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My Little Pony


My Little Pony

The horse meat episode. We had the same problem in Denmark a few years back, but no one cared.

Well, besides the Muslims and Jews who were not happy at all about the pig. But the hose? Pfff I say! Pfff!

10th April 2013

22 days ago #9124340      

i don't really care , i ate it before and thought it tasted good, so i geuss horse meat tastes good

1 month ago #9117010      

The problem isn't so much that it was horse as that it was un-inspected workhorse full of potentially toxic drugs from Eastern Europe

1 month ago #9109921      

Nah, horse meet's nice! But I can understand that people are annoyed that they don't know that they're eating it.


36 F
1 month ago #9109027      

I've had horse. It's quite tasty. And I ride horses, too.

1 month ago #9108511      

I really didn't understand the big horsemeat scandal. Haven't people eaten horse before?

1 month ago #9106885      

I've eaten more, blowfish,catfish,shark,grass
You name it

1 month ago #9106785      

Realy? That is quite an acheavement (spelling?). How did you know it was all the edible things, and that you didnt forget sothafrican seaslug, or somthing? Maby purple malaysian wormsandwich? Maby it is a scottish secret :)

1 month ago #9106514      

I've eaten every edible thing in existence you know 0_0

2 months ago #9102360      

Have you seen the guy they say is responsible for it happening in the first place (horse meat)? Never seen anyone looking more shady than him x)


24 M
2 months ago #9092910      

yeah, I was kinda chocked too (bout the meat in Denmark). but the one that freaked me out the most was the one you left out: Pig protein in the chicken meat. "natur marineret" chickens. basically chicken meat that is pumped with water mixed with pulverized pig. I had been wondering for some time why there was small holes in the meat. then it came to the medias attention. draaaamaaa, I tell you. though I thinks its kinda irrelevant that muslims and some other people dont eat pigs cause they are "impure". back then where the religion began, yes there was a pig flue that went on for many years, and therefore they put it in that it was impure to eat, cause you could get sick. but now a days, its just a bit irrelevant. besides -- they are missing out on the key life ingredient = Baaaaacon! :3
but yea. people should do as they please and eat what they feel like.
but mixing meat like that is just wrong.
when I buy meat I look for tiny holes on it. cause I still dont trust that its pure even though it doesnt say "natur marineret" on it. when I want chicken, I want chicken -- not 7 different animals disguised as a chicken... lol

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