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Suit up...WITH GUNS

Suit up...WITH GUNS

You know things are heating up when Sweden puts his military uniform on.


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3rd of March

Great Concern

Great Concern

There's no story behind this one. I just felt like drawing a slice of life comic about the assholery the Nordic characters subject each other to.


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20th of January
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Cake or Death

Cake or Death

Based on a funny coincidence.

Some time ago a woman from one of the more *ahem* foreigner suspicious Danish political parties said we no longer got cake in hospitals because of the Middle Eastern families stealing it, and a few days later this happened

Mind you, my job used to be to put out coffee and cake for the guests at hospitals, and that's not why it stopped. The government cut down on hospital funding, so the cake was the first to go.


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3rd of July

For Realz!

For Realz!

Music in the background of the last picture :XD:

Anyway, the first picture refers to these videos

The snowman is a reference to a man in Sweden who got trapped in his car without food during a snowstorm and was found two months later, weak but still alive. How did he survive? By eating "a bit of snow".


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13th of March

Child's Play

Child's Play

I’m always surprised by how young the main characters are supposed to be in animes and managas. Naruto is 13? Ash (from Pokemon) is 10? What?

It leads to some funny discussions on the internet when people who are usually into anime tries to figure out how old characters from western animations/games/whatever are. Too many seem to think that Sniper from TF2 is in his 20’s. :XD:

As a wise Japanese man once said, “If you haven’t saved the world at the age of 14, you’re just not trying”


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5th of November
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Raising Children

Raising Children

First Christiania and Denmark. They have a difficult relationship, yet deep down they love each other. Christiania is referring to Sister Australia as a gold-digger because when Denmark and her are together they represent the royal family, which the Christianians are against.

Scania (Skåne) and Sweden. Sweden spends a lot of time correcting Scania, making fun of the way he talks, and threatening to send him back to Denmark. Scania is still reluctant to leave him though, as he still like his uncle but refuse to admit it.

Norway and Kven. Norway is not deliberately ignoring Kven, he just sort of keep forgetting that he’s there, so Kven spends a lot of time doing his own thing (The Kven People are people from Finland who migrated to Norway hundred of years ago, and is considered a ethnic minority with it’s own language).

Finland and FennoSwede. Finland is just thinking what we’re all thinking around children...

Iceland doesn't have any children.


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19th of October

Swedish Politics

Swedish Politics

The political climate in Sweden. It sucks at the moment.

Time for an explanation. Sweden recently got a new party voted into parliament, Sverigedemokraterna. They are known as an extremely “immigrant suspicious” party, and having them in the parliament does not suit the Swedes who have always proudly proclaimed themselves to be the least racist Scandinavian country. Especially Denmark has been called the big racists of the North because of their party Dansk Folkeparti.

Sverigedemokraterna are often compared to Dansk Folkeparti, and therefore the Swedes goes back and forth between calling Sverigedemokraterna a Danish party, and a Nazi party.

That of course got the attention of the Danes, because they felt they were being called Nazis, so they followed the election closely, and when Sverigedemokraterna got voted in, the “MUWAHAHAHA!!! Who are the nazis now, bitches!!?!” from the Danes could be heard all the way to Greenland. :XD:

And it can still be heard whenever some Danish specialist in Swedish politics is on the news and have to explain what is going on. It’s so hilariously obvious that they are enjoying this chaos waaay too much. :XD:


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6th of October

Who's your daddy?

Who's your daddy?

All the children in SatW are completely fucked. :XD:

Scania is the most southern part of Sweden which used to be part of Denmark. A lot of people from Scania work in Denmark and the other way around because they’re connected by a bridge, and every year a group of people from the rest of Sweden comes down to the border of Scania and a group from Scania does the same, and together they start digging along the border. The plan is to separate Scania from the rest of Sweden. :D

And yes, Sister Sweden is making a reference to this because I'm a horrible person. :XD:


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6th of June

The Love Story of Bornholm

The Love Story of Bornholm

Aw, poor Norway. Nobody ever tells him what is going on. :XD:
Bornholm, the only on of Denmark’s far away islands that actually likes Denmark and consider themselves to be Danes (Though not quite the same kind of Danes as the rest of us).

Scania is the very south of Sweden, and even though it belongs to Sweden now, a lot of people feel that it’s still part of Denmark, and the rest of Sweden think that they’re pretty weird.

The story behind this comic is that Sweden once defeated Denmark, and the Danish king had to give up most of Denmark and parts of Norway (which was under Denmark at the time) so as not to loose the entire kingdom.
But the Swedish king was a bit of a bully at the time, and Bornholm quickly grew tired of being part of Sweden, so they killed as many Swedes as they could get their hands on, until the rest finally left.
Then they went back to Denmark and told the king that they would be part of his kingdom again if he promised to never give them away like that again. They just liked Denmark that much.

Apart from the killing Swedes part, I think it’s actually a pretty cute story. :)


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27th of August