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How the North works

How the North works

I found this lying unfinished around on my computer, and because I’ve got no comic today you’ll have to do with this.

Being the Dane I am, I of course forgot the Sami People (the Nordic "Indians").

EDIT: Yes, Sweden got Norway later on, but that is not what the bottom picture is about. For many years the Nordics were separated in West-North and East-North. When Sweden got Norway that messed up the separation of West and East and marked Denmark’s decline from power.

17th August 2010
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19 M
21 days ago #9335072        

Well Norway was infact there before denmark so that would be incorrect :)


30 days ago #9331296        

Poor Esti. Forever alone ;(

1 month ago #9330322        

This is really informative. I thought "Scandinavia" referred to the whole of the Nordics, being the ignorant American that I am. Also, how did Denmark go from owning like 90% of the North to just that little peninsula (plus Greenland and the Faroes, but those are pretty much independent (I'm probably wrong, but I thought since it said self-governmented... someone help me please))?

2 months ago #9311402        

but but Greenland, Åland and the Faroes are nordic countries too? even if they are self governmented?



15 F

Online Now
3 months ago #9303149        

Greenland just looks so sour, like he just drank lemon juice.

3 months ago #9296819        

Iceland signed a contract with Norway. When the alliance between Denmark and Norway broke we were sent under the control of Denmark, against our wills.

3 months ago #9296003        

denmark has a hording problem

4 months ago #9286809        

@KofudDane So, the North was all Denmark?
And while i'm talking to you, wasn't Denmark apart of Norway?

4 months ago #9277559        

I'm pretty sure that in the viking age, Sweden was also part of Denmark.

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