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I'm Moving

I'm Moving

Some people say "I'm moving to Canada if __ wins" each election, but many more this time!

Don't worry about Canada:


Written by Dayvi.
Illustrated by Natasa.

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15th of July

Be careful what you say

Be careful what you say

Some...unfortunet history.

The Scandinavians were pretty convinced that they were the best human race and that everybody else were below them. Especially in Denmark the scientists were very fond of using measuring tools to determine race and intelligence, which inspired Nazi Germany a lot. The Danes who had intended to use the "science" as a base for their welfare system were horrified when they found out what the Germans were using it for and started to realize just how misguided it was.

Nazi Germany loved Denmark though, and because the Danes didn't have an army worth anything, they used Germany's love a lot during WWII to try and help those the Nazis wanted to kill. That's how you end up with stories about Danes shipping 99% of their Jews to safety in Sweden, and how they made agreements with the Nazis that Danish Jews who were sent to camps go better treatment, more food and weren't killed.

As one Danish Jew in a camp said "We got crates with food, letters from our families, chocolate and candy, but the German guards always stole the cigarettes"


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12th of July
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It's nothing

It's nothing

I promise I'll do a comic about something else next week, but for now Brexit is still immensely entertaining/complicated/scary.


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6th of July

Brexit to the right

Brexit to the right

Nobody knows how to make history like England.


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28th of June

Bike it off

Bike it off

I've often seen people on the internet make fun of fat people on bikes and wondered "What's so funny about that? How does people who think that's funny get around?"

Then I leaned that The Netherlands and Denmark are the "weird" ones, because here everybody casually ride bikes all the time, while most other places it's considered something you do if you can't afford a car or if you're a health freak.

So yeah, if you want to see lots of fat people on bikes, just visit The Netherlands or Denmark. You'll be pretty desensitized to it after a few days.


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21st of June
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Take the wheel

Take the wheel

As promised, an explanation for why people in France drive so hazardly.

Toxoplasma gondii has a life cycles dependent on cats and rats and its effect on the brain is meant to make it easier for cats to catch rats, but sometimes cat excrements end up in farm animals' food, infecting them and passing it on to us. You only risk infection from meat if you don't cook it properly so it's mostly a problem in countries where heating meat can be a problem. France is the only European country where so many people are infected because French cuisine involves so much raw or mildly cooked meat.

This is of course not the only reason why French people are such aggressive drivers, but it does seem to be strongly linked to toxoplasma gondii.

(Also, if people don't want to get help after an accident, get help anyway because they might have brain damage)


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14th of June

Buckle up!

Buckle up!

Years ago I talked with some Swedish people who told me about a French friend of theirs who was super proud that her car only had one dent, which came of as pretty bizarre to the Swedes.

I've been to France two times, and if you've been there too, you know how much sense that actually makes. Almost every single car we passed had several dents and scratches, and if you think people in your area are aggressive drivers you have not been to France.

And the reason why people drive like that in France is way more bizarre than you think, but I'll make a comic about that soon.


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8th of June

Fun for the whole family

Fun for the whole family

This was an actual mascot from the Danish theme park BobBon Land, and I was so sad I forgot him in the previous comic about the park's weird mascots.

His name was Røverhul, a play on "røvhul" which means asshole. A direct translation of his name would be something like Bandit Hole, but I'm pretty sure they knew what they were doing when they decided to make him a pirate.


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31st of May

Pointing fingers

Pointing fingers

It was Norway, btw.

Every time a news story from America says a "Scandinavian" did something, all the Scandinavian countries look suspiciously at each other.


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25th of May

Eurovision 2016

Eurovision 2016

As per tradition, here's the yearly Eurovision comic.

This Eurovision had a lot of firsts: Australia became an official participant despite preforming last year, the show was shown on American TV, an American preformed, and not a single Nordic country made it to the finals except Sweden because they were hosting the show.

I actually hope America joins Eurovision some day because they'd be the most amazing drama queens every time they lost, and nothing says Eurovision like drama.


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17th of May