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I want you to be happy

I want you to be happy

Right after reading about the Napoleon war and how Denmark in the end gave up Norway, I head this song on the radio, about a man who loves his girlfriend but lets her go because she isn't happy with him. Ever since then I’ve been thinking of that story when it is played.

Do you feel like me?
I can tell you’ve been crying again
Do you stand by a crossroad?
I think I know which way to take
It would be so easy
We could pretend noting was wrong
What if I held you close?
We could stay here, just for a moment, in dreamland.
But I know
I can’t live with it, would hate myself
If I kept you here, you deserve more

Yes, I know that you have to move on
But I want you to know, you are perfect
Baby, I’ll let you go
I let you fly
It’s time for you to be happy again

Take a seat honey, and give me a moment
I try to find them, but there are no right words to use
I know it’s going to sound stupid
I know it will hurt
But you deserve my honesty
I can’t live with it, would hate myself
If I kept you here, you deserve more


It’s nobody’s fault, promise me you’ll never change
I know someday you’ll be happy


“Glad Igen” by Rasmus Seebach

This is an extremely sappy way to look at it, but screw you! I will interpret history in a sappy way and illustrate it sappily if I want to! You can’t stop me from noting, biatches! *flashes bling, throws money in air and other such gangsta’ behaviour*


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5th of May

Hetalia Personality Swap

Hetalia Personality Swap

One day some cruel god decided to swap the personalities of the Norways and Finlands.

Denmark was being chased by a butterfly and wanted Norway to protect him when Norway suddenly punched him in the face. He tried to ask Norway why he would do such a thing, but got punched again. Denmark was so horribly confused, and screamed like a girl whenever Norway tried to touch him the next day.

Sweden was just minding his own business and watching the news when Finland suddenly got all cuddly and kissy kissy. Sweden was scared for his life but ended up doing things he regret, and which Finland will kill him for if he dares ever mention it again.

And somewhere Hetalia Sweden is wondering why Finland is trying to kill him with a kitchen knife.

It actually hurt my soul a little bit to draw Norway and Denmark like this. :(


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3rd of May
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Here We Stand

Here We Stand

...In Scandinavia.

For obvious reasons I really like that song. :)
It calls for something a bit more epic than this, but this was the first thing that popped into my mind.

And no! Country size has noting to do with penis size! *scowls at smug Sweden*

As you might have guessed, they’re saying “Hi” or “Hello” in their respective languages.
In my head all the countries are actually talking their own languages, but somehow they are able to understand each other anyway.

Finland and Iceland are not in this picture because they're not part of Scandinavia. They are, however, Nordic countries.


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27th of April

Boys are such weirdos

Boys are such weirdos

Heh, while studying the history of the witch trials in Scandinavia, I came across a Swedish book, that said that witchcraft was a very women-specific crime, while incest and zoophilia was very men-specific in Norway and Sweden, respectively.
Sadly the book didn’t mention what men in Denmark got killed for, so I just assumed it was something more “boring” like murder.

It should be mentioned that just because most men got killed for this in those countries, it doesn’t mean it happened there more often than other places. For example, in Holland most men got killed for homosexuality, but they hardly had more homosexuals.


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25th of April

The Gang

The Gang

As soon as it was suggested that I drew the Scandinavian boys as Olsen Banden (The Olsen Gang) I had to do it. It was just too perfect.

Olsen Banden is a series of 14 Danish comedies (the first was made in 1968) about a gang of three small-time criminals (Egon, Benny and Kjeld) who were never successful in their plans. They got quite popular in Germany, and to a lesser degree in Russia and Poland, because they made fun of the police, government and everybody else with power. They were even remade in Norway (Where they were called "Olsenbanden") and Sweden ("Jönssonligan").

The gang got it’s name from their leader, Egon Olsen (In this case played by Sweden). He spends most of his time in jail, and always has a plan on how to get rich when he comes out. He likes things to be in order, and admires the Germans for the same reason (Germans, not Nazis). If his two gang members mess something up he explodes, calling them lazy, useless losers who isn’t worth his time. If he himself make a mistake he gets extremely depressed and loose all faith in himself as a leader, and stays that way until Benny and Kjeld tells him it’s okay to make mistakes and that they still believe in his plan.

Benny (Denmark here) is very happy-go-lucky, and rather hyper. He is always very enthusiastic about Egon’s plans, sometimes to a point where he will giggle uncontrollably until Egon tells him to shut up. His biggest dream is to never work again, and he can always find an excuse to open a beer and read porn. Lacks anything that resembles fashion sense.

Kjeld (Norway) is a family man who is always bossed around by Egon and Benny, and the only one who owns a house (Egon’s only house is the prison, and Benny seems to live in his car). He just wants what is best for his wife and son, which is the reason why he goes along with the plans. In reality he dreams of a normal life with a nice legal job. His wife is quite bossy, and her and Egon often fight.

Here is one of the most famous clips from the movies, where they break into a theatre while an orchestra plays, by following the music Same scene in the Norwegian version
And another scene just to show you what an American (in the yellow car) looks like in an old Danish movie. ;)

I was listening to this remix of their theme while drawing to get in the right mood It's because of the tempo in the song they're running in the picture. :D


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22nd of April
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Done quicker than usual because I haven't had a lot of time to draw lately.

Don't be mad at Volcano. He just started smoking because he wanted the world to think he was cool, but now he can't stop. :(


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19th of April

Bonding over Porn

Bonding over Porn

Inspired by this song
It’s was made by a Norwegian comedy group, Raske Menn, and is making fun of the stereotype that people from Denmark are all a bunch a porn loving perverts, so it’s in perfect SatW spirit. :D

The song is supposed to be a mix of Danish and English, but as a Dane I would say it’s more a mix of Danish, English and Norwegian, so already the first time I heard it I imagined Denmark and Norway singing. And of course Sweden is the guy trying to stop them. :XD:


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19th of April

Funny Movie

Funny Movie

If someone ever asks you if you would like to see a Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Icelandic, Finnish or Russian comedy then...well, I won’t say “Run for your life!!” but I will say “Be careful”.

Movies in the north loves to deal with serious issues like death, drugs, alcohol and other fun stuff, and even most of our comedies will leave you with a feeling that the world is a horrible place.

You think I’m exaggerating? Fine, but don’t say I didn’t warn you when you sit in the dark, crying.

A nice example is this It’s considered one of the funniest scenes in the movie. He doesn’t like that the cow is looking at him.
And punching woman is funny too


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3rd of April

Nordic Morning

Nordic Morning

(Please fullview. Looks tons better)

Sweden: Reading a Swedish newspaper.

Finland: Reading Sweden’s newspaper, and being slightly annoyed that he can understand it.

Norway: Making sure Denmark gets something to eat.

Denmark: Just woke up after spending the night under the table.

Iceland: Has been up for an hour and just came home after his usual morning jog.

I’ve been wanting to draw these guys eating breakfast together for a long time, and now I finally did. Also had fun using this style of colouring again.


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5th of March

Winter Olympics

Winter Olympics

And Scandinavia and the World is back! Thank you for being patient (Well, most of you anyway).

People keep asking if I’ll do a comic about the winter Olympics but I think sports are amazingly boring, so I’m not following them at all.

But a few days ago I came across an OL sum up on TV, and this was all I gathered from it:
Denmark sucks at everything that involves snow and/or ice.

This is probably the only winter OL comic I’ll do, so enjoy it. :D


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18th of February