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How the North works

How the North works

I found this lying unfinished around on my computer, and because I’ve got no comic today you’ll have to do with this.

Being the Dane I am, I of course forgot the Sami People (the Nordic "Indians").

EDIT: Yes, Sweden got Norway later on, but that is not what the bottom picture is about. For many years the Nordics were separated in West-North and East-North. When Sweden got Norway that messed up the separation of West and East and marked Denmark’s decline from power.

17th August 2010

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12 days ago #9345618        

I found from here nice video which shows differences between Scandinavia and Nordics;

If we are thinking Scandinavian/Nordic way of life it has been a success, for example THE 2014 LEGATUM PROSPERITY INDEX TABLE RANKINGS (link under). Nordic countrys ranking is ; Norway first, Denmark fourth, Sweden sixth, Finland eighth and Iceland eleventh. There was 142 countrys
in this competition. Not bad result for nordic :)!/ranking

When we are speaking Scandinavia, must also remember that Finland was 700-years (1100-1809) east part of Swedish Kingdom. In that period and thereafter "Swedish and Finnish blood got mixed". Every Finnish people has also some Swedish blood in their body "I know that some of my countryman dont like this :)." Concentration could be today for example FennoSwedish- Swe50%/Fin50%, Åland- Swe75%/Fin 25% and Finnish- Swe20%/Fin80%. People how are today living in Finland are in away mixed-race between Finns/Swedish. So, Finlad has also lot of more common with Sweden than only common 700-years history.


19 M
1 month ago #9335072        

Well Norway was infact there before denmark so that would be incorrect :)


2 months ago #9331296        

Poor Esti. Forever alone ;(

2 months ago #9330322        

This is really informative. I thought "Scandinavia" referred to the whole of the Nordics, being the ignorant American that I am. Also, how did Denmark go from owning like 90% of the North to just that little peninsula (plus Greenland and the Faroes, but those are pretty much independent (I'm probably wrong, but I thought since it said self-governmented... someone help me please))?


3 months ago #9311402        

but but Greenland, Åland and the Faroes are nordic countries too? even if they are self governmented?


15 F
3 months ago #9303149        

Greenland just looks so sour, like he just drank lemon juice.

4 months ago #9296819        

Iceland signed a contract with Norway. When the alliance between Denmark and Norway broke we were sent under the control of Denmark, against our wills.

4 months ago #9296003        

denmark has a hording problem

4 months ago #9286809        

@KofudDane So, the North was all Denmark?
And while i'm talking to you, wasn't Denmark apart of Norway?

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