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Happy Birthday Norway

Happy Birthday Norway

Today is the day when Norway yelled a big fat ”Screw You!” to Denmark and Sweden and got his own constitution.

No country celebrates it’s independent day like Norway. You Americans may think you do a pretty good job a celebrating yours, but you’ve got nothing on Norway. This is what May 17 looks like in the land of the midnight sun Lots of flags and national costumes.

Like my Norwegian co-worker ones said, “You stand around in your national costume that is way too hot and sings songs louder than you would ever dare on a normal day, and yet you feel so proud”

The Danish radio station I listen to at work celebrated it by playing Norwegian music all morning. :D

PS: Yes, that cake does indeed taste like fish, because that is how Sweden makes food. Norway loved it, and Denmark just ate buns.


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17th of May

Sick Finland

Sick Finland

A stupid little comic inspired by a comment saying that Finland had to be sick if he was freezing that much in this picture

As I’ve mentions quite a few times, I used to work at a hospital, and the doctors often said that the best way to check for a fever was with a anus-thermometer. So Sweden wasn’t just out to mess with Denmark when he said that. :XD:


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14th of May
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Bedtime Drama

Bedtime Drama

Normally they have their own houses, but every now an then they spend a few days at The Nordic House where they have their meetings. Here everything can turn to drama, including sleeping.

Norway went to bed first, and Denmark followed shortly after. Then came Iceland who had had a crappy day, so he didn’t feel like sleeping next to Denmark. Sweden who had been watching the news on TV finally crawled into bed, not really caring who he ended up next to. Finally came Finland who had been out drinking in the forest, and had only just found his way back home. He was rather dismayed that he would have to sleep next to Sweden and briefly considered just sleeping on the sofa, but decided that it was too cold to sleep alone. Instead he placed himself at the very edge of the bed, with his back to the others.

At some point doing the night Sweden realized Denmark was butt-naked. He suddenly felt very uncomfortable lying next to him, so during the night he moved closer and closer to Finland, away from Denmark. Finland had been freezing, sleeping so far away from the others, so in his sleep he grabbed Sweden’s duvet. That meant Sweden started to freeze, so he ended up getting hold of Denmark’s duvet instead. Denmark, being the pervert he is during his waking hours, went for body-heat, which woke up Norway. He was used to Denmark being clingy, so he just covered him with his own duvet and went back to sleep.

Iceland, being the guy with “ice” in his name, happily slept though it all, and was lucky enough to get up for his morning run before the rest woke up and the morning "how the hell did you end up with my duvet!?" drama started.

Yes, I thought of all that while drawing this. :D


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12th of May

A Bad Day

A Bad Day

Apparently Denmark won over Finland in ice hockey. I had no idea.

You see, the thing is we don’t really care about ice hockey here, and apparently our team isn’t taken seriously anywhere. Especially by the Finns who doesn’t even consider our team a bump on the road towards Sweden, whom they are obsessed with beating. As I’ve been told many times by Finns, “It doesn’t matter if we win. We just have to beat Sweden”

So when they lost to the Danish team, the headlines in Finland read “HUMILIATION!!!” while the headlines in Denmark read...nothing. We didn’t really care.

So oddly enough I didn’t even make this to gloat. I actually made it by request from *counts notes* 9 Finns, which is also why Finland is in focus here. :XD:


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10th of May

They grow up so fast

They grow up so fast

If only Norway and Sweden had known how much trouble Denmark was going to be when he grew up...

Because Denmark is made of sand from Norway, that means we have no natural resources. That is the main reason why Denmark went crazy and was so obsessed with taking over the other Nordic countries.

And you have to be impressed. Look up Scandinavia on a map. Can you even imagine that the tiny little Denmark ended up ruling over Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Greenland, The Faroe Islands and even part of Germany?


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9th of May
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Making Friends

Making Friends


Yes, Denmark is Norway's frankenstein creation! :XD:

Usually when people send me information and fun facts about the world, it’s about something current. But yesterday I was told that Denmark is made of sand that was pushed down from Norway during the ice age, and thought it would make an oddly cute comic.

It is often said that Norway and Denmark have a long history together. Apparently it’s longer than we usually think. :D


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7th of May

I want you to be happy

I want you to be happy

Right after reading about the Napoleon war and how Denmark in the end gave up Norway, I head this song on the radio, about a man who loves his girlfriend but lets her go because she isn't happy with him. Ever since then I’ve been thinking of that story when it is played.

Do you feel like me?
I can tell you’ve been crying again
Do you stand by a crossroad?
I think I know which way to take
It would be so easy
We could pretend noting was wrong
What if I held you close?
We could stay here, just for a moment, in dreamland.
But I know
I can’t live with it, would hate myself
If I kept you here, you deserve more

Yes, I know that you have to move on
But I want you to know, you are perfect
Baby, I’ll let you go
I let you fly
It’s time for you to be happy again

Take a seat honey, and give me a moment
I try to find them, but there are no right words to use
I know it’s going to sound stupid
I know it will hurt
But you deserve my honesty
I can’t live with it, would hate myself
If I kept you here, you deserve more


It’s nobody’s fault, promise me you’ll never change
I know someday you’ll be happy


“Glad Igen” by Rasmus Seebach

This is an extremely sappy way to look at it, but screw you! I will interpret history in a sappy way and illustrate it sappily if I want to! You can’t stop me from noting, biatches! *flashes bling, throws money in air and other such gangsta’ behaviour*


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5th of May

Hetalia Personality Swap

Hetalia Personality Swap

One day some cruel god decided to swap the personalities of the Norways and Finlands.

Denmark was being chased by a butterfly and wanted Norway to protect him when Norway suddenly punched him in the face. He tried to ask Norway why he would do such a thing, but got punched again. Denmark was so horribly confused, and screamed like a girl whenever Norway tried to touch him the next day.

Sweden was just minding his own business and watching the news when Finland suddenly got all cuddly and kissy kissy. Sweden was scared for his life but ended up doing things he regret, and which Finland will kill him for if he dares ever mention it again.

And somewhere Hetalia Sweden is wondering why Finland is trying to kill him with a kitchen knife.

It actually hurt my soul a little bit to draw Norway and Denmark like this. :(


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3rd of May

Here We Stand

Here We Stand

...In Scandinavia.

For obvious reasons I really like that song. :)
It calls for something a bit more epic than this, but this was the first thing that popped into my mind.

And no! Country size has noting to do with penis size! *scowls at smug Sweden*

As you might have guessed, they’re saying “Hi” or “Hello” in their respective languages.
In my head all the countries are actually talking their own languages, but somehow they are able to understand each other anyway.

Finland and Iceland are not in this picture because they're not part of Scandinavia. They are, however, Nordic countries.


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27th of April

Boys are such weirdos

Boys are such weirdos

Heh, while studying the history of the witch trials in Scandinavia, I came across a Swedish book, that said that witchcraft was a very women-specific crime, while incest and zoophilia was very men-specific in Norway and Sweden, respectively.
Sadly the book didn’t mention what men in Denmark got killed for, so I just assumed it was something more “boring” like murder.

It should be mentioned that just because most men got killed for this in those countries, it doesn’t mean it happened there more often than other places. For example, in Holland most men got killed for homosexuality, but they hardly had more homosexuals.


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25th of April