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Germany on Vacation

Germany on Vacation

German tourists dig deep holes in Dutch and Danish beaches and steal “Beware of Moose” signs in Sweden and Norway.

The two things have to be connected somehow, or the world no longer makes sense! D:


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1st of August

Suggestive Talk

Suggestive Talk

All that just to try and pick up Sister Japan. :XD:

A silly idea that didn’t deserve an entire comic.

I was talking with a German girl about how more than half of Denmark’s tourists are from Germany, and that something like 70% of the people who rent summer houses here are Germans. And if we don’t get as many Germans as usual, we start to worry we did something wrong and that the Germans no longer like us.

She said, “Aw, don’t worry. We just need to see other countries every now and then, but Germany will always love Denmark.”

And the most natural response was of course, “Don’t tell Sister America that. It does not work with her Norway/Denmark ship” :XD:


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30th of July
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The mind of a child

The mind of a child

England got his proper flag this time, mainly because I’m a lazy fuck who hates drawing the UK flag over and over.

Anyway, the story behind this is that it took forever for Denmark and England to become friends while Sweden and especially Norway befriended him fairly quickly. Denmark on the other hand got friendly with Russia whom most of the world didn't like. :XD:


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28th of July

Just a Tool

Just a Tool

Boy have I gotten a lot of notes and what not about this.

Some strange item from the stone age was found in Sweden. People can't agree on what it is.


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26th of July

What did you say?

What did you say?

Ah, the languages of the Nordics.

Few people realize this, but Norwegians actually speak a language that is far closer to old Danish than Norwegian, while people on Iceland actually speak something close to old Norwegian.
Little FennoSwede is holding on to his uncle Finland because FennoSwedes are Finns who speak Swedish.

Though, you could really just say Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and to some extend Icelandic (But not Finnish) are nothing more than different dialects, seeing as we understand each other if we talk reeeeaaaaly slow and clear.

And it will of course never not be funny how some Americans treat British like a completely different language. :XD:
Sure, some words are different and it’s a different accent, but try coming to Europe. We’ll show you what “different language” means. ;)


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25th of July
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Forest Sea and Mountains

Forest Sea and Mountains

I once found a geography book about Scandinavia, and each country got a title like this.

Sweden is known for it’s massive forests that seem to never end, and they have the biggest lakes in Scandinavia. Heck, one lake is even as big as the Danish island Zealand. They take good care to preserve the forests, so every time they cut a tree down, and new is planted.

You’ll have to dig a long way down to find rock in Denmark. It’s impossible to get more than 50 kilometres away from the sea and compared to the size of the country, Denmark has one of the longest coastlines in the world. Tourists mainly come here for the nice beaches.
In this song one of the lines go, “If they ask us where we live, we tell them, ‘Where the salt grows’”
Because the country is so flat, it's also very windy.

Norway, a country almost made entirely of mountains. Try looking at pictures from Norwegian nature. You will be hard pressed to find a single one without at least three mountains in the back. It has of course had a big influence on a the Norwegians’ lives, even down to what they eat, and they have some of the most expensive vegetables you’ll find. The mountains also have a bad tendensy to "hold onto" clouds, which results in a lot of rain.

EDIT: Finland isn't part of Scandinavia. Finland is part of Fennoscandinavia and the Nordics.


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25th of July



Well, at least Finland had fun pushing them in...

Some old champagne bottles were found near Åland


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20th of July

Kindred Spirits

Kindred Spirits

Somewhere Sweden is doing a perfect evil laugh. :XD:

Lately a lot of people have drawn their versions of Sister Japan, so I thought it was about time I introduced her before too many people got disappointed that she doesn’t look as awesome as they imagined.

She’s very polite and quiet, but underneath it all she is quite the fangirl.

Belgium is well known for it’s comics and candy/deserts, so he is a geek with a sweet tooth. :D


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19th of July

Random Norway and Denmark

Random Norway and Denmark

Yes, the Denmarks are talking about this kind of motorboat :XD:

When I drew the comic about Bornholm I didn’t imagine him to be a little person, but someone asked something along the lines of, “Denmark is a short guy, but seeing as Bornholm is one of Denmark’s islands, is he taller or shorter than Denmark?” and for some reason my first thought was, “He’s a little person”. Not that it has anything to do with Bornholm being an island. Åland is after all taller than both Finland and Sweden. It was just a random thought I haven’t been able to shake of, and have grown fond off over time.

Originally Norway and Iceland were supposed to be twins because in Denmark the stereotypical Icelander looks almost exactly like a stereotypical Norwegian with woollen sweater and all. Then I read somewhere that the Icelanders see themselves as crazy extreme sports enthusiasts, so I decided to go with that so as not to have two completely identical characters.
But I still haven’t been able to completely let go of the idea of them being brothers, only now I see them as older brother Norway and little brother Iceland.

The end of today's random info! :D


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18th of July

Monster in the Lake

Monster in the Lake

The other girls don't like to go swimming with Sister Sweden.


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17th of July