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Eurovision 2022

Eurovision 2022

We all knew who would win this year because we all know who we support in this war.


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19th of May

Eurovision 2016

Eurovision 2016

As per tradition, here's the yearly Eurovision comic.

This Eurovision had a lot of firsts: Australia became an official participant despite preforming last year, the show was shown on American TV, an American preformed, and not a single Nordic country made it to the finals except Sweden because they were hosting the show.

I actually hope America joins Eurovision some day because they'd be the most amazing drama queens every time they lost, and nothing says Eurovision like drama.


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17th of May
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Greatest Authority

Greatest Authority

On the way to the grand finals there was a Nordic Night at Eurovision and Estonia was Nordic country number 6! Obviously there is no greater authority in these matters than a song contest, so big changes must be ahead indeed...


Comic suggested by Marta.
Illustrated by Kimmy.

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25th of June

Eurovision 2015

Eurovision 2015

Don't worry, colorful speech bubbles aren't going to be a thing from now on. Just this once it makes it easier to see who is saying what.

Sadly I didn't have a lot of time to make this year's Eurovision comic, but no way could anything keep me from making one!

I have to admit I though this year was pretty boring. Not because of Austria, they did a great job, but because most of the artists decided to act classy which equals super boring Eurovision for me. I need lots of stupid costumes! Crazy dancers! Huge fireworks! I need Eurovision to be weird dammit!

The host country Austria got zero points. :(

Sweden was as always stoked to win. Nobody in the world loves Eurovision more than them, so no wonder they win so often.

Australia got to join this year as a special one time thing. They did great and are welcome in the future if the powers that be allows it.

The last two times Sweden won, Denmark won the year after, so it's a bit of a running joke in Denmark to say "Oh no, we can't effort Eurovision again already!" before we've even won.


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26th of May

Eurovision 2014

Eurovision 2014

The main theme of Eurovision 2014 was Eurovision History.

But it also had two smaller themes.
1) The Danish hosts were trying to be a little creepy as a nod to Danish actors always being hired to play villains in American and English films and TV. That was the reason behind the weird stalker segment and shooting fireworks at the commentators.
2) They acknowledged that Eurovision is very popular among gays, which is why it had one female host and two males who were being very *ahem* friendly with each other.

So could it be more fitting that a drag queen who sang a James Bond themed song won?

America in the background is because The Netherlands' song was about as American as Eurovision will allow.

Overall there were quite a few good songs this year, so I encourage you to go look for them.


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14th of May
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You have no secrets

You have no secrets

Heh, saw this exchange of words in quite a few places on the internet after Eurovision was over.

But yes, we get most American TV and news over here.


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29th of May

Eurovision 2013

Eurovision 2013

Belarus and France wore similar dresses. One more sparkley than the other.

Netherlands Can't be seen in the video, but it started with a clip of the singer boxing the air on top of a house, followed by her singing of birds falling from rooftops...

Malta The only way they could have made it cuter would be to have puppies perform the number.

Moldovia was supposed to be a volcano, but I have to admit it reminded me more of an upside down ice cream cone because of her hair.

Italy looked ever so adorably confused and like he was asking "I don't have any money. I hope this is good enough" which paled awfully next to Romania's glittery vampire that would send Edward Cullen running for his money.

Azerbaijan had a man in a box, and was very close to winning.

And finally the Nordics.
Finland had a lesbian kiss at the end of a song to her boyfriend.
Iceland had Marvel/Hollywood Thor.
Norway had a super tight dress.
Sweden had a guy sweeping his dancers off their feet.
And Denmark won Eurovision with an *ahem* golden shower.

There was LOTS more going on, such as a giant and hipsters but dammit, I only have so much paper.

I do think it's rather sweet though that the winning song "Only Teardrops" is actually about Europe and a plea for everyone to get along. :)


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22nd of May

Eurovision 2012

Eurovision 2012

So this year's winner is Sweden. He is quite pleased. Just look at his happy little face. ^u^

He fought quite a battle with the Russian grannies, but ended up beating them.

The "screw you" to Norway and Denmark is because Sweden only gave 3 points to Norway and nothing to Denmark.
In the end Norway ended up at the very bottom with only 7 points and Denmark fourth last with 21 points.

The rest can be explained by the acts.
Sweden and the tai chi dance
Russia and the grannies A translation of the song
France and her hunks The official video is much the same, plus gas mask action
Turkey and his man-boat


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4th of June

The Winner Is

The Winner Is

Finally pulled myself up and did the Eurovision comic. But god dammit it was boring this year.

Anyway, no one really knew the winning country, and everybody were pretty much going "Who the hell is that?" :XD:

Denmark's comment is from this

And of course Norway know it, but couldn't tell anyone because he was the only Nordic country that didn't get in this year.


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25th of May

Eurovision 2010

Eurovision 2010

Eurovision is a freaking joke-goldmine to me!

Norway won last year, so they hosted. This was their song this year

Sweden didn’t get in this year, and usually they’re among the favourites. The Swedes were not happy about that at all, and there has been a lot of talk about boycotting Eurovision next year. The song that didn’t get in

Finland didn’t get in either, but they didn’t make much of a fuss. Their song

Iceland gave 12 points to Denmark but only got 3 in return. They were not happy about that at all, and they have made Facebook groups just to complain about that. Their song

Denmark ended up as number 4, which pissed the Swedes off because the song writer originally offered it to them but they said no, so instead Denmark chose it. Denmark’s song

Spain had trouble with a fan who ran onto the stage and meddled with the dancers.

Greece had a very testerone fuiled show and “OPA!” has become a quite popular word.

UK came in last as they often do. They say it's because everybody hates the. Their song

Turkey got in second place, and will be remembered for a long time for their “robot”

And of course Germany won with the song “Satellite”
I have to admit that I love when countries that enter with a minimal stage show wins. :)

Oh, and a small group of Americans had sneaked in were waving American flags. So out of place and silly. :XD:

And let's never forget the wonderful flash dance
Gotta' love the woman in the Swedish house who waves a gay pride flag. Oh Sweden, your closet is so transparent. :XD:


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30th of May