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Colourful Scandinavian Houses

Colourful Scandinavian Houses

While at the MCM London Comic Con I was next to the Polish artist Kinga (she has a patreon too) who told me about the word Kurwa.

This is not the first time England has been peeping.


Written by Dayvi.
Illustrated by Jenny.

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4th of December

White on white hate crime

White on white hate crime

Ah Poland. Europe's punching bag.

That's also why it doesn't make sense to talk about white and black culture outside of USA because the cultures are so different from country to country in Europe and there's a pecking order going on amongst white people. Even people from, say, the Middle East will rarely say "You white people" but rather "You French/German/Norwegian/and-so-on people"

Now, is it racism? It depends on how much you buy into the idea of race. A Dane who hates Swedes wouldn't call that racist, but people from Eastern Europe start to look different enough that it's often called racism, and in a way that plays into the negative feelings too. It's complicated.


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3rd of November
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Ladybug around the world

Ladybug around the world

I loved making this and will probably make more.


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18th of November



Yes, another "Poles steal cars" joke.

But really, the rest of Europe practically use Polish workers as slaves, so does it surprise anyone if they get sick of it and choose to just run off with our stuff?


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17th of August



The Hamlet joke that people have been asking for ever since I started making these comics.

There is of course the Danish prince Hamlet, who is the main character. Then there is the Norwegian prince Fortinbras, who first intends to invade Denmark, but then decides to target Poland instead. He then returns home and is made king of Denmark after Hamlet dies, which was Hamlet’s last request.

Poland just seems to be the go-to-guy if you want to abuse a country. :XD:

I got the photos from:
The skull
The sword
The car


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15th of October
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Pretty Swastika

Pretty Swastika

I just ran some text through the Babelfish translator, so I hope the German in the comic is complete nonsense. :XD:

Many people have asked me, “On what side was Denmark doing World War II?” and the anwser is that you will get different answers depending on who you ask, even within Denmark, because Denmark’s way of handling the situation was rather unconventional.

Nazi Germany saw Denmark as one of the most aryan countries in the world, and decided to do a “friendly invasion” so that Denmark wouldn’t fall into the hands of the enemy. Denmark was shit scared of Nazi Germany after what had happened to Poland and we were well aware that we couldn’t fight them. But we knew that the Nazis liked us, so what Denmark did was this: We quickly shipped 99% of the country’s Jews off to Sweden where they would be safe, then (sort of) fought the Germans for two hours to show the rest of the world that we weren’t completely on their side, before just giving up and letting them march in.
We then proceeded to treat the soldiers as nice as possible, hoping that Hitler would be kind to us if we behaved. Denmark even became known as the “whipped cream front” among the Germans because we were so nice, and it was every German soldier’s dream to be sent to Denmark were they didn’t have to fight or fear for their life.

So it’s no wonder Denmark was often called Nazi friendly.

And Sweden of course weren’t completely passive doing the way, and did help their surrounding countries a little thought the war (helping Jews anyone?). I just thought it would be funnier like this. :D


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8th of November

America Has Spoken

America Has Spoken

Quite a few things in here that needs an explanation.

America loves to meddle in other countries affairs, despite knowing very little about the countries. :XD:

Doing World War 2 the Swedes let Germany walk through Sweden, which allowed them to invade Norway.
That pissed Norway off quite a bit, and for many years after that it was custom for Danes, if they were having a party where both a Swede and a Norwegian would show up, to never place them at the same table or anywhere near each other, because otherwise they were sure to start fighting.

Poland is wearing a burglar’s bask because if anything is stolen in Scandinavia, it will most likely turn up in Poland. Not necessarily because it was a Pole who stole the thing in the first place, but because that’s where a lot of people go to get rid of their stolen goods. :XD:


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21st of August