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Part of the Gang

Part of the Gang

Scotland has talked about wanting to become a Nordic country, so the Nordics can be a bit protective of him...


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6th of November

Bitchy Witchy

Bitchy Witchy

Happy Halloween!

During the witch hunts in Europe each country had their own witch lore.

In Norway and Sweden they were what you would expect. Women who did magic and could fly using anything from broomsticks to their husbands.

In Denmark however witches weren't believed to have the power to fly. Their favorite transportation was a horse at night.

And in Iceland and Finland performing magic was seen as a male thing, so Christians had a hard time convincing the natives witches were women. Instead men got burned and only one or two women were killed.


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30th of October
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Halloween is getting closer.

There are several stories about Denmark being made up of parts of other Nordic countries.

First there's the story about Denmark being made out of sand from Norway that got pushed down during the last ice age.

Then there's the story of the Danish woman who was told she could have as much Swedish land as she could plow around in a night, so she turned her four sons into oxes, and the land she got from the deal became a huge lake in Sweden and Zealand in Denmark.

And finally there's the story of the Danish boy who stole from a giant in Finland, then quickly got in his boat to sail back home, but the giant found out, picked up a handful of dirt and threw it at the boy, and that is how all the Danish islands were created.


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23rd of October

Classy Law

Classy Law

Of course they also have the caps, but the helmets are funnier.


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16th of October

Government Down

Government Down

America is without government. Belgium is unimpressed because he went without a government for 535 days.


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9th of October
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Burning Hot

Burning Hot

If you buy matches in Denmark you will most likely be buying Tordenskjold matches, named after the much beloved Norwegian naval hero Peter Tordenskjold (Peter Thundershield) who helped us fight the Swedes during the years when Norway was part of Denmark.
We built statues of him, sang songs about him, mentioned him in other heros' songs, and well, named matches after him and put his picture on the box, so no Danish child has never heard his name.

Denmark truly had a boner for him.


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2nd of October

Name Calling

Name Calling

So, Ikea naming doormats and other floor things after Danish places is indeed a thing that happened. The Danes complained it meant Swedes wanted to walk all over Danes, but the Swedes brushed it off saying it meant Swedes considered the Danes robust and someone to count on.

One day the Swedes and Danes will stop acting like children, but today is not that day. XD


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25th of September



Two things that will probably need explaining.

One: England is quoting the British syfy comedy "The World's End".

Two: Lego is a Danish invention, and the original Legoland is in Denmark.

So, to a Danish ear it sounds like they're saying the horrible aliens are from Denmark.
The movie was pulled from Danish theaters for unknown reasons, but it makes you wonder if the Danes were a tiny bit offended... ;)


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18th of September

The Fox

The Fox

From this Norwegian song

When I first heard the song I thought the video would be more 1990's boyband styled with lots of tops being taken off. Non of that in the video, but it didn't disappoint.


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10th of September

Classic Music

Classic Music

Many Sweets of course suggested various real classic music, but nobody else seemed to know what they were talking about.

The music in question.
Champagne Galop
In the Hall of the Mountain King


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4th of September