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Topic: What's On Your Mind #93 2 years ago #9391368          

Nooooooooooooooo!!! Why are there upvotes and downvotes?! No one other than me will upvote my comments!!

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Topic: What's On Your Mind #94 2 years ago #9395253          



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Fishy Situation 2 years ago #9402965          

And then there's Finland, who beat the shit out of Russia by themselves, beat the shit out of Russia with the aid of Germany, and then beat the shit out of Germany.

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Topic: What's On Your Mind #94 2 years ago #9395000          

Ok, I'll try to upvote this comment a bunch of times just because I'm bored

UPDATE: gave up


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Makeover of 2016 6 months ago #9553792          

And there we were, thinking Britain was going to win "the most monumentally stupid political act" for 2016.

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The little voice in America's head 7 months ago #9540524          

Seriously, Humon. If Trump wins you are OBLIGATED to draw America's hair like Donald Trump's hair for the next four years!

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Brightest Sheep in the Field 2 years ago #9394457          

Actually.. at least some of the time, what happens is a ram has a paint pad strapped to his belly, then he's released into a field of ewes.
The farmer knows which ewes are pregnant by the fact they have bright paint spots on their back.

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Topic: test of nest and votes 2 years ago #9394272          

@Dayvi Maybe you could add a system that won't allow you to vote on a comment more than once. Actually, you probably should...
Self votes should also be disallowed.

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The little voice in America's head 7 months ago #9540767          

Clinton is what is wrong with politics. Trump is what is wrong with humanity.


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How to break Iceland's spirit 14 days ago #9622757          

I have looked over some of the coments in here and sorry to say guys but some of you don't treat Humon very nicely. First people asked for Brexit comics and when they got that they complained about not understanding the leave side. Then she starts drawing in more political up to date things and peopel gets angry over that and ask for more funny stuff. Then she draws in more of that and people complain about lack of research on this. People please remember that we only have this if she wants to do so. To much complaning and she might stop all together. I don't say never ever complain just remeber also to be thankfully she is there to lighten up our day.

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Banana Republic 2 years ago #9398024          

This comic really separates the innocent readers from others.

The Exorcism 1 year ago #9474162          

Brother Finland comes from the school of thoughth which emphasises the need to create a hole for the impure demonic essence to leave the body. The more holes, the faster the demon leaves the body.

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Turn it up to 11 7 days ago #9625110          

We live beside sweden, we are pretty used to it.

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Mower of Grass 4 months ago #9579009          

I feel that there is wasted opportunity here:
Icelandic: Sláttuvél
Directly translates: Reaper machine

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Topic: NEW nested comments 2 years ago #9391219          

I really appreciate all the hard work you're doing for this site, I do. That said, could we please get rid off the nesting comments and go back to how things used to be?

Suit up...WITH GUNS 2 months ago #9604150          

"America is going a little nuts..." As an American, I can ensure you that is a huge understatement.

Bye bye ambassador 3 months ago #9586952          

We The People of the United States of America beg the world's pardon and apologize deeply for the erratic behavior of our nation. Our country is not himself right now and is very ill. He could use some quiet time in a padded room for a while. Sister America is wearing a pussy hat and trying to throttle her brother into health care.

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Brexit to the right 10 months ago #9497045          

Please do one about how they then lost to Iceland in the EURO 2016 :)

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The joy of giving 1 year ago #9437054          

Despite this lovely gesture, there's some real bad blood between Finland and Norway.

It's called Swedes.

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In the eye of the beholder 7 months ago #9537132          

"I suspect archaeologists just see vaginas everywhere."

Not everywhere. About half the time they see penises.

Looking for a new home 2 years ago #9406484          

We will trade you 10,000 refugees for one Trump.

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Living Hell 2 months ago #9600467          

Nice one Humon - I like the actually topical news with the post office and pinapple on pizza.

But insted of enjoying that we'll have to brace for the tidal wave of pure shit crash over this comment section as every right-winger full of "alternative facts" will now feel the urgent need to tell us how we're actually all ON FIRE RIGHT NOW!


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Lucky Accident 3 months ago #9589679          

Any chance you'd consider Sister America starting to wear a pink hat with kitty ears?....

(such a hat is called by a slightly different name here...)

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Bye Bye England and Friends 29 days ago #9616363          

Yes, it is strange. Usually they make you vote as many times, as it needs, that EU get results what they want.

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Makeover of 2016 6 months ago #9553803          

So... this is what it felt like when Delores Umbridge took over Hogwarts. :-/

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Looking for a new home 2 years ago #9407074  

I'll just leave this here and wait for the downvotes from the "moral highground" people.

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Turn it up to 11 8 days ago #9624983          

Surely the loudest and most obnoxious cry baby in the world currently resides in the white house. Sister America should be used to it by now ;)

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Living Hell 2 months ago #9600682          

Yeah, because immigration in Sweden is so unproblematic. It's not like we [all major Norwegian political parties] use Sweden as an example of how to not do immigration in the parliament. Because it's not like Sweden has no-go zone or what?

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Makeover of 2016 6 months ago #9554207          

I did not vote for Trump, and I still apologize for the hysterics by those upset he won. Its frankly embarrassing to see the way people are responding to his victory. All of the hyperbolic handwringing laments that we are suddenly super racist, and that Trump is going to single-handedly take away everyone's rights is really shameful. Sorry, Trump isn't Hitler - not even close. Clinton was the only one of the two that actually campaigned on taking rights away (second amendment anyone?).

There were TWO crap choices in this election. I am sorry that your media has shaded your perception of what Trump and Clinton actually represent - though our media really isn't that much better.

I like this strip - I really appreciate what it represents, and have learned a lot. The artist may do what he pleases, but if it is really going to become 4-8 years of "Look how horrible America is because they elected someone the media didn't like - they are clearly Hitler" - can you let me know now so I can take it out of my rotation?

I didn't vote for Trump, but of the two, I am GLAD it was him and not her. He shattered the political class on the right, and prevented the same on the left from retaining power. Now if we can just start having some real political discord in this country without defaulting to accusing those who disagree with you ask being racists (HItler comparisons? Come on...) we might make some progress.

The Electoral College exists for a reason. Without it, anyone not living in LA, New York, or Chicago should just stay home. Sorry - just because you live in the isolated world of the big city, it doesn't mean you are smarter than the rest of the country. Without the Electoral College, those voters with legitimate concerns about jobs and trade in this country would have no voice. Farmers would have no voice. Mining and industrial regions would have no voice. That is why we are a Republic and not a direct democracy, to guard against the tyranny of the majority.

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Not English 1 year ago #9465852          

Sweden: Why do you have a fish on your head?
Norway: This way I have my hands free

Sweden: To have a fish on your head is just as much sense as having a boat on your head
Norway: A boat? Why would you have a boat on your head?

Denmark: Hey guys! Can I aslo participate?
Sweden: Why do you have a city on your head? That's got nothing to do with the sea
Denmark: Yes it does! It's a sunken city

Finland: ... Are you making fun of my hat?
Sweden: No, Finland. You always think we're making fun of you
Norway: What?
Denmark: What did he say?

Iceland: I also have funny clothes! Look! Demon gloves!
Sweden: Stop, this is getting too silly.
Norway: They're beautiful
Denmark: They're scary...
Finland: Are you making fun of me...

America: What the hell is going on!?!!?
China: I don't know!
America: Shut up!!!


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