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Denmark's Gaydar

Denmark's Gaydar

After posting the comic about Canada being America’s hat, I got a lot of comments asking, “What about Mexico? They’re America’s beard!”

Well, this was the first thing I thought of when I read that.
For those who don’t get it, here’s and explanation.

Yes, I made Mexico a girl just so I could make this joke. :XD:


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10th of October

No other hat will do

No other hat will do

Of course a reference to this comic :)

England makes a lousy hat. :(


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10th of October
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Goodbye Norway

Goodbye Norway

I’m sorry for making you look at this sappiness, but I posted it for two reasons, 1) I had a talk with my Norwegian boss about the use of flags in Norway which I thought was interesting, 2) This was the only thing I managed to cram out today so I’m oddly fond of it.

In Norway they celebrate the day they became their own country with lots of singing and flag-waving.

I had another talk with a Norwegian nurse who said that it is mostly because the Norwegians were happy to finally rule themselves and not so much because they hated the Danes. “You were actually quite nice to us, as far as suppressors goes. You even let the Norwegian king rule Denmark while the Danish king was away”
Aww! If that doesn't warm a Dane's heart, what would? :D

So here is Denmark, looking at the Norwegian mountains, already missing Norway.

Again, sorry for the sappiness. Apparently I’m in that kind of mood. :blush:


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8th of October

Burn the Witch

Burn the Witch

In the north we love to celebrate the midsummer, though we do it in slightly different ways. :D

Sweden is well known for their midsummer parties, where they drink, eat, sing and dance around the maypole (a pole decorated with flowers and ribbons). A wonderfully peaceful tradition that can be seen her.

However, in Norway and Denmark (and a couple of other countries) we prefer to celebrate it with LOTS AND LOTS OF FIRE!!! Or as we like to call it, Sankt Hans bonfires.

Some places in Norway they build HUGE bonfires. I’ve even seen pictures of them burning down houses and claiming it to be a Sankt Hans bonfire.

In Denmark we haven’t gone to such extremes. We get our morbid jollies by putting a witch doll made of wood, hay, old cloth and filled with firecrackers on the fire, and then cheer when the firecrackers goes off, making it sound like she’s screaming. So wonderfully politically incorrect.

And we will burn that witch no matter where we are. While looking for a good video of a Sankt Hans bonfire I found at least four of Danes burning wooden witches while confused Americans looked on. This is the cutest witch burning I have ever seen. :D


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4th of October

Obama is in Town

Obama is in Town

America’s excuse is that he is worst kind of republican ever. :XD:

Denmark saying, "The master negro" needs some explaining.

The Danish words for "downer" ("nedern") and "the negro" ("negern") sound very alike. That has hilarious results when people from certain parts of the country try to say, "That’s such a downer". These poor people are not being racist. They just mean to say “downer” and it comes out as "the negro" because of their dialect.

On top of that we often use the word "master" instead of "very". ("That was master cool!")

So if people with a certain dialect want to say that something is "Very much a downer" it comes out as "It’s the master negro".

It's hilarious. :XD:


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4th of October
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If it was Hetalia

If it was Hetalia

I was watching a music video about the Nordic countries from Hetalia, and couldn’t help but wonder what kind of relationship my characters would have if they were paired off like in Hetalia.

Needless to say, the dynamics would be a lot different. And poor Iceland is all alone. :XD:


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2nd of October

Denmark the Artist

Denmark the Artist

You thought I would ignore the Muhammed drawings? I’m a Dane! We fucking love to joke about it!

See Sweden and Norway? This is what happens when you leave Denmark alone for too long. He starts drawing!

I have only sort of hinted at it so far, but Denmark is supposed to be racist without realising it. Especially this little incident gave us that reputation.

Bonus info: The irony of the flag-burning? According to tradition, the only way to get rid of Dannebrog (name of the Danish flag) without offending it, is to burn it. :XD:


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1st of October

The Nordic Band

The Nordic Band

Watch it here -->

A little video I made. It’s just a series of pictures, not an animation, but I hope you’ll think it’s funny anyway. All I can say is, “Don’t annoy Finland when he is being creative” :XD:

Norway on guitar
Denmark on drums
Iceland on bass
Sweden on electronic keyboard
Finland on Sweden’s electronic keyboard

Yes, I know the music is horrible and the video is boring at first, but I strongly suggest you watch it to the end. This is all about Finland. :D


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30th of September

Not a Nature Lover

Not a Nature Lover

Waterfalls are BIG and NOISY and they’re made of WATER THAT FALLS!!!! That’s some scary shit!!

Sorry for all these “Denmark is scared of nature” jokes, but this was the first thing I thought of when I saw this photo because waterfalls is something we defiantly don’t have in Denmark.

How he managed to not notice it before now is a mystery. Maybe he thought it was the sound of city traffic or something. Wonder for how long they'll be standing like that. :XD:

The picture belongs to and can be found here


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28th of September

Stop Your Meddling

Stop Your Meddling

Well, isn’t this how it works most of the time. :XD:


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26th of September