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National Animal Show

National Animal Show

A lot of countries have a Lion as their national animal.

(Finland's national animal is a bear)


Illustrated by Jess.

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19th of September

Olive oil is good for the skin

Olive oil is good for the skin

Ah, world politics. The Netherlands and Turkey have been in each other's hair several times, but it has mostly stayed civil until now.

And Hawaii is having none of Trump America's crap right now.


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17th of March
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Bike it off

Bike it off

I've often seen people on the internet make fun of fat people on bikes and wondered "What's so funny about that? How does people who think that's funny get around?"

Then I leaned that The Netherlands and Denmark are the "weird" ones, because here everybody casually ride bikes all the time, while most other places it's considered something you do if you can't afford a car or if you're a health freak.

So yeah, if you want to see lots of fat people on bikes, just visit The Netherlands or Denmark. You'll be pretty desensitized to it after a few days.


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21st of June

The whale in the room

The whale in the room

I was talking with a woman from the Netherlands and somehow we ended up talking about how our countries treat stranded marine life. Of course the Netherlands have regular beaches where whales can get stranded, but the first thing that popped into my head were whales flopping over the sides of Netherlands' dams.


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25th of August

Brightest Sheep in the Field

Brightest Sheep in the Field

And this is just one of many many reasons why, when Netherlands and Denmark hang out, they hang out alone.

But people actually paint their sheep bright colors in some parts of England to avoid people stealing them.


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4th of August
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Day at the beach

Day at the beach

Germans are crazy about the beach. If you leave them there, there is no guarantee they'll be the same person when you find them again.


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14th of April

Eurovision 2013

Eurovision 2013

Belarus and France wore similar dresses. One more sparkley than the other.

Netherlands Can't be seen in the video, but it started with a clip of the singer boxing the air on top of a house, followed by her singing of birds falling from rooftops...

Malta The only way they could have made it cuter would be to have puppies perform the number.

Moldovia was supposed to be a volcano, but I have to admit it reminded me more of an upside down ice cream cone because of her hair.

Italy looked ever so adorably confused and like he was asking "I don't have any money. I hope this is good enough" which paled awfully next to Romania's glittery vampire that would send Edward Cullen running for his money.

Azerbaijan had a man in a box, and was very close to winning.

And finally the Nordics.
Finland had a lesbian kiss at the end of a song to her boyfriend.
Iceland had Marvel/Hollywood Thor.
Norway had a super tight dress.
Sweden had a guy sweeping his dancers off their feet.
And Denmark won Eurovision with an *ahem* golden shower.

There was LOTS more going on, such as a giant and hipsters but dammit, I only have so much paper.

I do think it's rather sweet though that the winning song "Only Teardrops" is actually about Europe and a plea for everyone to get along. :)


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22nd of May

Land of the Free-est

Land of the Free-est

Guest comic strip by Awut:

Based off the "Which country has the most freedom" articles in the news recently. (us Americans were very upset that we weren't ranked #1 :'D ) (pdf)


Artwork and joke by Awut

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20th of March

Black Pete

Black Pete

In the Netherlands Saint Nicholas is a separate person from Santa, and like Santa has his elves, Saint Nicholas has his Zwarte Piet (Black Pete).

Dutch people will usually claim he is just covered in sod from the chimneys, but his clean clothes makes it pretty obvious Black Pete is inspired by a caricature of black people, but it should be noted that Black Pete is not supposed to be an African. It's more like a sort of magical being that has it's looks inspired by the caricature.


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6th of December

Still a long way

Still a long way

Not a month goes by without someone confusing Sweden/Switzerland or Denmark/Netherlands. With Sweden/Switzerland it's because of the names of the countries, but with Denmark/Netherlands it's because people from Denmark are called Danish and people from Netherlands are called Dutch.

It's usually Americans who make those mistakes, but the first time I encountered it in real life was actually in England when I got in the wrong line to get into the country. I was supposed to stand in the Europe line but ended up in the Rest of The World line, and one of the women there could apparently tell something was wrong and asked me, "Are you Dutch?" I said no and handed her my passport which said Denmark and she responded with, "That's what I said: Dutch. Why are you lying about where you're from?" :XD:


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3rd of February