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My Little Pony

My Little Pony

The horse meat episode. We had the same problem in Denmark a few years back, but no one cared.

Well, besides the Muslims and Jews who were not happy at all about the pig. But the hose? Pfff I say! Pfff!

10th April 2013
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15 F
18 days ago #9324127        

@Tzenker I have 2. One is a little brat, and the other is ok. I used to have 3, and the third one was very sweet and gentle. She got her head pecked off by a hawk.

18 days ago #9324123        

@6ArTrA6 Most people feel that way. A fairly good choice in pets, by the way. I had some years ago. I still remember them with fondness.


15 F
18 days ago #9324068        

@Tzenker I can't kill it myself, but I can't kill anything myself. I'm squeamish when it comes to raw meat.

18 days ago #9324063        

@PotatoSama: It's the same in most Christian countries. That's the whole reason for the taboo on eating horses, even though we have no real use for them these days.
In Christian countries, it's admittedly more of an unspoken, poorly understood taboo.

@6ArTrA6: For me it's more or less the other way around. If I couldn't do that, or kill an animal myself, I couldn't eat meat without feeling like a hypocrite.

1 month ago #9312891        

Above the Comic an ad ist displayed to me. For bacon from the Black Forest. WTF


15 F
2 months ago #9301879        

I wouldn't mind eating horse meat as long as I haven't met that horse I'm eating in life.
For example, I like eating chicken, and I'm fine with eating chicken, but if I was handed my chickens (I have 2 as pets) or one of them on a plate, I would be disgusted with myself.

3 months ago #9287184        

It'd be like me eating a ferret: WHY THE F*** WOULD I DO THAT?!?

3 months ago #9282659        

In Islam, it is ok to eat horse meat if necessary, but Muslims prefer not to since it is just like eating a pet cat or dog that has helped you survive for years.


20 M
3 months ago #9281127        

haha Danmark you're so lovable

3 months ago #9275448        

Here in sweden horse meat is still called "real hamburgermeat" :p habe eaten it alot of times and it is really good and it is less than 20 years since they stopped using horwe meat in the hamburgers in both mcdonalds and burger king so alot of people born up untill the 90s who thinks it wrong to eat horse has actually done it :p sorry to bust your eggs about it but it is true ^^

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