is a flag.

I wave the swedish flag as often as I can, because I can!

26 days ago #9368137        

LOL One of my step-sisters had her bathroom all in red and White. LOL


1 month ago #9361664        

Poor Germany :(

3 months ago #9342734        

In Mexico September is the patriotic month because we have our independence anniversary and other mayor celebrations, and you can see flag waving arround everywere. The other time that is like that is when our foot ball (Soccer) national selection win an important match.

3 months ago #9342335        

Swedes are the same as Germans when it comes to national pride and flags. We do not wave our flag unless there is a sports event or a public holiday. We are are so afraid of being called racists that we do not have an official national anthem (Du gamla, Du fria is not official),Swedish became the official language of Sweden 2006, and we got a national day 2008 (who close to nobody celebrates).


23 F
4 months ago #9333554        

Spaniards feel exactly like that with the spanish flag xD

4 months ago #9330889        

Denmark's reaction in the last panel killed me ha ha!

But yeah, we have the same feeling in France with our flag. It's sad you're categorized as a nationalist when you say you like your flag.

4 months ago #9330318        

Germany can't process his feelings in the last panel.

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