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The Wolf Hour

The Wolf Hour

The Swedes came up with the expression first and I assume the Danes thought that sounded really scary and decided to name the most stressful time of day after it.

In all of Scandinavia twilight is seen as the most magical time of day. That's why Scandinavian horror and fantasy is sometimes called Scandinavian Twilight. It's not named after the Twilight books/movies but rather Scandinavian folklore.


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15th of January

Children's Entertainer

Children's Entertainer

The new IT movie is just the story of a well meaning Swede trying to entertain children.


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15th of September
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No Problem

No Problem

There's plenty of good things about Christiania, but when it comes to drugs they suffer from a rather bad case of "pretending there is no problem".

It's not unusual for Hells Angels members to beat up people who try to deal in Christiania without their permission, and sometimes it ends in murder.


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30th of July

It's all about the children

It's all about the children That is all you need.


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3rd of April

Child's Play

Child's Play

I’m always surprised by how young the main characters are supposed to be in animes and managas. Naruto is 13? Ash (from Pokemon) is 10? What?

It leads to some funny discussions on the internet when people who are usually into anime tries to figure out how old characters from western animations/games/whatever are. Too many seem to think that Sniper from TF2 is in his 20’s. :XD:

As a wise Japanese man once said, “If you haven’t saved the world at the age of 14, you’re just not trying”


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5th of November
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Iceland is great with kids. :D

The first Europeans to find America was Icelandic Vikings, and they managed to stay alive for some time before they got killed by the Indians and the winters. They called the land they found Vinland.

The original settlers on Greenland didn’t last long either.


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22nd of October

Raising Children

Raising Children

First Christiania and Denmark. They have a difficult relationship, yet deep down they love each other. Christiania is referring to Sister Australia as a gold-digger because when Denmark and her are together they represent the royal family, which the Christianians are against.

Scania (Skåne) and Sweden. Sweden spends a lot of time correcting Scania, making fun of the way he talks, and threatening to send him back to Denmark. Scania is still reluctant to leave him though, as he still like his uncle but refuse to admit it.

Norway and Kven. Norway is not deliberately ignoring Kven, he just sort of keep forgetting that he’s there, so Kven spends a lot of time doing his own thing (The Kven People are people from Finland who migrated to Norway hundred of years ago, and is considered a ethnic minority with it’s own language).

Finland and FennoSwede. Finland is just thinking what we’re all thinking around children...

Iceland doesn't have any children.


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19th of October

No joints for children

No joints for children

I had no idea Freetown Christiania is considered a micronation. I thought they were just hippies living in their own little part of Copenhagen. :XD:

Micronations are places that someone has declared it’s own country or at least independent. Sealand is the best known one, while Christiania is usually considered the most legit one because Denmark allowed them to slag on a lot of rules about drugs and building sites, though lately the Danish state have forced them to be less liberal about drugs whish lead to a lot of conflicts.


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30th of September