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How the North works


How the North works

I found this lying unfinished around on my computer, and because I’ve got no comic today you’ll have to do with this.

Being the Dane I am, I of course forgot the Sami People (the Nordic "Indians").

EDIT: Yes, Sweden got Norway later on, but that is not what the bottom picture is about. For many years the Nordics were separated in West-North and East-North. When Sweden got Norway that messed up the separation of West and East and marked Denmark’s decline from power.

16th August 2010

3 days ago #9277559        

I'm pretty sure that in the viking age, Sweden was also part of Denmark.

15 days ago #9272222        

You might remember that once upon a time Norway ruled following countires/lands: Denmark, The Faroes, Iceland, Greenland and Jamtland. Then Norway just gave it all away to Denmark because of a fucking stupid marriage with Margrete of Denmark!
Suck it Denmark! :P

20 days ago #9269995        

The North Remembers! XD


20 M

Online Now
3 months ago #9238860        

I guess it's because the people living on those islands want to identify with their Viking ancestors from Scandinavia.

By the way, your question reminds me of this fan art I've made:

3 months ago #9238168        

I wonder why Orkney and Shetland also have the Nordic flag, is there a reason for?

3 months ago #9238009        

Well let us all not forget about the Kalmar Union were all of Scandinavian countrys and there belonings as Faroe, Greenland, Åland and other countrys

5 months ago #9194989        

@Lasienkeli It was the other way around.

6 months ago #9157111        

@tamlinsgrove ...Estranged, especially because comparisons between the Nordic states and the Baltic states often ignores the distinction between linguistic and ethnic details, instead fixating on generalizations made within politics. Exceptions like the Finno-Ugric languages in origin--Finnish, Estonian, Livonian, Magyar, and Sami are denoted, but Sweden laid claim to contemporary Finland, for centuries, whence Finland's claim to be "Nordic". Meanwhile, peripheral lands that are contemporary Estonia, Latvia and Russia (Vyborg and Ingria) were very minute, temporary settlements, overshadowed at this point by Baltic German colonization and Russian imperialism.

7 months ago #9145613        

At one point Denmark was a part of Norway

7 months ago #9142405        

Well, in geographical terms, "Scandinavia" refers to the peninsula of Sweden and Norway. Culturally, it refers to the closely related Danish, Swedish and Norwegian cultures. "Fenno-Scandinavia" is a bit of both: it's geographical insofar that the three nations are connected, but the fact that Carelia, Ingria or the Baltics (or indeed Russia or the rest of the Eurasian continent :P) aren't included shows a form of "Scandinocentrism". Finland is in many ways culturally distinct from the Scandinavian countries but shares a lot of their history, while Russia has always been the great boogieman in Sweden and Finland and the Baltic states have become very estranged from its neighbours since the beginning of the Cold War.

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