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How the North works


How the North works

I found this lying unfinished around on my computer, and because I’ve got no comic today you’ll have to do with this.

Being the Dane I am, I of course forgot the Sami People (the Nordic "Indians").

EDIT: Yes, Sweden got Norway later on, but that is not what the bottom picture is about. For many years the Nordics were separated in West-North and East-North. When Sweden got Norway that messed up the separation of West and East and marked Denmark’s decline from power.

16th August 2010


23 M
12 days ago #9126876      

Question though -
If "Scandinavia" refers to Sweden, Denmark and Norway, shouldn't Fenno-Scandinavia include Denmark aswell? Hmpf.


16 F
23 days ago #9118181      

I have learned so much more history and geografy from you when from school

24 days ago #9118072      

Hey @plgirlpl

26 days ago #9115737      

Hey ther

27 days ago #9115132      

@CharlesXI if you want to go a head.


17 F
27 days ago #9114932      


27 days ago #9114926      

Well it would have insulted me of I consider me self Irish .
But yeah that would have hit them hard if you told them that .

27 days ago #9114897      

Cheers I'm sorry about what I said earlier on

27 days ago #9114894      

I told you what i was on about and what I and everyone(here ) refers to as "The North"

27 days ago #9114889      

For what?

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