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Cake or Death

Cake or Death

Based on a funny coincidence.

Some time ago a woman from one of the more *ahem* foreigner suspicious Danish political parties said we no longer got cake in hospitals because of the Middle Eastern families stealing it, and a few days later this happened

Mind you, my job used to be to put out coffee and cake for the guests at hospitals, and that's not why it stopped. The government cut down on hospital funding, so the cake was the first to go.


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3rd of July

All Just a Game

All Just a Game

Minecraft is Swedish
Angry Birds is Finnish


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26th of June
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All a matter of taste

All a matter of taste

To fully get this one, go here

Have fun. :D


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12th of June

You have no secrets

You have no secrets

Heh, saw this exchange of words in quite a few places on the internet after Eurovision was over.

But yes, we get most American TV and news over here.


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29th of May

Eurovision 2013

Eurovision 2013

Belarus and France wore similar dresses. One more sparkley than the other.

Netherlands Can't be seen in the video, but it started with a clip of the singer boxing the air on top of a house, followed by her singing of birds falling from rooftops...

Malta The only way they could have made it cuter would be to have puppies perform the number.

Moldovia was supposed to be a volcano, but I have to admit it reminded me more of an upside down ice cream cone because of her hair.

Italy looked ever so adorably confused and like he was asking "I don't have any money. I hope this is good enough" which paled awfully next to Romania's glittery vampire that would send Edward Cullen running for his money.

Azerbaijan had a man in a box, and was very close to winning.

And finally the Nordics.
Finland had a lesbian kiss at the end of a song to her boyfriend.
Iceland had Marvel/Hollywood Thor.
Norway had a super tight dress.
Sweden had a guy sweeping his dancers off their feet.
And Denmark won Eurovision with an *ahem* golden shower.

There was LOTS more going on, such as a giant and hipsters but dammit, I only have so much paper.

I do think it's rather sweet though that the winning song "Only Teardrops" is actually about Europe and a plea for everyone to get along. :)


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22nd of May
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Never Happened

Never Happened

Far more people in England than USA think the moon landing never happened.


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15th of May

Not Okay

Not Okay

The Norwegians are very proud of their cheese cutter, so when I told them most Danes use the other type they were not impressed.

"I've never even SEEN that type. How does that even WORK? Oh my god, that's so STUPID!" XD


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8th of May

Taking Over

Taking Over

Stupid small classy and big pink birds taking over USA.

You'll need a good memory to understand this one. ;)


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1st of May

Chako Paul City

Chako Paul City

The myth that there's a big lesbian city in Sweden started on the Chinese news, and then spread to Japan and South Korea. The Asian men were so eager to learn more about this magical place that the Swedish tourist sites crashed and when they could no longer use the internet, the men started calling.


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24th of April

Deer Hunt

Deer Hunt That's Finland for you.


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16th of April